Saturday, April 18, 2020

From the Archive: Phil Terrie on fixing the APA

From the Almanack archive, here are some classic features for a few suggested “weekend reads”:

anti-APA sign in WarrensburgFrom 2013: Historian Phil Terrie on fixing the APA:

“When the APA was created by the state legislature in 1971, the Park had existed for eighty years, and the new agency was expected to provide more sense of Park-ness than had obtained before. … For some it was a sense of a shared future in a newly defined park; for others it was hostility to regional zoning and land-use controls imposed by the state. Court challenges, hopes for a protected future, a Park-wide feeling of optimism interspersed with a sense of victimization—all gave the Adirondacks a regional identity it had never previously possessed.”

From 2012From the 4/20 files: Lawrence Gooley’s “A pot-lover’s paradise”

From last year: Peter Bauer’s “The Adirondack Park and Rural America”

HOT TOPIC: From last year, Kevin Chlad’s “Protect State Lands From ATV Misuse” generated more than 100 comments:



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  1. Boreas says:

    I liked L. Gooley’s article. Our area is good for growing both pot and hops. I am salivating over a piece of land that would be great for growing both. What good are retirement savings if I am not able to enjoy them?!?

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