Monday, March 2, 2020

Senior Hiking Trail Guide Bill Introduced

Golden Park ProgramSenator José M. Serrano and Senator Rachel May have announced the introduction of legislation (S. 7765) to create a New York Senior Trail Guide that identifies walking and hiking opportunities for active seniors in State Parks, DEC managed lands, and along public, non-motorized multi-use trails.

According to the National Institute of Aging, maintaining an active lifestyle as a senior may prevent or delay the onset of diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Exercise also has proven mental health benefits like improved moods, better sleep patterns, increased cognitive function, and has been shown to stave off dementia.

New York already incentivizes senior residents to visit State Parks through the Golden Park Program, which offers free weekday access to New York State residents age 62 or older. Access to a Senior Trail Guide is expected to encourage seniors to take advantage of the Golden Park Pass and explore their local trails.

Senator José M. Serrano is the Chair of the Senate Majority Conference and Chair of the Senate Committee on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks & Recreation. He represents the 29th Senate District, which covers neighborhoods in the South & West Bronx, East Harlem, Upper Yorkville, Roosevelt Island, Central Park and the Upper West Side.

Senator Rachel May represents the 53rd district, which comprises Syracuse and surrounding communities.

For more information, contact Damaris Olivo at or (212) 828-5829.

Photo courtesy State Parks.

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7 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    More useless legislation from the state. People who were never active don’t typical start hiking in their golden years. Apps like all trails have pretty good trail information. Maybe the legislature should spend their free time fixing the bail reform and discovery mess. If they want to seem like they are really helping with something hire some more rangers to help with hiker rescue

    • Boreas says:

      Many older people have disposable income and vote. This is demographic that a smart politician shouldn’t ignore.

  2. JohnL says:

    Lord help us. Don’t they have anything better to do?? Go to work on something that matters.

  3. Cranberry Bill says:

    I think this guide is a good idea. If I’m looking for a younger soulmate, I’ll know where not to go.

  4. Suzanne says:

    This seems like a pretty silly time-and-money waster. Most “senior citizens” who hike (I’m one of them and I hate that categorisation) have been hiking for a lifetime, are aware of their capabilities and know where and when to go for a walk without needing to consult a “Senior Trail Guide.” At 74, I have arthritis and realise I’m not going to be trekking the Range again, but I enjoy a pleasant walk up Johns Brook. One wonders how much time Jose Serrano, our Congressperson from the Bronx, has spent hiking. Perhaps he knows someone who would like the contract for writing the guide.

  5. Boreas says:

    Is there a politician IN office who isn’t clever at getting votes? This is low-hanging fruit for someone seeking votes. Pandering to specific groups of voters is nothing new.

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