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Should the Adirondacks discourage visitation during COVID-19?

Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Parkway in Lake GeorgeEditor’s note: As the coronavirus pandemic swept New York this spring, Adirondack Explorer staff asked those who know and love the Adirondacks for opinions on the upcoming season. Their timing spanned late-March to mid-April, and a roundup of online and emailed submissions were published in the May/June 2020 issue of the Adirondack Explorer magazine (subscribe here). What follows is some of the responses. With Memorial Day behind us, we feel this conversation continues to be one worth having. We welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s Debatable: Should the Adirondacks discourage visitation during COVID-19?


Although I currently live in Monroe County, working as a nurse practitioner, I am from and love every chance I have to return to the North Country. However, as I learn and unfortunately witness this virus unfold its tentacles rapidly throughout western New York, which has a fairly good health care system, it’s in the best interest of all to avoid interregional travel at least through June. Hopefully this timeframe allows the hospitality business to brainstorm/plan how they might accommodate social distancing while slowing the infection curve.

—Fran McCarthy, Monroe County


Given that visitors to the Adirondacks and other parks during this terrible time have proven to be irresponsible, it is time to close the park to outsiders. We cannot afford to have our pristine community ruined at a time that is so critical. 

—George Penrose, Queensbury


Throughout the country, choices for life are being put above livelihood. While we certainly feel for those small businesses who will be set back financially, the ADK renters and businesses need to follow the same course. If everyone does that, maybe the period of pain will be shortened. If immediate gains are placed ahead of sound thinking and action, the virus will continue to spread. My business is closed until further notice, and who knows how long?

—John Neu, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


If I had a second home in the mountains, I would remain in my primary home … even if I lived in Manhattan! To think I might be a non-symptomatic carrier of a virus that might transfer to and potentially kill others would be (is!) unacceptable to me personally.

—Carol Crawford Peterson, Queensbury


“Stay Home” means STAY HOME. It’s that simple. Folks from away should stay home just like we should. Vital services everywhere are geared to where folks are from. Population shifts contribute not to controlling coronavirus but rather to spreading it and stressing services not able to accommodate increased demands, thereby exacerbating problems, not making them better. 

—Kurt Wisell, Lake George


One interesting thing that happened in 1918 is that, just when the influenza epidemic seemed to be resolving and people started getting out again, many more people got sick in a second wave of that pandemic. The second round of illness hit people worse since the virus had mutated and become more virulent. I think people should be discouraged from traveling to the Adirondacks during the pandemic and probably for a few months afterward. Our infrastructure is not geared to handle even the outbreak we have now.

—Peggy MacKellar, Lake Placid


I know that during this time of isolation and quarantine going outside is the perfect thing to do—but why not explore trails locally? If we’re all being encouraged to work from home, not go out to restaurants, bars, etc., then why would we encourage people to travel to the Adirondacks, where only essential businesses are open?

The Adirondacks aren’t going anywhere—those mountains aren’t going to move or change. And, it’s the beginning of mud season anyway, when people are encouraged to keep to low-elevation trails. I believe that for the next month or two we should ask people to be thoughtful and reconsider their trips to the Adirondacks. Reducing the amount of people coming to our small communities can help slow the spread of the virus in our small communities. After a month or two, let’s see where we all stand and go from there.

—Charlotte Staats, North Elba


I live in the exurbs outside New York City, and will be retiring in June. My wife and I have planned on coming up to my camp in Hamilton County, and (mostly) staying until fall. I would spend most of my time in the woods, on my bike, and in my canoe—away from others, and socially distancing when I’m not. But now, I’m not so sure, and have so many questions. Will the curve have been flattened by then? Will the North Country have been spared? (I doubt it.) Should we self-quarantine for two weeks before coming up? Will we and other downstaters be welcome?

—Scott MacMillin, Campbell Hall 



Please don’t discourage visitors or make them feel unwelcome, as long as everyone follows the rules of distancing! The Adirondacks is a respite and has been through other diseases. Its untouched beauty has the power to heal us in many ways.

