Friday, September 20, 2019

On Climate Strike!

On Friday, the Adirondack Almanack is on a climate strike.

On the whole, processes that contribute to the accelerated climate change we are currently experiencing are a threat to the Adirondack Park, our national security, and the world’s human security.

It’s our responsibility to do something about it now.

Local Climate Strike Locations for Friday, September 20th

Saranac Lake – Harrietstown Town Hall, 39 Main Street, Saranac Lake (Noon)

Queensbury – SUNY Adirondack Student Center, 640 Bay Road (Noon)

Plattsburgh – Amity Plaza SUNY Plattsburgh, Rugar Street (11 am)

Potsdam – SUNY Potsdam Campus at the Minerva Statue, 44 Pierrepont Avenue (10:30 am)

Johnstown – Sir William Johnson Park, Main Street (3 pm)

Burlington – UVM Andrew Harris Commons, 590 Main Street (11 am)

Middlebury – College Park, 54 College Street (10 am)

Albany – Sheridan Steam Plant. 79 Sheridan Avenue (11 am)

Utica – N-S Arterial Footbridge, 799 Warren Street (Noon)

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31 Responses

  1. Freethedacks says:

    Go ahead and beg your masters for some imagined legislation that will only enslave you further.
    Climate change has been going on for millenia.

    • John Warren says:

      It’s the pace of climate change that has changed, not the fact that climate changes.

      The Dunning-Kruger effect: “people with substantial, measurable deficits in their knowledge or expertise lack the ability to recognize those deficits and, therefore, despite potentially making error after error, tend to think they are performing competently when they are not.”

    • Balian the Cat says:

      Look who’s accusing people of blindly following a master – what do you call the brain-dead deniers that only believe what politicians made wealthy by blind allegiance to the fossil fuel industry tell them to?

  2. Trailogre says:

    Im still waiting for the coming ice age predicted in the 80s ………

  3. Trailogre says:

    Im also waiting for the thruway to be paid off so they can do away with the tolls………Also predicted in the 80s

    • Suji says:

      Well, we all know about death and taxes. Meanwhile, it’s possible to take the Taconic instead of the Thruway–no tolls, no big scary trucks barreling down upon one, and beautiful scenery. From the last exit it is an easy ride to get on I-90 to the Northway and thence to the Adirondacks.

  4. Trailogre says:

    I hope none of them are using gasoline power to get to the strike……

    ………..Otherwise they may be hypocrites ………..

    • John Warren says:

      I hope you never use socialist services like highways, road plowing, and public education to the 12th grade – otherwise you may be a hypocrite.

      • Trailogre says:

        I don’t know what that has to do with what I said……..I said nothing about socialism…?
        Far stretch……
        Nice try though?

        My point is that they are protesting and using they very things that they are protesting against

        The girl from Sweden who sailed over
        Flew everybody back to Sweden on a carbo spewing airplane……just what she was protesting against

        People who protested against the gasoline pipeline…….how did they get to the protest?
        I’m sure they didn’t ride horses

        My point is practice what you preach …..


        • John Warren says:

          It’s a wonder you manage to live so devoid of hypocrisy. Congrats.

          • Trailogre says:

            I think you have this strike set in your mind that they are right and everyone else is wrong unless they agree with you

            Did you even read my post?

            From your answer….I think you were replying to another post

            • Trailogre says:

              You don’t agree that they should lead the way and follow their own agenda?

              • Robert Cummings says:

                If you’re of the belief that ‘man’ can change the inevitability of the Earth’s continually changing climate then I couldn’t possibly agree

            • Robert Cummings says:

              Evidently it was placed in the wrong ‘slot’ as I was responding to a post about ‘improving the climate change situation’
              Sorry for the screw-up but don’t know how it came about ?

    • geoDan says:

      Being in the alternate energy business for 35 years, I live in a combustion free home and converted hundreds of other to same. I can concur hypocrisy abounds. How many protesters live in combustion free homes? Subscribe to green power option from their electrical supplier? Paddle kayaks not made from petroleum? The last administration boasted “Green energy” yet opened more lands to drilling than any other in US history, resulting with the US becoming the largest gas/oil producer on the planet. We used GW Bush’s (the “oil” man) ranch as an industry model of green energy efficiency. There’s also the “feel good” laws- we don’t burn petcoke, so we ship it overseas so THEY can burn it. Too often those who object to climate pollution purport action directed at others, rather than themselves.

      • John Warren says:

        If we stood by the claim that if anything we do that does not conform to our stated desires, literally nothing would happened. You’re presenting a straw man argument, based on your claim to know what people support (burning petcoke for example) and what they don’t.

        • geoDan says:

          I presented NO argument, less a straw man one. My thread was in reference to trailogre’s comment on hypocrisy which, from the view point of a professional in the field, is indeed commonly profound. Indeed when presented with said hypocrisy, some offenders will benefit from it and embrace personal improvement. I’ve converted hundreds in my career. Sadly some will continue the “We” need to do something, while in practice doing nothing but waiting for “you” to. Much of the latter being from ignorance, for which could be abated if they made the effort to understand.

          • Todd Eastman says:

            Do you charge people for your work?

            • geoDan says:

              Installation yes. Advice, calculations, ROI, options, estimates, propositions etc no charge. As for my OWN alternate energy options, the point of the post, obviously would be at my expense and rightfully so. Hence the point “practice what you preach”.

  5. CommunityGuy says:

    Thank you for your clarity about the Climate Crisis, and for the relevant articles.

  6. Peter Klein says:

    This is flat out silly. Dear John, plowing and maintaining roads is not socialism. Socialism is controlling the means of production.

    • John Warren says:

      Yes, and in this case the means of production for highways are the plows and highway equipment. Owned by all of us, and controlled by the government.

  7. Barney says:
    “Weather reflects short-term conditions of the atmosphere while climate is the average daily weather for an extended period of time at a certain location.”

    When weather modification (aka environmental modification, UN term) is a known fact (that at least the US & Russia, and probably China, Sweden, and the UK are capable of such), how is it that none of the global warming/climate change advocates have taken into account what effect that even non-military “environmental modifications” have had on either weather or climate?

    If environmental modification is such that the United Nations has seen fit to pass an International Treaty governing, at least, military employment of such technique, why hasn’t such been given deserved consideration in every discussion of climate change/global warming?

    See UN Treaty & definition of “environmental modification techniques” at:

    Also, as often asked, what about the major polluters, India & China?

    I could never buy the old religion; and, certainly can’t buy the new, “environmentalism!”

  8. Elizabeth Gillette says:

    Why does everything have to end up in political bickering. Logic tells us climate change is detrimental so we should find ways to improve on the situation. Thanks for the info.

  9. Robert Cummings says:

    If only these same ‘masses’ that took to the streets opened a few books or Google to see that our world has been in a cycle of gradual temperature changes going from Ice Ages to Tropic climates where the Ice had melted, oceans rose, inland seas were created, Dinosaurs roamed and ferns reached monumental heights……AND not a thing man will do will stop this inevitability BUT will cost the Paying Public dearly as profiteers pray on the ignorance of the MILLIONS !

  10. CommunityGuy says:

    Please stop feeding the trolls. You don’t have to argue with, or respect, bots, cultists and April Fools. Take a look at the definition of April Fool. Very relevant to this issue. Also, don’t discount that you are actually arguing with bots.

  11. adkDreamer says: