Friday, March 29, 2019

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  1. Charlie S says:

    A sad affair the hypothermia victim. And so young! Which is a reminder to me why it is important to always gear up with the right clothes….just in case, especially this time of year where the nights can still be very chilly in them northern woods. I have fallen at least twice while alone in the Adirondack woods. One time, at least twenty years ago, I was headed to the Cascade Pond lean-to, outside of Blue Mountain Lake, when I suddenly slipped and landed on the side of my face (landed on my ear) without breaking my fall. I got right up fortunately…no getting knocked out, no injuries. This wasn’t the first time I had fallen and landed on my ear, coming in full contact with the ground, and did not get knocked out. I’ve been very lucky over my years but would not want to fall like that again as i am somewhat a bit more frail these years of late. I have a guardian angel I am convinced.