Sunday, June 7, 2020

Invasive Species Awareness Week starts today

invasive species awareness weekThe week of June 7-13 is Invasive Species Awareness Week.

According to information from the NYS DEC, an invasive species is a non-native species that causes harm to the ecosystem they have invaded (including harm to the economy and human health). Called “Invasives” for short, they can come from as close as a few states away, or from the other side of the world. They are sometimes purposely introduced in order to create huntable or viewable populations, or as business enterprises. Sometimes they are accidentally introduced from something as innocent as the bottom of your shoe, forgetting to clean off your boat after a long trip, or from over-seas shipping crates and boat ballasts.

The DEC has created  the Bureau of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health (BISEH) within their Division of Lands and Forests in order to combat the impact and spread of invasive species. BISEH works across the state providing expertise, assistance, and action where invasive species are a threat, collaborating with federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and industries.

Invasive species can be aquatic and terrestrial plants, animals, or diseases, and they are found in forests, trees, plants, waterways, and backyards. The only limitation of an invasive species is the limits of where humans can travel. The damage invasive species can cause includes habitat degradation and loss, the loss of native fish, wildlife, and trees, the loss of recreational opportunities and income, crop damage and disease in both humans and livestock, and risks to public safety.

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