Friday, August 31, 2018

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3 Responses

  1. Bruce Van Deuson says:

    Concerning energy plan article in the Utica paper:

    In the current political climate, it’s getting very tiresome seeing or hearing supposition or opinion such as… “this energy plan will be very bad”, being passed off as reportable fact. Is it now acceptable for the media to pass off incomplete or misinformation, half truths, or opinion as fact in order to advance an agenda? Good reporting used to be “who, what, why, or where”, with opinion saved for the editorial page.

    • Bruce Van Deuson says:

      or “where.” Find out exactly what the plan actually says, and quote specific parts of it so we, the reading public can make informed opinions of our own.

    • John Warren says:


      1) The article link title makes it clear to English speakers that it’s an opinion.

      2) The article itself is marked “opinion” and the title is “OUR VIEW: New energy plan bad for ADKs, environment.”

      What could possibly make it more clear for those among us who don’t pay enough attention to what they read?

      What’s really tiresome is the apparent inability of a large segment of the population to simply read, watch or listen to a source, identify and evaluate the veracity of that source, and draw reasonable conclusions.

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