Sunday, March 29, 2020

CDC issues travel advisory for NY, NJ, CT

coronavirusIssued Saturday, March 28 from the Center for Disease Control:

Due to extensive community transmission of COVID -19 in the area, CDC urges residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to refrain from non-essential domestic travel for 14 days effective immediately.  This Domestic Travel Advisory does not apply to employees of critical infrastructure industries, including but not limited to trucking, public health professionals, financial services, and food supply.  These employees of critical infrastructure, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, have a special responsibility to maintain normal work schedules.  The Governors of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will have full discretion to implement this Domestic Travel Advisory.

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8 Responses

  1. LeRoy Hogan says:

    True should be staying home with no travelling.

    • Nora Mongan says:

      Totally agree Leroy Hogan , our problem here in the North Country are the folks with second homes coming from New York and New Jersey , staying here , not isolating themselves then going back home and returning again , they are putting all of us in jeopardy especially our elders.

  2. Cindy says:

    We’re having the same problem on Cape Cod. Lots of second home owners. Rhode Island as well. I can see they might want to get out of the cities, but just go somewhere and stay there!

    • Steve B. says:

      Like where ?

      Bottom line is lockdown needed to have happened nationwide about a month ago and didn’t. At this point there’s community spread about everywhere and having city folks invading the sticks, which is how you make it sound, changes nothing. Note that the states will carefully monitor where and how hospitals are able to accept patients and if there’s space underutilized in distant hospitals, patients may get moved. This is happening in France and will likely happen here as well.

  3. Mark A Friden says:

    Is “NY, NY CT” correct? Or should it be “NY, NJ, CT”?

  4. Anjel Maldonado says:

    Why at this time should anyone be free to travel? I live in the catskills. These people come up with their friends to their 2nd homes. With dirt bikes to have a good time and go home come back and do it again. This puts our small community at risk. What’s the problem with them staying home? What about our rights? Our safety? People talk about their rights. So the rights of the rich come over the rights of the poor, elderly, small towns people? We dont matter. As long as they can have their vacation time

  5. Tim-Brunswick says:

    Not sure why the CDC picked “14 Days”…, seriously!… not even close to what needs to be recommended and enforced to the extent possible! Who are we kidding …if we don’t face reality soon, this will; continue for another 4 to 6 months and that’s exactly what I’ll bet we’re facing.

    “Fourteen days” is a joke only not funny !

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