Friday, May 17, 2019

Athol’s “A Woman’s Place” (1974-1982) Presentation

Near the last day of A Woman’s Place in 1982During the summer of 1974 women gathered for weekend retreats in Paradox, NY at the site of The Highland Community School. Seven bonded, pooled their resources, and bought an abandoned rustic resort on 23 acres of land in Athol, just northwest of Lake George in Warren County.

Lorraine Duvall will give a presentation at 6:30 pm on Wednesday May 29 at the Caldwell Lake George Library about her search for the women who were part of this experiment 45 years ago when they started the women’s commune A Woman’s Place. Duvall says “They lived collectively as feminists in their quest to find a freedom devoid of societal and personal constraints placed on them in the 1970s. To help their new way-of-life, they offered week-end retreats for women from the cities and suburbs the opportunity to commune with nature and learn how to chop down trees.”

Duvall will reconstruct the lives of the women using historical records and personal interviews. “Unearthing the women after forty years and making sense of waning memories was a challenge, but rewarding,” she said.

An alumnae reunion is planned for the original site in Athol in September 2019.

Photo: Near the last day of A Woman’s Place in 1982.

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2 Responses

  1. Vanessa says:

    Looks interesting, wish I could make it!

    I wonder what it says about either myself or the world that I think 2019 needs more womens’ communes in the woods.

  2. Lorraine Duvall says:

    Thanks Vanessa. The talk went well in Lake George. I am also giving a presentation on A Woman’s Place at the Keene Valley Library Monday July 29, 7:30pm.

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