Tuesday, July 14, 2020

NYers fear return of virus in latest Siena poll

coronavirusSixty-two percent of New Yorkers think that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come while only 27 percent think that the worst is over according to a new statewide survey of residents released Monday by the Siena College Research Institute (SCRI).

By 70-22 percent, residents prefer the government’s priority be containing the spread of the coronavirus, even if it hurts the economy, rather than restarting the economy, even if it increases the risk to public health.

Looking to the future, 18 percent of New Yorkers think it very likely and 46 percent somewhat likely that by
September schools in their area will reopen. A larger majority, 82 percent think it is either very (39 percent)
or somewhat (43 percent) likely that in the fall, we will face another large outbreak of COVID-19.

“Majorities of every demographic, except Republicans, think that we haven’t seen the worst of the pandemic,
and majorities of every demographic want the government to concentrate on containing the virus even if the
economy suffers,” according to SCRI Director, Don Levy. “Nearly 80 percent are concerned that they, or
another member of their household, will get sick with COVID-19.”

Eighty-one percent think systemic racism is either a very (47 percent) or somewhat (34 percent) serious
problem here in New York. One-third of all New Yorkers and 71 percent of Blacks across the state often
witness or hear about people in New York being discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity. Only
29 percent of residents say they seldom or never are aware of racial or ethnic discrimination.

More findings at https://scri.siena.edu/category/social-and-cultural/


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28 Responses

  1. Robert Gdyk says:

    Wikipedia RE: George Floyd protests in New York (state). New York State started its phased reopening, but the gatherings led to fears about another wave of illness. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Floyd_protests_in_New_York_(state)

    • Balian the Cat says:

      We get it Robert. You don’t like black people.

      • Robert Gdyk says:

        So much judgment and presumption dripping with condescension and reeking of ignorance.

        • Balian the Cat says:

          Not exactly a denial. Have the courage of your convictions.

          • Sula says:

            When I replied to one of this person’s remarks, someone responded to me saying “Don’t feed the trolls.” I’ve kept that in mind.

            • Robert Gdyk says:

              Hypocritical of those who go masquerading around using phony names while they lecture others about truth, courage, conviction and trolling.

            • Balian the Cat says:

              Fair enough Sula. Hard to sit still in the face of race baiting. It’s not wrong when it accuses me of condescension at any rate.

  2. Charlie S says:

    “the gatherings led to fears about another wave of illness.”

    This is a very good sign all of these protesters gathering round to stand up for justice. It gives me hope for the future of this country. 11,000 showed up in Troy, NY. That’s one big crowd I must say….and a peaceful one! Very nice! I read a few reports which said that no uptick in Covid-19 cases have been attributed to these protests, which they expected…an uptick that is! I was expecting the opposite myself!

    In the New York Times June 11 was a letter to the editor from an elder man who pretty much sums up what I had been thinking. It is titled: “What protesters know”

    “The amount of protesters across America is staggering. While George Floyd’s murder was the trigger, the underlying cause is that people under 40 are worried about climate change, pollution, the widening gap between rich and poorer, and the current mess our democracy is in. In my 90 years I’ve observed some terrible things, but the future for our young generations is bleaker, and they sense it.”
    Derek Humphry Junction City, Oregon

  3. Robert Gdyk says:

    Even Dr. Fauchi voiced concerns over the large protests claiming they’re the ‘perfect set-up’ for COVID spread.


  4. Boreas says:

    I don’t think we are going to have to wait for fall. With the entire country flaming up as we speak, it shouldn’t be more than a couple weeks. I don’t see restrictions from a few hot states from keeping CV19 from rushing back in.

  5. ADKresident says:

    Every day I am amazed at the intelligence of this virus. It just “knows” when and where to show up! Of course, it avoids all protests or anything related to social or racial justice gatherings, yet it is front & center and the first through the door at a church service. Wow! It never once even thought to attend the George Floyd funerals but would be sitting right next to every casket at your or my loved one’s Memorial Service. Why, in PA, it even knows when a kids’ basketball game is practice where all masks are required for team members or when they are playing the game then no mask is needed! .Amazing! In NJ, it’s so smart it knows when the outdoor area of a restaurant has a roof that attaches to the buildng or if it is a tent from Taylor Rentals.
    And the list goes on…

    Certainly, it has to be the most “woke’ virus we have ever encountered !! And the most ironic thing is, I have a hunch it will make a miraculous exit, right around Inauguration Day 2021 ! Just a hunch, but wait and see. If I were a gambler, I’d put .all my chips down on that hunch.

    • Balian the Cat says:

      Against my better judgement, and based upon my reading of some well thought out / rational arguments you have made in the past, I am going to ask – are you saying that there is no Covid19 epidemic and that a grand charade is being perpetuated for political reasons? Again, as I feel that accusing you of that is tantamount to claiming you are insane, I really am just asking whether my interpretation of you post is accurate.

