Monday, September 3, 2018

Victorian Ghost Photos at Ticonderoga’s Hancock House

J Randall BrownThe Ticonderoga Historical Society is set to host a free program entitled “Victorian Spirit Photography: Beyond the Veil” on Friday, September 21 at 7 pm at the Hancock House, 6 Moses Circle, Ticonderoga.

People living in the Victorian era (1837-1901) showed interest in psychic phenomena, seances, spiritualism, ghost photography and other forms of communications beyond the living world. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert took part in seances and well-known author Arthur Conan Doyle was also a believer, as was English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This program will look at the history and help attendees understand why that took place and how it continues in the modern world.

Reservations are not necessary to attend this free program and refreshments will be served. Additional information is available by calling (518) 585-7868 or via e-mail to tihistory@bridgepoint1com.

For more information about the Ticonderoga Historical Society, visit their website.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe Brock says:

    Born and raised in Whitehall I left for Australia in 1975 and googled it and found you. Loved the story about the gold treasure in Lake Champlain. Your faithful reader . Joe Brock Jr

  2. Charlie S says:

    “People living in the Victorian era (1837-1901) showed interest in psychic phenomena, seances, spiritualism, ghost photography and other forms of communications beyond the living world. ”

    This was more common than what the average man (or woman) realizes. There are reports going back hundreds of years about paranormal experiences, psychic phenomena, etc., much of it documented in scientific journals and in library archives which Charles Fort (for one) revealed to us through his literature. Thomas Troward was a very interesting man who had similar experiences. By what I recall reading in one of his books he had communications with the dead, saw ghosts.

    Margaret Vivian wrote a most wonderful book titled, ‘The Doorway’ 1941, which goes into communications with the dead. I’ve had many experiences over my years that have led me to believe a higher power most certainly exist (I am not religious) and I know that there is ‘energy’ out there that I have picked-up on. I have come across many people over the years in my travels who have shared experiences with me that were of the most curious substance and whose sincerity was never in doubt as they shared with me. Often I have said to myself ‘I wished I would have had a tape recorder’ after hearing the stories people had shared with me. Some of it I have written in my journals.

    Ghosts! In this Hollywood age I am very skeptical about what people claim to have seen but there are others whose ghost experiences I believe are authentic.
    The literature, going way back, is chock full of psychic phenomena, ghosts, spiritualism, etc… Even Carl Jung has shared with the world his thoughts and experiences on these matters. He talked of life after death and in his autobiography he wrote this:
    “In the library of a classmate’s father I came upon a small book on spiritualistic phenomena, dating from the seventies (1870’s). It was an account of the beginnings of spiritualism, and was written by a theologian. My initial doubts were quickly dissipated, for I could not help seeing that the phenomena described in the book were in principle much the same as the stories I heard again and again in the country (he grew up in Switzerland) since my earliest childhood.”

    I meet people all of the time who share with me their paranormal experiences which I have had no reason to doubt. To this day I hear some of the most extremely interesting and attractive stories that people share with me. Surely many of you can say the same. At the very least life is very interesting.

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