Thursday, June 13, 2019

Wild Center Helping Educators Talk Climate Change

paddlers provided by the wild centerThe Wild Center is set to host a Summer Institute for New York State Teachers on July 15-18, focused on “Empowering Students for Climate Resilience.” This multi-day institute will bring together an interdisciplinary group of middle and high school teachers for an exploration of climate change and educational best practices.

The Institute will feature a keynote and conversation with Bill McKibben, an environmentalist, author, and educator who has written extensively on the impact of climate change and global warming. Workshops and sessions presented during the four-day Institute will share information on climate science and expose participants to a suite of climate education resources that align with New York State Science Learning Standards. Planning time and field trips will encourage practical application of the tools and information shared during the event.

The Institute will be held at North Country School’s RockE House & Basecamp, 4382 Cascade Rd, in Lake Placid. Teachers are encouraged to attend in teams with others from their district. Register online.

For more information about the Wild Center, visit their website.

Photo of paddlers provided by the Wild Center.

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5 Responses

  1. Jim S. says:

    Won’t this create controversy with all the people who think climate change is a hoax?

    • Carl Voorhees says:

      Also with those of us scientists and engineers who know that its a hoax.

      • Boreas says:


        I will reply with the same sentiment most climate change deniers use: “You haven’t convinced ME.” Climate change is not a hoax. It has been happening since there was an atmosphere. If you don’t think humans have an impact, fine – but you are in the minority.

  2. Catherine Wagner says:

    Please note that the Paleontological Research Institute (based in Ithaca New York) has a guide on climate change for teachers. They hope to get a copy in the hands of every science teacher in the country but need donations to help them do this. It is a very well done book.

  3. Paul says:

    All you need to teach is that we need to support nuclear and hydro power – proven clean sources of power that are compatible with the grid we currently have. We should also continue to encourage alternative energy sources but understand that those will be for the future since it will take still decades to upgrade to a smart grid that is compatible with those. We should also continue to look into sequestration technology since we will probably need that as well. Fossil fuels are needed for still decades to come. Almost everything that we use is still based on some amount of fossil fuel based production.

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