Thursday, July 25, 2019

Stillwater Fire Observers, Forest Rangers’ Relatives Sought

Clarence Rennie Stillwater Fire Observer 1928-1939In preparation for the centennial of Stillwater Fire Tower, the tower’s friends group is searching for Stillwater Fire Tower Observers, Forest Rangers, and their relatives.

The centennial commemoration will be on Saturday August 24, 2019 beginning at 10 am at the tower. At noon a question and answer session will be held at the trailhead parking area on Big Moose Road.

The Fire Observers at the Stillwater Tower were: Eugene Barrett, 1912-23; Charles H. Ward, 1924-25; A.D. Petri, 1926-27; Clarence Rennie, 1928-39; Theodore Jarvis, 1940; George A. Clair, 1940-64; Kenneth M. Hite, 1964-74; Larry Combs, 1975; Gary Kincade, 1976; Jim Tracy, 1977; Mike Strife, 1978; David Gates, 1979; Larry Strife, 1980-81; and Les Mahar, 1982-88.

Forest Rangers were: Dave Conkey, 1912-30; Ray Burke, 1931; Moses Leonard, 1932-35; Austin B. Proper, 1936-38; Alex “Mac” Edwards, 1938-48; Randy Kerr, 1947-57; Bill Marleau, 1949-50; Emmett Hill, 1951-65; and Terry Perkins, 1967-98.

Photos or tales of any of these men would be a welcome addition to the centennial. Contact Jim Fox at (315) 286-3325 or

Photo of Clarence Rennie Stillwater Fire Observer 1928-1939.

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