Thursday, July 11, 2019

Canal Schooner Celebrating Champlain Salmon

Lois McClure courtesy Lake Champlain MaritimeThe canal schooner Lois McClure, an 88′ full-scale replica based on shipwrecks of the mid-19th century discovered in Lake Champlain, takes to the water, starting this weekend.

In 2019, the Lois will celebrate the International Year of the Salmon, sharing the history, ecology, and conservation story of Atlantic salmon in the Champlain watershed.

The schooner Lois McClure is a full-scale replica of an 1862-class sailing canal boat, constructed in Burlington, Vermont, and based closely off of two shipwrecks located just offshore of the city. Each season, Lois embarks on a voyage along our local waterways, celebrating the maritime tradition of this interconnected region. Stopping at communities throughout Vermont, New York, and Canada, she welcomes the public aboard to learn about topics related to history, archaeology, and conservation.

The canal schooner is open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm at ports on Lake Champlain. Boarding is free at all locations.

July 13-14: Westport, NY, at Westport Marina
July 20-21: Plattsburgh, NY at Wilcox Dock
July 27-28: Willsboro, NY, at Indian Bay Marina

This summer, as part of the International Year of the Salmon, Lois McClure will share the history, ecology, and conservation story of Atlantic salmon in Lake Champlain. Visitors will experience stories of environmental change, human impacts, and the feats of ingenuity and cooperation underway to bring Salmo salar back to these waters after an absence of more than 150 years. Step aboard a 88’ full-scale replica boat at any of its port stops across Lake Champlain in July, 2019.

More information is available online.

Photo of Lois McClure courtesy Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

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