Sunday, June 23, 2019

ADKX Museum Opening Boathouse of Historic Watercraft

ADKX BoathouseAdirondack Experience (formerly the Adirondack Museum) is set to open its ADKX Boathouse on Minnow Pond July 1, 2019.

Visitors can take the historic Minnow Pond Trail to the rustic boathouse designed by contemporary Adirondack architect Michael Bird before paddling around Minnow Pond in an array of historic Adirondack watercraft – some more than 100 years old.

The ADKX Boathouse is expected to house for visitor use a variety of Adirondack guideboats, skiffs, and canoes, including:


  • Raider model guideboat. 14’ guideboat built by Caleb Chase or John Blanchard, ca 1905 – 1910.
  • Blanchard guideboat. A 15’ guideboat built by John Blanchard, ca 1920 – 1940.
  • Dolloph guideboat. A 15’ strip-built guideboat built by enthusiast Christopher Dolloph, ca 1990.

Skiffs and other rowboats

  • Skaneateles Skiff. A 15’ rowboat built by the Skaneateles Boat & Canoe Co, ca 1900.
  • Sebago Skiff. A 16’ rowboat build by the Sebago Boat & Canoe Co, ca 1900 – 1920.
  • Amesbury Skiff. A flat-bottomed, square-stern rowboat used by BSA on Adirondack lakes, ca 1960.
  • Naomi II. A reproduction Bisby scow built by Rocking the Boat in the early 2000s


  • Rushton Indian Girl. An 18’ wood canvas canoe built by John Henry Rushton, ca 1911 – 1916.
  • Old Town canoe. An 18’ wood canvas canoe built by the Old Town Canoe Co, ca 1950.

Visitors will be able to rent from the livery and paddle out onto Minnow Pond. For more information, click here.

Access to the boathouse will be via an easy-to-moderate three-quarters of a mile interpreted trail from the ADKX’s campus and is suitable for the whole family. Maps dating back as far as 1903 show the trail leading from the museum’s current location northwest through the woods to Minnow Pond.

In addition to boating on Minnow Pond, visitors will also be able to picnic and enjoy the view. Visitors can pick up lunch at ADKX’s Lakeview Café or bring their own, remembering to carry in and carry out.

Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake is located at 9097 State Route 30,Blue Mountain Lake. For additional information, call (518) 352-7311 or visit their website.

Photo of ADKX Boathouse provided.

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