Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Locator Beacon Activation Leads To Adirondack Rescue Mission

Osgood River RescueDEC Forest Rangers say a 41-year-old Albany man and a Wilmington woman, also 41, launched a rescue mission after setting off an emergency locator beacon north of Paul Smiths.

DEC’s Ray Brook Dispatch said they received call on Wed., Sept. 18 at 10:46 p.m., from an international rescue coordination center advising that a locator beacon had been activated.

Coordinates placed the activation on the Osgood River north of Mountain Pond in the DeBar Mountain Forest.  Forest Ranger Thomas Gliddi reported that he responded and located the pair’s vehicle at 11:49 pm before proceeding into the woods. Ranger Gliddi reported the couple had kayaked earlier in the day and ventured down the Osgood River not realizing they were going the wrong way. The pair had intended to go to Meacham Lake but headed east up Hays Brook, he said.

By the time they realized their mistake, the couple had run out of daylight and were unprepared for an overnight stay, the Ranger said. Leaving their kayaks behind, they bushwhacked toward the Grasse Pond Trail.  They were located at 12:30 am.

Forest Ranger Gliddi provided the pair with warm clothes, escorted them out of the woods, and gave them a courtesy ride back to their vehicle by 1:45 a.m according to his report.

Map of rescue mission area courtesy Adirondack Atlas.

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6 Responses

  1. Justin Farrell says:

    Hahaha….”No need to prepare for a possible accidental emergency honey, I have an emergency locator beacon.”
    Looks like that plan worked out just fine, and Kudos to the responders!

  2. Dan says:

    Next time, try a GPS. Or how about a good old a map and compass?

  3. Chris Mcpeck says:

    When I was up there the G.P.S. didn’t work. And thank got you had that. And then come find you

  4. Suji says:

    Bushwhacking to a trail in the dark isn’t such a great idea. It might have been better if, when the light began fading, these folks had realised and turned back before it got too dark to see. A map and compass are usually more reliable than GPS, and it’s only sensible to take along a few supplies — a warm jacket, dry socks and a package of beef jerky and gorp will sustain one until morning and find the way out without needing assistance from the over-burdened Rangers.

  5. Tim says:

    Going the wrong way on a river???

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