—Donna Norris, Syracuse


We’ve been going to Lake George for the past 40 years. We travel from Connecticut to our boat, which is kept in rack storage in Bolton Landing. We get on our boat and stay on it all day. Our son has a house off the lake, so we do spend multiple days. I think as long we follow all the distancing rules we would be able to go. Now, of course, that’s if the marina opens up. Let’s hope for the best in these terrible times.

—Rich Kreuzer, Terryville, Connecticut


I’ll address the question of second home owners. I remember a “Simpsons” episode where (power plant owner) Mr. Burns sought to leave a nuclear meltdown in an escape pod. When (personal assistant) Smithers pounded on the door and begged that there were two seats in the pod, Mr. Burns replied, “I know … but I like to put my feet up.” There’s a lot of space in the Adirondacks, yet the attitude of many locals is very much like Mr. Burns, and it’s selfish and reeks of entitlement. We’re all in this together, and we all should be staying in our homes, no matter if it’s our first or second home. If we follow the recommendations, we’ll all come out of this OK.

—Ed Roulston, Syracuse


A very serious effect of the pandemic is exponential growth of stress and “cabin fever,” if you will, as people have to stop congregating at work, shopping, or socially. New Yorkers need, need, need a pressure-relief valve. Parks offer perhaps the best one available.  Music and laughter, too, of course.

—John Carstens, Northville


There has been much lack of compassion and understanding concerning out-of-state cars parked at trailheads. I find this to be a form of localism, and misdirected. What the people are missing is this: Out-of-state college students have returned home to weather the pandemic with family. Many people who live and work here put off changing plates. Second home owners have chosen to isolate here instead of a city (you would too). The immune-compromised may be relocating to safer places. Family members travel to be available to care for at-risk family. To direct anger and aggression at others in these times is uncalled for. We need to give people the benefit of the doubt, be compassionate and come 6 feet together, not apart.

—Nate Jeffery, Lake Placid


Most second home owners will arrive soon, and many are already here. They will come from cities with lots of sickness. So, helping these folks self-quarantine for two weeks will be a good idea. Providing shopping help, meals to go, and so on will be needed. Some towns like Keene double their population in the summer. Others like Lake George and Speculator grow by 10 times in the summer. These places will be a much more difficult situation. Keep in mind Hamilton County has almost no health care system, no hospital. Traditional tourism will be subdued. If we succeed in flattening the curve, the crisis will lengthen throughout the summer. No one will want to stay in a hotel. If we don’t succeed in slowing this by social distancing, we will have been through a terrible national trauma, vacations will not go on as normal.  Either way, it will not be normal.

—David Mason, Keene


The Adirondacks has a treasured history of being a place of well-being and cure, most notably between 1873 and 1945 when Saranac Lake became famous for its treatment of tuberculosis. The Adirondack wilderness and clear air should also now provide opportunity for people to get fresh air and exercise through hiking and other no-contact activities. People in more urban areas cooped up for weeks or possibly months in their home are mentally going to start going crazy, and will need safe places like this to have balance in their life. All visitors should self-verify themselves as virus-free before coming to the Adirondacks, of course.

—Johnathan Esper, Wilmington


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38 Responses

  1. David Gersch says:

    Our area has limited resources, and we don’t need outsiders coming in bringing the virus and using up our resources. It has been my observation, that a good number of outsiders have little or no respect for us. When I have gone to Stewarts for milk or bread, I have seen many down staters going in the store with no mask. just stay home!

    • Boreas says:


      “Downstaters” aren’t the only people refusing to wear masks.

      “Reopening” was to be predicated on all citizens and businesses complying with state, federal, and CDC guidelines. Remember? Infection rates were to determine the rate of reopening. Remember? That fell by the wayside over a month ago because of politics. Hearing much from CDC and WHO lately? Politics. CDC and WHO doesn’t fit with the administration’s propaganda of the day, so they are relegated to increasingly frequent “fake news” claims.

      But many people and businesses here aren’t on board with even the state plan, and I suspect by mid-June, even fewer people will be wearing masks regardless of what infection rates indicate. In short, “just stay home” is no longer going to help us unless everyone follows guidelines, which has been rendered unlikely now by pure politics. I wonder who will still be living for the November election, if it takes place? Time to increase my life insurance.

