Friday, November 2, 2018

Featured Paddle: Kunjamuk River, Speculator

kunjamuk river paddleThe village of Speculator hand launch site on the Sacandaga River is located at the Sacandaga River Community Park in Speculator (the ball field parking area).

Paddlers can access paddle routes on both the Sacandaga River and Kunjamuk River. The Kunjamuk Hand Launch on the Pine Lakes Road provides paddlers direct access to the Kunjamuk River.

It is approximately 1.5 miles down the Sacandaga River to the mouth of the Kunjamuk River. Almost 4 miles up the Kunjamuk is Elm Lake. A paddle to the north side of Elm Lake and back to the launch site makes this a 12-mile round trip. Paddlers will need to portage over or around beaver dams and other obstacles. The Kunjamuk River is a calm, meandering paddle with stunning scenery.

Speculator Ball Field Parking Area located off State Route 30/8 across from the public beach on Lake Pleasant has a hand launch site. (43.4961°N, 74.3595°W).

Featured paddles are recommended by DEC.

Map of Kunjamuk River paddle courtesy Adirondack Atlas.

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One Response

  1. drdirt says:

    “paddlers will need to portage over or around beaver dams and other obstacles” ,.,,.,. this summer there was only one large dam and last year there were no beaver dams left unscathed!!!
    The new generation of paddlers destroy every dam in their way. I remember going over 5-7 dams on the way to Elm lake in years past.
    Sending hikers and paddlers to the lesser known areas of the Adirondacks has sometimes negative consequences. Bigger parking lots and hardened trails keeps the hordes clustered. Just like with new housing developments, clustering is a good idea.
    Beaver dams are key to the health of streams such as the Kunjamuk, as is the responsible new forestry practices. We’re hoping that the North Branch of the Saranac River will maintain a healthier flow now that the Kashaqua Tract is under easement and logging practices improved. Of course, if the beaver dams are under constant attack all summer, that is questionable.
    THERE, some blown steam for the day.,,..,