Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Americade plans July event this year

A popular annual motorcycle rally could look very different this year.

Nearly every year for the past 40 years, Lake George has been hosting one of the most popular seasonal events in motorcycle culture: Americade. Traditionally Americade is held the first week of June, but in lieu of this year’s events, rally organizer Christian Dutcher said the event will be pushed back until July 21-25.

Dutcher had the following to say about the delay: “The health of our community and our guests is paramount, but it is our sincere hope that by late July, it will be possible to bring Americade back to Lake George as long as there are no federal, state or local regulations that would preclude it…We will be very sensitive to public health concerns. We will conduct Americade 2020 in a manner that is respectful of the terrible ordeal this pandemic has caused.’’

This year’s Americade will emphasize the public safety protocols such as social distancing, avoiding close contact and handwashing, and will focus on scenic tours as opposed to large group gatherings. Organizers will be working together with Warren County Public Health Services to minimize the risk to public health. The following regulations will be in place:

  • The number of people attending Americade will be restricted.
  • Events with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds will not be held.
  • Attendees will be encouraged to register electronically and pay remotely.
  • Americade 2020 will take their focus off large guided group rides and facilitate unguided rides.
  • For lunches during rides, participants will be offered the choice from a large selection of restaurants to reduce congregation.

Regardless of how difficult of a time this is for many Lake Georg residents, the town is looking forward to Americade, and Gina Mintzer, the executive director of the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce represents the community’s mentality with the following statement:

“This is a community of many small, family-owned businesses, and we are so appreciative of Americade’s continued support. Americaders can count on the warm welcome they’ve come to expect and Lake George’s trademark hospitality – delivered gratefully, cheerfully and at a safe distance.”

Past Americade event photo courtesy of LakeGeorge.com

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10 Responses

  1. Groot Treeman says:

    i’m glad there will be restriction!! common sense! beaches should be closed too. continual… wearing masks, etc!!

  2. Todd Eastman says:

    Perhaps adding tailpipe noise restrictions would be good health policy…

    … loud pipes stress lives…?

  3. Steve B. says:

    Saw 2 guys riding Harleys yesterday, stopped at a roadside lunch truck. No masks, standing right next to each other chatting away. I’m betting little likelihood they are living in the same house. I’m also betting their attitude is “f*^k ‘em”, they’ll do as they please, loud pipes and all. I’m thinking social distance shaming is going to get a rude response.

    • JohnL says:

      ‘Two guys stopped at a roadside lunch truck, standing right next to each other chatting away’. NO. TELL ME IT ISN’T TRUE!! Two (2) friends that know each other well, and trust that each are ‘safe’, enjoying each others company. Say it ain’t so!! What the heck are they thinking?

      • Dana says:

        My understanding is eating establishments require 6′ minimum and/or face masks to protect both the public and the servers. I don’t know about lunch trucks. I would assume as long as the truck is there it is considered an eatery.

  4. Wren Hawk says:

    I’m sure most of these folks are good citizens and this is a joy to them, but I sure wish they’d respect our small hamlets a bit more, drive slower, not gun their engines, not blare their radios, not charge up hills. Hundreds of these folks drive past my house, gunning up a steep hill, every year within in 20 feet of my windows. It’s overwhelming.

    • Boreas says:

      I have the same problem where I live. Both speeding (despite the 30 mph radar flashing sign) and open pipes that rattle my windows. Totally unnecessary, juvenile, and inconsiderate.

  5. Bill says:

    Boreas & others,
    We agree. Americade has always urged our guests to behave like guests. We love motorcycles and have for decades, but they don’t have to be objectionably loud. That’s just rude & self-centered.
    See Americade’s “about“ page last paragraph:

    • Boreas says:


      Thanks for the link. It is always a few bad apples… Good luck on the events this year.

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