      • ADKresident says:

        “Just stay home” mandate was only until the curve was met. The curve has been met and as more new information comes out we are.learning the virus is not as deadly to most of the population. The CDC even said last week the virus does not live on surfaces like they had previously thought yet people are still fearing what is touched by others and disinfecting everything. Children are pretty much immune as well as most people as more get tested. Even with more positive results with testing, the fatality rate then decreases even more since more than 99% overcome it. This is actually good news!!! . Of course, the vulnerable with pre-existing conditions still need to be protected along with the elderly. Common sense. But the facts that increasingly come out are not justifying the amount of fear, let alone shutting down an small businesses until everyone “feels” safe
        That’s just not reality. If you feel.that way, by all means. Stay home.
        Why there is not more talk on how to build your immunity, healthy eating, regular exercise and yes, getting outdoors as a means of doing all you can to increase your body’s natural.ability to combat viruses is downplayed and ignored is almost shameful . There is also not enough facts being stated on people’s mental state for being indoors too long with little social interaction. will never replace the necessity of human interaction. Any psychologist will tell you depression is now 1 root cause for too much internet use and not enough face to face and outdoor time. And should we.simply overlook the 1000s of small business owners whose entire livelihood is at the brink of permanently closing? So this is not an either/or issue. Everything needs to be considered before a blanket “stay home” or “free to come on up to ADKs” judgement is placed as a one size fits all. It can be politics if you choose to view it through that singular lens. Or it can be common sense based upon all the facts by many experts, not just the few we tend to already agree with. Lets be safe, take personal responsibility and for goidness sake, lets live again! Just saying.

        • JohnL says:

          You may be ‘just saying’ ADKresident, but EVERYTHING you just wrote is spot on, 100% correct. It’s the most cogent, accurate, easy to underdstand exlanation of what’s happened and what we should be doing moving forward, that I’ve heard yet. Thank you.

        • Dana says:

          “Children are pretty much immune as well as most people as more get tested.”

          I guess I missed those studies. Would like to see them.

          • ADKresident says:

            Dana, Look up the data for yourself. The graphs are right on the CDC website for public viewing. More children have died from the common flu. Just stating the facts.

        • Stephen Daniels says:

          I couldn’t agree more with everything in this post by ADKresident. Well said!

    • Bill apple says:

      Read the order if you can.
      That mask is a pitre dish that’s keeping the virous alive to intake or spread the virous, n95 do not stop co vid, as its passes right though them check your micro rating…
      Uv light kills the virus that UV every were the mask protects the virus from UV and drying it out , once mask is saturated it’s about 10 breaths….it keeps the virous moist and alive protected from UV….for long periods of time your touching it with your hands and transferring it to every thing you have.
      Having experance with infectious disease labs, real respirators, every thing CDC is telling you is the opposite of well established protocols.
      The people area spreading this more by ignorance of mask than protecting any one.
      NYC sub way cleaned with UV pit as only, all water treatment plants use them, would it not be easier to put a few in the stores?

  2. Frank says:

    Well it would be nice to pick and choose you want to be a tourist destination or you don’t. Actually there is no choice really it’s public land. People are coming. If you turn off the responsible tourists they may never come back. The irresponsible will come invited or not. It would be better to try and make sure people comply with the protocol. My nieghbors have told me it’s fine to come they actually said we should come. They are good nieghbors we’ve always helped each other

  3. Pat says:

    Influenza killed more than 79,000 Americans during the 2017-18 flu season, hospitalized 959,000, and infected 48.8 million. Where were all the media than and why there was no closures and lockdowns. I live in brooklyn NY, if I go to adirondacks I will keep my distance, ware mask in stores etc. We can’t STAY HOME forever! This is getting ridiculous. Economic impact will be huge.

    New data from CDC estimates COVID 19 mortality rate is 0.4%, significantly lower than previously reported.

