Saturday, February 1, 2020

Poetry: Stars Long Dead

Stars Long Dead

How hard this now seems
to leave so few memories
Who will reckon us up
once we’ve finished here
Stars stud the sky but pay
no mind to who’s elected
Many looking bright flared
out last lights eons gone at
186,000 miles per second
as the universe’s vastness
makes them seem to shine
still to astonish us tonight

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Ed Zahniser retired as the senior writer and editor with the National Park Service Publications Group in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. He writes and lectures frequently about wilderness, wildlands, and conservation history topics. He is the youngest child of Alice (1918-2014) and Howard Zahniser (1906–1964). Ed’s father was the principal author and chief lobbyist for the National Wilderness Preservation System Act of 1964. Ed edited his father’s Adirondack writings in Where Wilderness Preservation Began: Adirondack Writings of Howard Zahniser, and also edited Daisy Mavis Dalaba Allen’s Ranger Bowback: An Adirondack farmer - a memoir of Hillmount Farms (Bakers Mills).


2 Responses

  1. Noel A. Sherry says:

    Ed, enjoyed your poem here, for several reasons, your poetic reminder not to get to caught up in the political fray over who gets elected in November, but most of all your focus on astronomy and the incredible views of the night sky we get almost anywhere in the Adirondacks (or other wilderness areas). My interest in astronomy traces to looking up at the Milky Way and other night wonders in Big Moose, NY. So thanks for sending this to the Almanack. Also for your work in preserving records important to the Adirondacks.

  2. Nice poem, Ed! Love to look at the stars in the night sky and wonder, when out in the wilderness away from sources of light pollution.

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