Friday, January 31, 2020

Floating Docks Now A Frozen Snowmobile Hazard

ECOs and Forest Rangers mark potentially hazardous obstacles to snowmobile traffic on Great Sacandaga LakeNYS Environmental Conservation Officers reported that ECO Paul Pasciak and Wes Leubner, along with Forest Rangers Michael Thompson and Ian Kerr, conducted a patrol on Great Sacandaga Lake to assess docks that broke free from shore and became frozen in ice south of the Batchellerville Bridge on January 17th.

The docks likely broke free during heavy rains in early winter and became frozen in the main portion of the lake when temperatures dropped.

Due to unsafe ice conditions, Forest Rangers Kerr and Thompson piloted an airboat with ECOs Pasciak and Leubner on board to locate the docks. The three docks could not be removed, but the ECOs and Forest Rangers used reflective signs and high visibility flagging tape to make the docks more noticeable during the day and at night.

ECOs warn that snowmobilers should always use caution and keep in mind that with changing ice conditions, potential hazards can be difficult to predict.

For more information on snowmobile safety when traveling on ice visit DEC’s website.

Photo of ECOs and Forest Rangers mark potentially hazardous obstacles to snowmobile traffic on Great Sacandaga Lake provided.

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4 Responses

  1. Ben Dover says:

    Great job of cooperation there. It’s high time that the two respected law enforcement divisions figured out how to better work together and demonstrate mutual respect.

    • John Warren says:

      They work together all the time. You’re just seeing this one story of many that aren’t reported.

  2. Tim-Brunswick says:

    I fully concur with John…. both ECOS and Rangers cooperate down here (Rensselaer County) and from what I’ve seen in the Indian Lake area the same is true. Both divisions earn their pay!

  3. Scott says:

    Tim and John are correct but if you dig deeper you will also find places where unprofessional conduct between the two divisions has occurred like “Ben” implies above.

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