Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hunters Cited For Killing Deer Over Bait Via Facebook, Big Buck Contest

ECO Tabor with buck taken illegally with baitNew York State Environmental Conservation Officer Ben Tabor reported that on November 30, several complainants called about a buck suspected of being taken over bait in the town of Ohio that had been entered in a local big buck contest.

Tabor said he determined where the deer had been shot after finding a large bait pile with the gut pile next to it and interviewed the suspect, who admitted to taking the buck illegally.

The deer was seized as evidence and summons were issued for hunting over a pre-established bait pile and the illegal taking of a deer.

ECO John Gates reported that on December 2, he received a call from an informant stating that a large buck had been killed by a suspect that had posted pictures on Facebook of him feeding deer close to his camp.

As the officer pulled onto the property, he said he noticed piles of alfalfa and corn. According to ECO Gates, the hunter claimed he had shot the deer halfway back into his 100-acre parcel. Officer Gates followed sled tracks to a gut pile within 30 yards of the bait. The man admitted to shooting the deer and was charged with illegal taking of deer, hunting over bait, and carrying the tags of another person, the ECO’s report said.

The deer was seized as evidence and the charges are returnable to Forestport Town Court.

Photo of ECO Tabor with buck taken illegally with bait provided.

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2 Responses

  1. Ethan says:

    We only get to read about those who are caught. Increase the penalties substantially as well as the number of DECO’s so more can be caught. Slaps on the wrist are insufficient.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Last August I found a big pile of bear poop at the bottom of my front porch steps in
    Keene Valley. Being curious, I poked around to see what the bear had been eating, and found a large amount of wheat. Obviously it had been put out as bait, probably for deer.

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