Sunday, September 13, 2020

Adirondack Folk School: “Hearts for the Arts” fundraiser

During the several months that the Adirondack Folk School was closed, they lost a third of their year’s usual class revenue and were unable to host their planned 10th anniversary fundraisers — “Hearts for the Arts” and “Christmas in July.”

Their friends and supporters however hung with them through a difficult financial position while they worked hard to gather their resources and continue a sustainable path. Before they closed, many of their vendors, instructors, and compatriots donated several items for that “Hearts for the Arts” Silent Auction.

The first thing they did upon reopening was to contact donors to return the items which they so generously contributed. The donors insisted that the Adirondack Folk School put their donations to good use.

The AFS is beginning to stabilize as they complete their first mission, rescheduling and refilling their summer classes, growing their student numbers once again. They are also selling those donated items via the Folk School’s Etsy Shop. Items that are picked up at the school may also be paid for by cash or check. Each item will be accompanied by a photo, a description and a price and shipping cost. There will be no shipping charge for those who opt to pick up their items at the school and for those who live within delivery distance (25-30 miles). Items will begin selling at values determined by their artist or vendors. It is the Adirondack Folk School’s hope that sales at vendor prices will help recoup some “Hearts for Arts” revenue lost. If you are willing to wait, on October 1, and again on November 1, the prices of each remaining item will be lowered respectively. Any unsold items after that will be placed in their in house gift shop, and remain for sale.

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6 Responses

  1. Phil Fitzpatrick says:

    How about a link to the shop, please.

  2. Ann Breen Metcalfe says:

    The Adirondack Folk School sounds like an excellent program. