Friday, May 10, 2019

Celebrate Mother’s Day On A Cuisine Or Beverage Trail

adk cuisine trailsI’m not sure what other mothers want to do for Mother’s Day, but I just really want a hot cup of coffee in the morning and relax with a nice local meal and beverage later on in the afternoon.

My family usually goes for a fun hike, but depending on where we go, spring thaw conditions may still be present. We can wait for the right conditions. We are also fortunate to have my 90-year-old mother with us so a rigorous hike is not part of this year’s program.

With a nice old-fashioned Sunday drive, we can still visit part of the Adirondack landscape and pick a new place to visit from the latest cuisine, wine, or craft beverage trail.

Though some of the places may not be open for Mother’s Day, there are enough choices offering specials and brunches.

The Adirondack Craft Beverage trail is designed to promote the craft beverage industry in southern Adirondacks and Northern Capital District, though there are plenty of other options on their map. With over 21 locations, the list just keeps growing.

The Adirondack Coast Wine trail offers six venues from wineries to cideries. Amazing Grace is even offering a Mother Day’s Brunch (space is limited.) There are also various places to do a local wine tasting, if visiting the vineyard is a bit early in the season. Adirondack Winery has scheduled a whole weekend of activities.

The Adirondack Cuisine Trail highlights locally grown and prepared food across the Adirondacks. Six designated trails focus on the various counties, creating a path to those businesses whether orchard, dairy, brewery, grocery, restaurant, farm, or field. The unique trails allow for everyone to explore different regions and sample the wares.

Every place has its strengths and I look forward to spending time sampling all the delicious cuisine and beverages that the Adirondacks have to offer. What you do to celebrate, please be safe. Happy Mother’s Day!

Map of Adirondack Cuisine Trail provided.

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Diane Chase

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