Saturday, July 25, 2020

Weekend read: Climbing the trap dike

A recent DEC ranger report about hikers getting stuck in Mount Colden’s trap dike had me searching the archive for stories about hiking the dike.

Is it a hike or a climb? In 2011, former Explorer editor Phil Brown tackles the tough question: Is the Colden trap dike a hike or a climb? Esp. in light of a hiker who died from a fall at the dike that year.

Magazine feature: In 2015, Brown writes about the tap dike being featured in Climbing magazine:

Marcy’s trap dike: From 2017, Kevin “MudRat” MacKenzie writes about scaling Mount Marcy’s trap dike:

Photo: DEC Forest Rangers assist in hoist rescue on Trap Dike/provided by DEC


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  1. There are a bunch of articles in old Adirondac magazines too that are excellent. Some tell of people getting stuck in flash flood conditions etc. It’s actually a wonder that more haven’t been hurt given the rocks that have been trundled (I was guiding when a 300-pounder was cast down by a careless “climber”), etc. It’s a beautiful ascent, but deaths have and will continue to occur during summer and winter if people underestimate it, overestimate themselves, or are improperly prepared.

    FYI: the article of mine you posted is on the technical trap dike of Mt. Marcy in Panther Gorge which is totally vertical with overhanging sections and rated 5.8+ YDS in summer or WI5/M5+ on ice (light years harder than the Trap Dike on the W side of Colden. It’s fine to leave it, but it’s a different climb.

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