Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Wild Center set to reopen July 15

The Wild CenterStarting July 15, The Wild Center natural history museum in Tupper Lake will be back in business with a phased reopening.

Starting with the Wild Walk and outdoor experiences, the museum will be implementing a limited capacity along with enhanced operational procedures and cleaning protocols.

To find more information and to reserve a spot visit this link.

To complete the Wild Center’s reopening survey visit this link.

They also launched a new Wild Center JR. Naturalist book. Where you can explore nature wherever you are to help contribute to the Jr. Naturalist book, becoming an official Wild Center Jr. Naturalist in the process. Every Monday, The Wild Center releases new information and challenges to complete, exploring topics from insects and pollinators to erosion and weather to apex predators. Each page is filled with activities designed to develop you skills, enabling you to get outdoors and explore, create, observe and engineer. Print out all the activities and bind the pages to make your own Jr. Naturalist Booklet, and check out the Jr. Naturalist web pages to find videos full of Wild Center content. Upon completion of the book and its “Craft a Creature” Challenges, you will receive the opportunity to earn your own patch and certificate.

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