      • ADKresident says:

        Nope, never said or implied the virus was not a valid issue. It most certainly is real.
        I am a critic of the cherry-picked government mandates and only allowing certain rights of assembly according to their own political stands & personal beliefs. Just an obvious observation, if one is honest.

    • Boreas says:

      The virus will stay as long as there are hosts to infect. That’s how they work. They can mutate or change hosts, but don’t simply vanish.

      • ADKresident says:

        Absolutely true, Boreas!
        And it is also being used as a political football which isn’t even debatable if you have eyes, ears and half a brain cell.

        • Boreas says:

          So why will it go away on inauguration day as you suggest? Are you assuming a regime change? Will there be no more politics?

          • ADKresident says:

            Nope. I’m not suggesting anything specific but after the inauguration, there will be the need for a new political football .

            • Boreas says:

              I hear ya. Inauguration day seems years away. Many footballs are likely to come and go in the meantime.

  6. Charlie S says:

    Robert Gdyk says: “Even Dr. Fauchi voiced concerns over the large protests claiming they’re the ‘perfect set-up’ for COVID spread.”

    Yeah but…..reports are showing this has not happened. Methinks the great gig in the sky is looking out for them ‘good’ people.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Whoa the comments on this thread got weird really quick. If I address the idea that “omfg protests spread the virus,” that’s gonna give it a legitimacy I happen to think it doesn’t deserve, so let’s sail on past that one. Really, let’s try.

    I think people responding to this poll likely understand that we never really got the virus under control in the first place. Can’t have a 2nd wave if you don’t exit the first. The growth we’re seeing now has to do with the regional nature of population density – and also that yeah, crappy choices have been made in a lot of places. But principally, it just takes a while for distant population centers to be exposed, and the northeast did try to keep the virus locked down for a little while…

    Personally, I’m extremely grateful to be in the northeast where we have government that is *trying* to preserve life, and preserve the healthcare system. I can’t say that for government in places like Florida. People seem to very stubbornly insist that the health of the economy is somehow completely disconnected to the health of the population.

    That’s the funny thing when you “live in a society” – (pardon these quotes, if you don’t get the reference don’t worry about it). We’re all affected by the choices of a few – I’m continually amazed that people are surprised when some of us choose to protest poor choices…

  8. Charlie S says:

    ADKresident says: “Every day I am amazed at the intelligence of this virus. It just “knows” when and where to show up!”

    > Maybe it is hybrid warfare ADK! A DNA database utilized so that this virus can pinpoint who it don’t like and bring swaths of undesirables down. Sounds far-fetched I know but when you look at our history maybe not hey? Maybe it is all by design!

    “And the most ironic thing is, I have a hunch it will make a miraculous exit, right around Inauguration Day 2021.”

    > Yep! I was thinking right around ‘Erection Day’ a cure will be found, a vaccine, and boom….Trump will take credit, his sheep ‘will praise God be with him’ and then we can look forward to going bankrupt before he is out of office four years later…. all of the good environmental laws that have been placed to protect what’s left of our ecosystems deregulated so that big polluters can have their merry way, immigrants shit out of luck so far as hope for a future, the poor the same, and on and all of the ugly is just horrible to even imagine but will most certainly come to fruit if this dope and his monster politicos have free reign another four years.

  9. Charlie S says:

    ADKresident says; “it is also being used as a political football which isn’t even debatable if you have eyes, ears and half a brain cell.”

    Thank you for your observance which is right on the money. We’re coming to a climax and just maybe two things might come of this pandemic…. that climax will reverse the political course which it was headed in a positive way, or we will sink deeper into the pit we have been digging for too long now. Time, which isn’t on our side, will tell!

  10. Charlie S says:

    Vanessa says: “Whoa the comments on this thread got weird really quick.”

    Things are weird Vanessa! Or haven’t you noticed?

  11. Vanessa says:

    Emojis don’t really render correctly on this website, so you can’t see my face, but! … …

    I’ll let the rest of my numerous comments on this site represent whether I am aware of the weird goings on of this tumultuous year or not.

    As we have a lot of opinionated folks in the ADK, similar to other places in the world, sometimes I am compelled to use less controversial adjectives, like “weird”, in order to make a comment more palatable to a wider audience.

  12. Charlie S says:

    “Sixty-two percent of New Yorkers think that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come while only 27 percent think that the worst is over according to a new statewide survey..”

    Ya’ll hear about hospital data on Covid-19 now in control of Trump and his thugs, er I mean gang? Instead of first being sent to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention! As a report said, “The move could make data less transparent to the public at a time when the administration is downplaying the spread of the pandemic, and threatens to undermine public confidence that medical data is being presented free of political interference.”

    Who needs to know anyway? Not those 27%! You just can’t make this stuff up! It’s an erection year!

  13. Boreas says:

    Frankly I am surprised no one has cast doubt on the poll yet. Usually one of the first 3 posts include an invictive-laced diatribe against the validity of the poll. I guess people are busy this summer – or they are beginning to accept simple statistics.

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