Monday, November 11, 2019

Transgender Day of Remembrance Service Planned

transgender day of rememberanceTransgender Day of Remembrance occurs annually on November 20th, is a day to memorialize those who have been killed or murdered as the result of transphobia, (hatred or fear of transgender and gender non-conforming people).

This day serves to bring attention to the continued violence and non-acceptance endured by the transgender community.

Transgender Day of Remembrance observance will be held on Sunday, November 17th from 1 to 2 pm. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 136 Main St, Saranac Lake.

This non-denominational event is co-hosted by Adirondack Unitarian Universalist Community, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Saranac Lake, Adirondack North Country Gender Alliance.


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26 Responses

  1. Richard L Daly says:

    I thought I subscribed to this e-letter to be informed about conservation in- at- and around TheAdirondakPark. How did this item pass your editorial scrutiny as to target mission?

    • CJ says:

      The Almanack regularly publishes non-environmental-focused articles, commentaries, press releases, and calendar items. I’ve seen everything from history essays, arts stories, local election results, and even poetry.

      In other words, the fact that you are airing this particular complaint on this particular article is quite telling.

  2. Richard L Daly says:

    Telling? Not quite as it appears, CJ. I emailed directly to the editors about the issue of posting NON-environmental/conservation items. Editors,t o the best of my knowledge, never replied; at least not to the e-dress I used then and did use again in this email. Under today’s ” Latest Adirondack News” there are two (2) such non-enviro items, both of which are well-covered elsewhere in other surces. Makes me re-consider donating to keep YOU bringing ME the adk news I value.

    • John Warren says:


      It’s not your place to tell me what I should be publishing, but for your information, anything related to the Adirondacks and the people who live here is in my editorial purview.

      No one is requiring you to click on a headline, load the story, and read it.

      John Warren
      Founder & Editor
      Adirondack Almanack

  3. Michael B. Coker says:

    I am seeing articles here that belong elsewhere. And don’t call my representative a liar. It’s not your place to do so and I thing you have jumped your editorial traces, so to speak.

    • John Warren says:

      If your representative is lying, we’ll call them a liar, no matter what party they belong to – you can count on that.

      John Warren
      Founder & Editor
      Adirondack Almanack

  4. Richard L Daly says:

    My dear Editor: This is YOUR baby and you can continue to do what you do. It’s America, after all. I get my political commentary on other sites I have chosen; and I do scan the spectrum. As for me and mine, we shall say farewell.

    • Jim S. says:

      I don’t think there is anything remotely political in this article. It announces a service that some people are interested in attending.

    • Boreas says:

      Farewell Richard. Before you go, look at the top of the header. There are links for Nature, Recreation, History, Arts, Environment, and Food. In other words, this is an Almanac, not a politically cleansed publication. Politics and lifestyle inevitably come up in many articles published here and especially in the comments. If you live under a rock, some of what you see published and opinions may be new or distasteful to you. That is what news is. Don’t blame the editor for publishing news. If you can find a better source of information for our region, read it.

      • Richard L Daly says:

        JW, Jim S, et al. – I already unsubscribed Almanack, owned by Explorer. I shall continue my paid subscription to the IRS NON-profit EXPLORER, which seems to stick to its mission-statement; and is sent via USPS Non-profit postage rates. Don’t recall my giving my age here, but as I turn pages, will see if I am really as ‘Boomer-sensitive’ as accused. Will examine my conscience, then decide whether to re-up upon expiration … or not. It’s America, after all!

        • Boreas says:


          Since you posted this under my comment, I will reiterate – Adirondack Almanac is a NEWS journal – says so up at the top. Area news would seem to be its mission. I am not familiar with any changes in that.

        • John Warren says:

          Sorry to hear that Richard. You’re welcome back any time.

          I’ve been editing Adirondack Almanack since I founded it, just shy of 15 years ago. I have always covered all aspects of the Adirondacks, often in what I think are ways that offer unique perspectives. I publish stories from traditional field sports to diversity as they relate to the Adirondacks. (Our first story about the rights of local transgender people, for example, was published in our first year).

          There have always been people who have been offended, something I fully appreciate and am fine with. Lately though, there has been a marked increase in criticism which rest on those critic’s ideas about what we should be publishing and what we shouldn’t. I can only assume it has to do with the charged political atmosphere.

          Whatever the case, one of the things that have allowed the Almanack to grow to reach nearly 100,000 readers each month is my willingness to publish on everything I can about the Adirondacks. I’ll continue to do that.

          And just FYI, boomer is a term that goes beyond age, and is more about sensibilities you’ve expressed here. Here’s an example, but of course it’s only part of the story:

          Anyway, thanks for reading.

          John Warren

  5. John says:

    I am waiting for the condemnation of political commentary on the “Take A Veteran Fishing On Veterans Day” article. So far, zero comments.

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