Thursday, October 3, 2019

Hamilton College Ending Its Adirondack Program

Hamilton Adirondack Program preservesHamilton College will end its Adirondack Program after this fall semester according to an announcement made by Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Suzanne Keen.

The college, which is located outside the Adirondack Park in Clinton, NY, suspended the program following its failure to meet its enrollment targets Keen said.  “True to its mission, the Adirondack Program has offered students a rigorous interdisciplinary academic experience,” Keen said in the announcement. “I [the Dean of Faculty] have been very impressed with the overall quality of the program, and I appreciate the support of the local partners, the enthusiasm of the faculty members who served in residence, the work of the general director Janelle Schwartz, and the efforts of the Advisory Committee.”

Hamilton College’s program began in 2014 and focused on the Adirondack Park’s history, contemporary issues, and future.  The program has partnered with some 90 local businesses and organizations according to Schwartz. It was centered in Keene.

Photo of Hamilton Adirondack Program students with preserves they made.

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4 Responses

  1. Ernest Williams says:

    Although the Adirondack semester program in the high peaks will end, Hamilton also offers an on-campus course on the Adirondacks (“The Cultural and Natural Histories of the Adirondack Park”). This course, which has been taught by at least 8 different faculty members, continues in the curriculum and is quite popular; it has been taught at least once every year since the spring of 2002.

    • Glenn Harris says:

      Very sorry to learn this, but am glad the on-campus course remains popular. Any thoughts on why the off-campus program failed to achieve enrollment targets?

      • Ernest Williams says:

        A lot takes place on campus during the fall – many cultural, student, and athletic events – and I think students found it too isolating not to go back to campus during the semester (immersion in the Adks was a requirement). The program was _excellent_ however, and Janelle earned praise for the program’s high quality.
        Many students are deeply involved in the Adirondacks, however, through the Adk course, numerous outing club trips (including a 46er weekend), and the 90-miler race (multiple entries every year).

  2. Balian the Cat says:

    I always like seeing the Hamilton kids on the 90 miler – I hope the college continues to expose them to the natural sciences.

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