Friday, July 12, 2019

Featured Hike: Baldface Mountain, Indian Lake

bbaldface mountain trail mapBaldface Mountain (2,230 feet), part of the Jessup River Wild Forest, is located in Indian Lake and is a great sunny day adventure that includes paddling and hiking.

The trail is accessed on the northeast shore of Indian Lake. This hike requires a canoe paddle to reach the trailhead in Norman’s Cove, the shortest (1.0 mile) from the Clarks Indian Lake Marina off Lakeshore drive in Sabael. There is a charge for the use of the marina.

You may also paddle 7.5 miles from the DEC Indian Lake Campground boat ramp to reach the trailhead. As you enter Norman’s cove, look for the trailhead to the left of the cove, where a DEC trailhead sign is prominently displayed next to a large rock. The sheltered bay has a great picnic area, where you can leave your boat and start your hike. The trail ascends 580 feet and 1.3 miles from the shore to the summit.

Indian Lake Islands Campground Boat Launch is located off State Route 30 in Lake Pleasant. It has parking for 50 cars and trailers. (43.652142°N, 74.387922°W)

Clarks Indian Lake Marina is located off Lakeshore Drive in Sabael. There is a charge for use of the marina.

Featured Hikes are recommended by DEC.

Map of Baldface Mountain courtesy Adirondack Atlas.

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3 Responses

  1. Worth Gretter says:

    I don’t think the map is correct. The article says the trailhead is to the left as you enter the cove, and that is the way I remember it, but the map shows the trailhead way to the right.

  2. Steve R wiell says:

    can you camp out on Baldface?

    • Worth Gretter says:

      It might possibly be considered back country, in which case you could camp anywhere, away from water and trails of course. But more likely it is considered part of the Indian Lake Islands campground, in which case only established sites can be used and reservations are required. So you would need to do some research on the DEC site to see which rules apply.

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