    • Bill apple says:

      It’s less than that, 59 billion people in the world.. Divided by actually cv19 , but of course if your hit by a truck, shot to death or killed in a bomb blast it’s Co vid 19

    • Bill apple says:

      One other thing you should look at targeted blood types.
      I was really following the virus for a while, 80 % of world’s population is type O, and that’s Europeans decent, according to research O type has no receptors for co vid 19 to attach to, and looking at world maps it shows on the death rates.
      A, B, AB, (RN 40 in the world) are open to co vid 19, that was kept pretty quite.
      So thats pretty ingenious to create a virous that targets blood types, 20% of world’s population is gone… That’s 55% of USA population.
      Just for your info 45% of US is O, 55% the rest so,
      USA bands the research ,Faucis funds with USA money, to lead Chinese woman researcher who is now head of viral warfare unit in China working on this virus,
      Obama and Fauci both said a virous was going to be released 2017???
      Is this the new world order?
      Man mutated virous as the rest of world is saying it was created in a lab as HIV DNA was spliced into CoVid, and Malaria and I can not remember the other one..I drank the water here…
      So do we need a Blood type test to enter the park????
      I think booths like yellow stone and pay entrance fees are needed, then co vid checks,
      School tax collection, rescue fees, non residence tax, air pollution tax,co vid insurance for the uninsured, vet bill taxes for or bird , animals, , my small camp ground has to collect 13 % tax on tent site, NYS has non residence fee, so I think counties should add these PLUS the park use fee as well..lost business fees for all the business driven out by the State and Environmentalist…
      Africa needs to be save they can go their..
      WE ARE THE ENDANGERED SPIECES UP HERE AND GEETING TAXED TO DEATH, so the infected freebies can come ruin it while I pay 55 a day in taxes to santuary city supporters

      • Hi, as much as possible, let’s stick to fact-based discussions. We’re not all scientists here in this forum (though I’m assuming there are some here), so let’s stay away from making unsubstantiated and unsupported claims. Thanks!

  4. Robert says:

    The best thing to fight a virus natural sunlight that’s UV radiation and good old natural vitamin d. Being outside is essential to be healthy. People need to realize this is a simulation exercise known as event 201. It’s connected to Agenda 21 2030 and the New World Order. If people have any doubts on that United Nations just launched a new web page over the weekend dedicated to the New World Order. Wake up!!

  5. Robert H Mason says:


  6. Tom D'Aquanni says:


    The CDC has issued there latest statistical analysis of the level of danger of covid-19. They have concluded that it has a minute .26% infection mortality rate.

    That means on average that PNLY 1 in 400 PEOPLE EHO ARE INFECTED WILL DIE. And, if you are not elderly with comorbidity residing in a long-term care facility your chances of dying from covid-19, once and if you get infected, is 1 in 800.

    This is the official CDC conclusion based on careful statistical analysis of all the data gathered so far.

    This message has to be absorbed and get out. We need to operate with a clear-minded appreciation of what we are really dealing with, not irrational fear.

    Courageous leadership sometimes means embracing the truth others do not see and helping them to see it and them take appropriate action.

    The CDC Slashed the COVID-19 Fatality Rate to a Fraction of Earlier Estimate Used to Justify Lockdowns | Mises Institute

  7. Bill apple says:

    As I read all these comments, may be some one with common sense should way in.
    It’s sure not you people.
    This came from animals to people, now the people want to spread it to the animals up in the Adrionacks, Who’s taking care of them?
    If human breath spreads it humans , do they spread it back to the animals?
    As the experts are saying the animals are catching it. Which any one with common sense at all should realize that if it came from animals to humans, it is cross jumping and will always continue to do so, so the southern birds bring it north and the northern birds bring it south.
    So every single person who believes any of this should stay in the homes and in their basements till they pass of their own stupidity.
    The world has been here billions of years it’s part of evolution, the weak die the strong live on,
    Unless your in NYS and we intentionally put killing viruses in with the vulnerable and target the most pouplated areas..
    So please come to the Adirondacks and finish the job you started of killing off our way of life’s so only the strong and wealthy can enjoy this private rich mans park..

    If this is so deadly why is DEC opening up the camp grounds?
    Why do you have a right to change eveloution?

    As we all know man needs to be wiped off the face of the earth just as Adirondack moto is ” forever wild”, “leave no trace” “we are gonna wipe mans foot print on this place”

    Stay home you will not leave foot prints.

