Saturday, April 18, 2020

‘Explore more’ gives a look behind the headlines

brandon loomisEach week, Adirondack Explorer Brandon Loomis gives an update via his “Explore More” newsletter.

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One Response

  1. Peter Loeb says:

    My Dad owned/published the “Adirondack Enterprise” in the 60’s. Our hoiuse was
    on Riverside Drive which then was a dirt road(after turning a corner). A great place
    to grow up (JH,SH, Class of 59). Love to see that picture of Mt. Marcy which I could
    see from my br windows daily. I love in Boston now in a facility for Assisted Care and
    am largely immobilized at 78. We are also locked in because of COVID which is a
    drag.,No $$ for anything these days but am glad I am alive each day. I am
    still a rabid Democrat but a “progressive” one..Up every morning to use this SHARED
    compjuter when nobody else is. I hurd Lake Flower has changed since then. A trio
    (jazz) came through in the days when we were still allowed to have visitors. They
    claimed they had “played” Saranac Lake. Best to all. Peter Loeb, MA7 (Ayanna
    Pressley’s Congressional district).

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