Tuesday, August 6, 2019

137 Acres Protected at Huletts Landing on Lake George

Beaver dam and pond on 25 acre Huletts property courtesy LGLCThe Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) has announced the recent protection of two properties at Huletts Landing, in Dresden, NY, a total of 137 acres. The properties both contain significant lengths of tributaries that flow into Lake George, and other water-protecting features.

The two properties consist of a 112-acre forested parcel off of County Road 6, and the other a 25-acre upland parcel adjacent to Elephant Mountain. Combined, the properties include more than 7,800 feet of stream corridors that lead to Lake George. The 112-acre parcel also contains two acres of wetlands and beaver ponds, which are the headwaters of one of these now protected tributaries.

The protection of these properties fits within the LGLC’s Huletts Landing Conservation Initiative, which focuses on protecting the wetlands and stream corridors in this steep region of the watershed. These efforts are considered crucial to managing stormwater flow and reducing the amount of sediment and contaminants entering Lake George.

The properties are currently not open to the public except by special request, due to limited accessibility.

The Huletts Landing Conservation Initiative is an ongoing effort that, like the LGLC’s similar effort in Bolton’s Indian Brook/Northwest Bay Brook area, focuses on the most sensitive lands in order to have the greatest impact on the water quality of Lake George and its tributaries.

Photo of Beaver dam and pond on 25-acre Huletts property courtesy LGLC.

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