    We must thank DOT as well for turning our fresh waters in to salt waters,

    Wells to rust, please pay attention to our leaches that are becoming non existent in our waters were did they go?

    Their not important to our economy up here any way.
    Please come finish us off..

    as Cuomo is Opening up all the state camp grounds to increase the spread
    Cuomo needs taxes so he can come snowmobile and boat at tax payers expenses.. If we are all dead it’s all his.

  8. Hi all, I’m seeing a few comments refer to the CDC, with differing numbers, stats, etc. At the risk of spreading misinformation, let’s stick to fact-based discussions. We’re not all scientists here in this forum (though I’m assuming there are some here), so please refrain from making unsubstantiated and unsupported claims.

    • Balian the Cat says:


      With all due respect to your patient and gentle tone here – if you don’t actively monitor “misinformation” this is going to turn into the Adirondack version of Brietbart. Conspiracy theory in-between poems and book reviews.

  9. MARY M CRONK says:

    i notice the people making a living and residing year round in the adirondacks really dislike outsiders — weekenders, tourists, summer campers, seasonal… all of them. Right now, they say it is because NYC people might be sick. But this attitude has been around for years.

    Alot of money changes hands in the tourist season, winter or summer. But many adirondackers do not see much benefit. It is the wealthy owners of businesses, hotel chains… etc that are making most of the money. Many resident adirondackers get the seasonal jobs that was low paid — restaurant work, maintenance and cleaning.

    This is the core of the problem and most of the resentment in not tied to a pandemic.

    So, it the Explorer/Adirondack wants to keep exploiting this issue and making it current, I guess it will be so. But personally, I find the arguement that if tourists stay home, then Adirondackers will be safe from covid 19, to be sort of NOT THE POINT.

    The resentment has been there but now it is just out in the open.

    How about asking the question… should we close all the hotels and restaurants so that visitors no longer can go? Close the summer camps?

    Yes, this would insure the visitors will go away for good.

    So, if you want to remove outsiders please do this. But the pandemic will still come if you yourselves travel and come back, go to school, visit family out of town. If you all can live without the tourist business and you yourselves never visit outside the BlueLine , then it might work.

    Don’t forget to close the prisons, too.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Wow, lots of misinfo here on this thread that is not usually a feature of Almanac comment threads. For the umpteenth time, COVID is a lot more dangerous than the flu. The common fallacy is that the flu kills more people every year…but the difference everyone fails to mention is time. The flu kills 100k people per year…COVID has killed 100k people in 2 months despite a historically strict lockdown.

    Sorry, had to get that rebuttal out of the way. I think it’s a complicated question, for sure. As an outsider, I don’t feel comfortable making the call…but then again, lots of us take a LOT of care to be responsible when visiting under normal circumstances, and would certainly do so in these extraordinary times.

    I personally will be waiting until transmission has truly slowed to a glacial pace in my area, in order to minimize the risk that I spread the virus. Even when I travel, it will be done according to health guidelines. Rather than use an “us vs them” mentality, perhaps let’s agree on things we can all do to maintain safety.

    • Pat says:

      Yes covid is definitely more dangerous but 100k a year is a huge number nevertheless media were never going crazy panic spreading about it.

      Those lockdowns will be indeed remembered in history as big mistake.
      Sweden did not go into strict lockdown and they flatten the curve, covid deaths are going down.

      “Professor Michael Levitt, who teaches structural biology at the Stanford School of Medicine, won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.”
      And according to Levitt, coronavirus data show that sweeping lockdown measures were an overreaction that may actually backfire”

      • Vanessa says:

        Pat, I respectfully disagree.

        But more importantly, I’d like to ask as respectfully as possible that you refrain from quoting certain scientists that support your subjective opinion, as if that makes your opinion more valid than mine. The science on all of this is quite far from consensus.

        I get frustrated with people who try to bludgeon others with science they may not be an expert in, and in this case, your comment is a bit ironic. I have a computational biologist with expertise in complex systems in my family – although his Nobel prize is pending, for some reason :P, we all support the lockdown!

