Friday, January 4, 2019

Featured Hike: Snowy Mountain Fire Tower, Indian Lake

Snowy mountain trailSnowy Mountain Trail, part of the Jessup River Wild Forest, ascends 2,000 feet and 3.8 miles from the Snowy Mountain Trail Parking Area to the fire tower at the summit, which often has deep snow in winter. Snowshoes and/or micro spikes are recommended on this hike during the winter months. Check current conditions here.

The Fire Tower is a 47-foot tall, restored Aermotor LS-40 tower at 3,897 feet elevation. The trail crosses the West Canada Lake Wilderness and the Township 33 CE. Respect posted signs.

Snowy Mountain Parking Area and Trailhead is located off State Route 30, with parking for nine cars. Follow the Snowy Mountain Trail to the fire tower on Snowy Mountain. (43.7012°N, 74.334718°W).

Featured hikes are recommended by DEC.

Map of Snowy Mountain Trail courtesy Adirondack Atlas.

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3 Responses

  1. Bill Ott says:

    From my research the Snowy Mountain fire-tower is the highest of the 25 fire-towers I have listed. I plotted each of those against each other on Google Earth to view possible sight lines. Snowy Mountain has the most. The two closest towers are Wakely Mtn (7 miles) and Pillsbury Mtn (10 miles). There are 11 more with good sight lines, but probably to far to pick out. If you are spotting birds with a scope you may pick out some towers, too. Several years ago I was able to pick out the ranger school fire tower on Cathedral Rock from an outcrop on Grass Pond Mountain 7.5 miles away even though it was not silhouetted against the sky but hard to find because of a taller ridge beyond the tower, relative to my position. The ranger school tower was transplanted from Tooley Pond Mountain, from which I could not sight any towers.

  2. Joe Hansen says:

    We snowshoed up early 2013. There was about 5’ of snow at summit, side stepping up the last couple hundred yards was challenging but great fun as was glissading down the same section upon return. The dogs loved it too!

  3. Philip Snyder says:

    I think the latest GPS height of Snowy is 3906feet. Is this higher than the two lowest 46 High Peaks?

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