Monday, June 10, 2019

Electronic Music Summit in Saranac Lake

Pamelia StickneyLake Flower Landing has announced “Electronic Music Summit,” the second installment of its Sound & Vision Series, a four-hour meeting-of-the-minds featuring performers from near and far, is set for Saturday, June 15th at 7 pm.

Five acts will present sets from 30 minutes to an hour, ranging from deep listening, ambient “mood music,” improvisation, to conventionally structured songs, featuring a variety of instruments, some created by and for the performers.

Opening the evening is Jerod Sommerfeldt, Professor of Electronic Music Composition and Theory at Crane School of Music in Potsdam. Sommerfeldt’s music focuses on the creation of algorithmic and stochastic processes, utilizing the results for both fixed and real-time composition and improvisation. His technological approach is designed to modify the listener’s perception of the surrounding environment.

Plattsburgh’s Famous Letter Writer, led by multi-instrumentalist and Harvard/Moscow-trained performer Ru Devine and lyricist M.I., is described as a “cultured brand of indie meta-pop… a fusion of hyper-literate lyrics and gorgeously crafted arrangements” (Burlington’s Seven Days). More information is available here.

Pamelia Stickney is one of the world’s leading performers of the theremin, who currently lives in Vienna, Austria. Besides more high-profile collaborations with David Byrne, Bela Fleck, Robert Moog, and classical pianist Simone Dinnerstein, she is known for her unique voice on the unusual instrument, developing her “theremin orchestra” – using processing effects to solo over live “looping.” At 3 pm, she’ll be offering a “hands-on” workshop/demonstration, giving participants a chance to engage the magnetic field of their bodies with the instrument. The breadth of Stickney’s pursuits can be seen here.

Stickney will also perform with Catskill resident Brian Dewan as Night Pollution. Dewan is the co-creator of the Dewanatron line of electronic instruments, utilized by celebrity musicians: Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). Dewan is known as a performer of off-kilter folk music, author of educational film-strips, and his art has graced the album covers of David Byrne, They Might Be Giants, and Neutral Milk Hotel. The full line of Dewanatron instruments can be found here.

Figure From Ground, an electro-acoustic quartet from Malone and Potsdam, closes the evening. The ensemble’s explorations reveal distinct personalities, camaraderie, and an evolutionary method for spontaneous composition. The band’s home base is Pouring Light Studios in Malone.

Admission is $10. Lake Flower Landing is located at 421 Lake Flower Ave, Saranac Lake.

For a complete listing of future programs, click here.

Photo of Pamelia Stickney provided.

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