Monday, March 30, 2020

Sienna poll finds 87% of NYers approve Cuomo’s response to COVID-19

coronavirusSienna College Research Institute released its latest poll findings today. Among them:

  • 87% of NYers approve of Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, while 41% approve of Trump’s handling.
  • Nearly three-quarters of NYers are VERY concerned about the pandemic (92% are concerned), with 79% concerned that they will get the virus.
  • Nearly one-third of NYers know someone who has tested positive.
  • 53% of NYers agree with statement “Things Will Be Back to Normal Sometime Soon,” 44% Say they’re not confident “America Will be Back to Normal Anytime Soon.”
  • One-quarter say someone in their household has been laid off from work.

The poll was conducted March 22-26, 2020 by telephone calls conducted in English to 566 New York State registered voters. Sampling was conducted via a stratified dual frame probability sample of both landline and cell phone telephone numbers.

Click here for the full report

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Gdyk says:

    If NYers only knew the actual numbers of the homeless who’ve died, will continue to die from this pandemic and now sadly are being hastily buried in mass graves on Hart Island, would they have such high approval ratings of Cuomo and de Blasio? I doubt it.

    • Dana says:

      I can’t speak for the mayor, but I think the governor is doing pretty well with a terrible situation given the guidance and assistance we have received from the White House. No one is going to come out of this smelling like a rose.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        Andy and Bill loved the assistance they got today docked at Pier 90. The terrible homeless situation was a public health crisis they knew about for years, yet did nothing about and only made it worse.

    • Sula says:

      Do you have access to the statistics as to how many homeless have died from Covid and have been “hastily buried in mass graves”? I doubt it.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        The media won’t release those stats to the public. They never did for the thousands of AIDS victims either. You need to hear it instead from those on the front lines. I have a close friend who’s a correctional officer at Rikers. Inmates from the Rikers Island jail are paid $0.50 per hour to bury bodies on Hart Island, and they’ve been extremely busy lately. The worst is yet to come. Nobody doubts that.

        • Sula says:

          Indeed, nobody sensible doubts that the worst is yet to come. I live a few blocks away from Elmhurst Hospital, where the doctors are overwhelmed and refrigerated trucks have been brought in to store the dead. However, I had many, many friends and many more friends of friends who died from the AIDs epidemic, and none were buried in mass graves, but rather by their families and/or friends, so one is unsure where you are getting information other than your close friend at Rikers Island. The homeless have been with us since the Reagan administration, so why trash Governor Cuomo? He has shown more leadership that our pResident. As for Mayor Bill, I have to agree with you there. I voted for him, and deeply regret that foolish decision.

          • Robert Gdyk says:

            I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from because Hart Island has always been a restricted area under the jurisdiction of the NYC Department of Corrections. No “families and/or friends” have ever been allowed to do burials there – only inmates. However, family members who wish to visit the island must request a visit ahead of time with the DOC. Otherwise, NYC offers no provisions for individuals who want to visit the island without contacting the prison system beforehand. Your argument that there have been a homeless population in NYC since Mayor Lindsay and before, is undisputed, but not nearly as it is today at an all time high. Cuomo and de Blasio’s policies are both directly to blame. The NY Post wrote an article about it just this past Jan 18th.

            • Steve Bailey says:

              Well, no. Hart Island has had a multitude of uses over the past 150 years of public ownership and only in the more recent 50 or so years has been operated or used by the Dept. of Corrections. It’s seen drug rehab facilities, an Army missile site, etc… but has always been the largest Potters Field in the US, which makes sense as NYC is the most populated city in the US. It is also now and since last December under the control of the city Dept. of Parks and Recreation. There are supposed to be a million people buried there, man being homeless but also many who’s bodies cannot be identified, have no families to bury them, etc…. What I’ve read is about 1500 people are still buried there each year.

              Are we going to see an increase in homeless buried there ?, of course. We are going to see an increase in burials everywhere, possibly more if the virus affects the homeless more, which is to be assumed given living environment, risk for illness, etc… Nobody has any statistics currently if this health crisis is going to hit the homeless at a greater rate than other. Is there anything sinister in this as you are trying to portray ?, No. Can you blame the politicians ?, likely in NYC, but as well in every major urban area in the US, regardless of political affiliation.

              • Robert Gdyk says:

       issued this current announcement: “In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, all public visits to Hart Island have been suspended until further notice. All burial operations on Hart Island remain uninterrupted.” Those burial operations are now offering prisoners at Rikers Island jail $6 per hour — a fortune by prison labor standards — and personal protective equipment if they agree to help dig mass graves on Hart Island, according to a source I have who is a correctional officer at Rikers.

  2. Christine hildebrand says:

    I think the entire country feels the same way and appreciates his daily news conference to get facts and to feel his compassion and energy.

    • Robert Gdyk says:

      Unfortunately, the entire country is being fed a daily diet of information he only wants you to hear along with many half-truths. No news reporter at those conferences have asked specific questions about the homeless deaths, which I suppose they aren’t going to.

  3. Tim-Brunswick says:

    I can’t believe folks actually believe that the Sienna Pollsters actually “polled” a complete cross-section of New York. Most of the Governors focus has been on NYC and downstate per usual. If the poll focused on Upstate I have a hard time believing that he would get high approval ratings at all. My only comment and I don’t respond to rebuttal remarks.

    Thank you

    • Hoffman Notch says:

      Agree with you 100% Tim! He’s gotta take care of his voter base in NYC…upstate has little to no say in much anymore!

  4. Sandor says:

    A short while ago our NYC Gov. Andy was appalled by the lack of co-operation (Social distancing,Quarantining or anything pleaded for by Dr.Fauci).He vilified his NYC voters.Bit to late now Gov.Now NYC mayor Blas is finally going to “enforce ” these laws?rules?recommendation? Gov.Andy should of taken a hard stance.So NO! our NYC Gov. isn’t doing anything to protect us Gun owning ,,Trump 2020 voters!!

    • Sula says:

      Presumably “gun owning Trump 2020 voters” will be able to protect themselves. FYI, I, too, am a gun owner, but I sure as Hell won’t be voting for tRump.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        I doubt he’ll need your vote. Joe Biden has only $57.2 million total to get elected. President Trump on the other hand, has more than four times that amount, and a steady, sustained outpouring of support from donors large and small continues to replenish his coffers. Three quarters of the RNC’s donations were $200 or less. So you see, nobody is excited for Sleepy Joe, and the proof is in the numbers.

        • Dana says:

          No – no one is excited by Joe, but he seems to be leading Trump in the polls by ~10% last I saw – and without a daily televised rally. I think many voters are looking for a little less “excitement”. As the campaign rolls on, I doubt Bloomberg and others will sit by and let Biden starve for airtime. But then Biden doesn’t have Russia or the Electoral College on his side, so who knows?

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