Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Adirondack Hamlets to Huts Planning New Pilot Treks

hamlets to huts logoThe nonprofit Adirondack Hamlet to Huts (AHH) has announced they are accepting registrations for their first ever trek from Old Forge to Inlet and back as well as a trip from Old Forge to Raquette Lake and back.

These are pilot trips which are guided test runs of future AHH routes that are expected to be self-guiding.

The Old Forge – Inlet Weekender Circuit is three nights, running from the evening of Friday, August 23rd, through the morning of Monday, August 26th. A five-night four- day trek from Old Forge to Raquette Lake and back will run from Monday evening September 9th through Saturday morning the 15th.

Both treks will have options to paddle, bike, and hike. There will be additional options to hike Rocky, Bald and Bear Mountains, three small peaks with great views. Trekkers will get meals from local providers and stay at a variety of lodging in the area.

AHH has conducted three pilot trips to date. One of the North Creek Circuit via Indian Lake which combines hiking and rafting down the Hudson River and two of the Blue Mountain Lake to Raquette Lake Paddling Traverse, a paddle route with stays at, or visits to, a number of Adirondack Great Camps.

Participants will need boats and/or bicycles. AHH has made arrangements with local outfitters to rent both if necessary. AHH is working with John Dimon of Human Power Planet Earth bike shop in Saranac Lake to make e-bikes available for rent.

These trips are designed to provide participants with a genuine impression of the types of recreation experiences that future Adirondack Hamlets to Huts routes will provide. As a “pilot trip,” however, this trip may not be exactly what the eventual hamlet-to-hut route will be as some components are still being developed. These trips and test-run trekkers are expected to provide Adirondack Hamlets to Huts feedback for route development.

More information is available online, or by contacting Joe Dadey at (315) 657-1320.

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2 Responses

  1. Big Burly says:

    A great initiative ! A new type of adventure in the DAKs.

  2. Chris says:

    Sounds really good. And as a trail runner, I see lots of new multi-day tours like this being promoted all over the world.