        As non-medical doctors, the vast majority of biologists know enough to disclaim their opinions because they aren’t medical experts. Which means that we too, as non-experts, should be prepared to take it down a notch.

        • Balian the Cat says:

          I would add that there is Science, agenda based science (i.e., studies that are funded for results which favor a particular outcome – BP scientists who suggest that crude oil is good for the complexion of seabirds)), and then there’s just nonsense.

          One can look on the internet and find “credentialed” people who claim the earth is flat. There is info on underground civilizations that exist without public knowledge. There are PhDs who claim Hitler lived in Bolivia until the 1960’s. Government officials who suggest the injecting of Lysol, etc. Don’t get me started on Climate denial and the “science” behind that…

          I could have any pet theory possible – no matter how preposterous – and there would be some way for me to cite it’s veracity via the internet.

          I am all for politeness and civil discourse, but misinformation/bad science needs to be called just that. At best, some of this crap is amusing. At worst, it puts peoples lives in jeopardy.

  11. Charlie S says:

    Frank says: “If you turn off the responsible tourists they may never come back.”

    There’s some pluses to that Frank…more breathing room for one, less crowds, less noise, less pollution…..

    • CRONK says:

      exactly… adk people really can’t stand the tourists… But you just had to say it.

      I liked working in a university when the students were gone! I am retired but it must be way nicer during the school closing! This year, they still paid their tuition but they were gone!

      I am retired so I missed this experience… but it must be surreal.

      But how long can that continue?

  12. Charlie S says:

    Pat says: “Influenza killed more than 79,000 Americans during the 2017-18 flu season, hospitalized 959,000, and infected 48.8 million. Where were all the media than and why there was no closures and lockdowns.”are mask in stores etc. We can’t STAY HOME forever! This is getting ridiculous. Economic impact will be huge.”

    People keep bringing the same up Pat. I got to thinking on this! You don’t hear about bodies in the backs of pickups to be transported, or refrigerated trailers behind hospitals during flu season, or such an overload on workers, nor do you hear of hospital staff dying in great numbers during flu season. Could it be that maybe it’s because this virus is more contagious? This appears to be the case.

    You people who wish to rush back into things is understandable as we need to work, but what if it starts all over again which is what is happening in other countries. I just heard this morning that South Korea recently sent their children back to school, and now a short time later the schools are in lockdown once again….because Covid-19 came back. We need to look ahead and get out of short-term thinking, which is why we’re in this mess to begin with!

    “Economic impact will be huge.”

    Will be? It already is. We haven’t seen anything yet, we are in the infancy of this pandemic and the after-effects have yet to be realized which ain’t gonna be a purty picture. If this will make it better for future generations I’m all for it!

  13. Charlie S says:

    MARY M CRONK says: “i notice the people making a living and residing year round in the adirondacks really dislike outsiders…”

    > This is not an Adirondack thing only as you will get the same in many places USA. I’ve seen, or felt, it in places in Vermont, Florida, the Adirondacks…. It’s the way we are as Americans too often….separatists. Not everyone of course as many of us see each other as equals and radiate such. You can feel the difference, like night and day. It’s either going to be cold or warm what you get from others in select communities in this country. It wasn’t always like this as the early New York / New England history reveals. Nowadays some of us have a tendency to form groups or to have strong group loyalty while looking down upon others, or outsiders, which explains this great divide between us, especially in the political arena, which is by design I truly believe.

  14. Charlie S says:

    Pat says: “Those lockdowns will be indeed remembered in history as big mistake.”

    Just like that huge movement by protesters who opposed the illegal invasion of Iraq will go down in history as a big mistake i suppose too hey Pat?

  15. Charlie S says:

    Pat says: “coronavirus data show that sweeping lockdown measures were an overreaction that may actually backfire”

    Let me get this right! We should have just acted normal like we didn’t have a problem when NYC was overwhelmed with this bug creating its havoc down in that neck of the woods? So you’re saying that we should have just rode it out hey Pat? Not do anything? Have you heard the latest on the situation regards Covid-19 in Brazil? On Monday Brazil had 11,687 new cases of coronavirus confirmed over a 24 hr period. Bolsonaro is doing exactly what you’re suggesting…ignoring reality which is a common trait among his blood type which is red.

