Friday, September 11, 2020

A cure for an ailing planet: 2nd annual Rewilding anthology

In the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, The Rewilding Institute was at work creating its second annual anthology, which showcases the consequences of an “unwinnable war on nature,” including our encroachment on species-rich habitats, and the exploitation and marketing of wild animals for food and aesthetic items.

Produced by The Rewilding Institute and published by Essex Editions, Rewilding Earth has contributions from conservation and restoration leaders and artists who live all over the globe, but several make their home in the Adirondacks and Champlain Valley, including Bill Amadon, Sheri Amsel, David Crews, John Davis, Steven Kellogg, Jon Leibowitz, Rob Leverett, Larry Master, Patty Meriam, Shelby Perry, Kevin Raines, Sophi Veltrop, and Brendan Wiltse.

Essex County residents John Davis and Steven Kellogg “hope to inspire a growing movement to launch rewilding projects across North America and around the world, offering examples and ideas from which to draw inspiration” in a collaborative Anthology titled “Rewilding Earth.”

Rewilding an overcrowded and fragmented planet to reduce human demands on the natural world, combined with rest and restoration may be the key to curing the disease and destruction to come. Wild Earth magazine and Rewilding Earth ( have in recent years shared a variety of scientific, inspirational success stories trailblazing a path to a wilder, healthier world for all its organisms and inhabitants.

Rewilding Earth: Best of 2019, edited by John Davis and Susan Morgan, features essays, poems, and art by lead advocates for the natural world. Within this anthology you will find chronicles of heroes restoring wild places, saving endangered species, and people taking on positive, healing roles in general, doing their part to abate extinction and the climate crisis. You will also find common-sense suggestions on how to peacefully relax human numbers in terms of population and consumption to sustainable levels which promote a renewed flourishing of biological diversity, complete with the tools and information necessary for preventing future pandemics.

A joyful rewilding vision graces the cover. Puma, wolf, and salmon return home to the Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve in an enchantingly victorious painting by Essex, NY based author/illustrator Steven Kellogg.

While you are sitting at home wondering why our world seems to be falling into ruin, Rewilding Earth will demystify the crises and posit promising solutions.

You may order the books at

You may find a biography for John Davis and Steven Kellogg by clicking their names.

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