Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Full Moon Hike With John Brown Lives

full moon provided by champlain area trails John Brown Lives! (JBL!) is set to co-host a Full Moon Hike with Champlain Area Trails on the John Brown Trail at Viall’s Crossing Farm in Westport on Friday, January 10, 2020.

The farm has a unique connection to John Brown. Asa Viall, the son of the farm’s first owner, was a friend of the abolitionist, who led an unsuccessful raid on a Virginia armory in 1859. When Brown was executed for leading a rebellion to end slavery, Asa Viall provided and drove the wagon that took Brown’s body to its final resting place at his farm in North Elba, near Lake Placid.

The hike will follow John Brown’s Trail, which commemorates the farm’s historical connection, including towering trees that bore witness to Brown’s passage 160 years ago.

The hike will begin at 5 pm under the first full moon of 2020. The 1.5 mile hike will take about an hour and a half and if there’s snow, participants are welcome to snowshoe or cross-country ski. The hike will begin at a point just west of the railroad tracks on Route 22, about halfway between Westport and Wadhams; look for the bright yellow trail signs.

After the hike, participants are invited to meet and dine at a local restaurant to be determined.

There is no fee for the Full Moon Hike, but registration is advised in case there is last minute information to share. Call the CATS office at (518) 962-2287 or send a message to

Photo of full moon provided by Champlain Area Trails.

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Gdyk says:

    “Brown was executed for leading a rebellion to end slavery.”

    Brown was a vicious crook, a consummate thief and heartless murderer. This American domestic terrorist has been made into a messianic figure by the politically correct crowd, but he should be exposed once and for all for what he really was…. fanatic and madman.

    • John Warren says:

      You’ve been triggered by someone fighting to end slavery. You might want to rethink that.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        You’ve been offended by someone who simply turned the light of truth on John Brown, exposing his terrorism for all to see. You might want to rethink that.

        • Balian the Cat says:

          Robert, Breitbart has a comment section too you know. Maybe you would be happier there?

          • Robert Gdyk says:

            So much judgment and presumption dripping with condescension and reeking of ignorance.

        • John Warren says:

          Ah, the old “I know you are but what am I” argument. I honestly expected nothing less.

          • Robert Gdyk says:

            Who’s arguing? Happy New Year.

            • Balian the Cat says:

              While I believe I could successfully contest his ignorance contention, John – he’s not wrong. I have judged him based on this and other comments that he’s made and hold him in complete contempt 🙂

    • Vanessa says:

      This made me lol out loud, and I needed that. I was wondering if this post would get haters and sure enough.

      Anyway, this hike sounds lovely and I’m sorry I’m missing it. JBL! is a great group, thanks almanack staff for mentioning local events, and the Old Man lying a’mouldering in his grave has a soul that transcends petty BS in comments sections. All is right in a tiny corner of North Elba.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        The young Marine named Private Luke Quinn lying a’mouldering in his grave has a soul too that transcends petty BS in comments sections.

        • Balian the Cat says:

          So, the guys who threw the Kings tea into Boston harbor were terrorists. John Hancock was a pirate, thief, and liar. And the folks who initiated the Boston massacre were murderers? Somehow, I bet Amon Bundy is a patriot, however. Petty indeed.

          • Robert Gdyk says:

            Terrible analogy for a number of reasons. But what is really frightening is your lack of education about American domestic terrorists.

            • Balian the Cat says:

              Not really. The founding fathers, whom I support as such, could easily be considered “terrorists” depending on ones perspective. Jeb Stuart was a war criminal by several definitions. People do all sorts of things for all sorts of different reasons and it is up to the collective morality to label them. The Bundys are domestic terrorists by the definition you apply to John Brown. ANTIFA, the KKK, the IRA, people who kill Drs because they preform abortions, folks who spike trees in front of industrial loggers. It’s all perspective. It doesn’t fit some clear definition just because you say it does.

              • Robert Gdyk says:

                When the facts don’t fit the narrative, the facts must change while doubling down on the narrative? Right..

                • Balian the Cat says:

                  Robert, unlike you I don’t have a narrative. I will politely suggest you reread what I wrote and look carefully for any sort of declaration. You insist that JB was a murderous terrorist. That is not a fact, that is what Robert says. I suggest, in response, that there are comparable examples in American history that challenge your assertion and further suggest that perspective sets the minds of individuals. I wasn’t there, so I don’t share your insistence on any of the facts you claim I am manipulating. I will leave you to have the last word now and wish you luck in your black and white world – which is what this has really been about all along.

                  • Robert Gdyk says:

                    What this has really been about all along is me turning the light of truth on an insane murderer who killed 7, whom you no doubt revere.

  2. Robert Gdyk says:

    Stop defending domestic terrorists. You sound foolish. The 7 innocent people who John Brown murdered never personally owned slaves.

    • John Warren says:

      It takes a very weak intellect to not see the obvious double standard you’re employing.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        “Old John Brown has just been executed for treason against a state. We cannot object, even though he agreed with us in thinking slavery wrong. That cannot excuse violence, bloodshed, and treason. It could avail him nothing that he might think himself right.” — Abraham Lincoln, Dec 3, 1859

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