    Backfire for who?

  16. David Gersch says:

    Pat stated that the flu killed 79000 people….yes in a years time. This virus has killed 100000 people in two months!!!

    • Bill apple says:

      Frist of all , every days average is about 7700 people die every DAY in the USA more in the Flue Season, co vid 19 is in flue season and has been averaged at about 900 aday, this is including, shooting, stabing, auto accidents according to NYT, federal goverment had it at 60,000 total co vid from frist case in January, 230,000 died of other things other than co vid 19 from February to now.

      It’s called news ABC, NBC ect and public information from CDC , W.H.O
      Only thing not correct is . missing in billions, as 5.9 billion was the site info on world site site 7.9 billion.

      The basis of this is Tourist comming here,
      Swine flue, bird flue, monkey flue, or misquotte flue,etc or like or any other did not close down the world. They are named from were they came from so it’s quite apparent that they jump species, or we would not be in this situation.
      If you run a business up here it would mean some thing to you but because every one works for the goverment it does not matter because some else foots the bills…
      1968 NYS decided to make this another yellow stone national park.
      APA and DEC, environmental groups are doing a great job!!!!
      Now finish the Job with the entrance fees, day use fees , mountain biking fees as The National Parks are doing.
      If you were here in 1980 Olympics you could have experancied it.
      The DEC camp grounds charge for public use, day , use , out of state fees, tent taxes, over night fees, we pay all kinds of taxes in the state and most visitors are out side the state, time for them to pay for the FREE USE, that cost me 55 a day for in taxes.

      For a virous that’s being confirmed in dogs , cats, zoo animal across the US , why were the above called that that humans caught?if you watch any news, what keeps it from being spread here in our wild life?
      You do not need to be a scientist’s to figure this out.
      People bringing their dogs up here how many are carriers?
      How many rats are infected in NY city?
      Since they use them for testing, their every were, coons, skunks, etc, it still spreading in lock down areas, animals do know this.
      So if you want facts start reading rather than criticizing the natives that live and support the enconomy,
      My lively hood relied of tourist that come and do not spend money here because it’s FREE.

      But go to camp on the middle Saranac at 22.50 plus, 5 .00 out of state fee, 13% NYS tax A night.
      Travel any were else and see what you have to pay.
      Canoe tags, bike tags, car tags, boat , tags,rescue fees, and can not enter areas with out licensed guides,now co vid fees???

      So the tin hat comments are un called for, the so called unsubstantiated facts are what your governor is working off of.

      If you look at Cuomos statics they have destroyed NYS, he clearly shows that he’s paddied his death count as his Twitter comments showed, WY , AK get 2,000,000 per person and NY gets 23,000 per person…
      To Cuomo it’s about money and the billions of debt, to me it’s about lives and my lively hood being a native ADK business person.
      No one wants NYers to visit because of this,my resverations are all canceling.

      CA only had 2500 deaths with 40 million population. 40,000 in NY with 8 million?

      In 2011 when my 4 camps and river front was totally destroyed their was no goverment bail out for me , co vid 19 will have none for me either,

      I have never ment a news paper editor that was factual, is this going to be a New Trend?
      I have the 1968 Adirondack National Park book in my possetion, and it out lines it’s goals, You might be impressed with its progress, Main hub is Ray Brook, Saranac lake and Lake Placid stay, Tupper lake and small ones in area area all gone.
      Same Blue print used for Yellow Stone.
      Alamanack is history?
      We’re is ours going?

  17. Rick Knarich says:

    Close the Adirondacks because of the Common Cold….how silly

  18. Leon B Sweeney says:

    If I was not welcomed in the Adirondacks and places like Lake Placid I would probably not wish to spend any time there ever. It is a lack of common sense to keep healthy and well minded people from traveling anywhere. The fear and lack of trust in our Savior is very sad at this time. People who own business have a hard enough time to make a profit in good times. They do not need those who are so scared to be driving there potential customers away.
    Leon Sweeney Norwood, NY

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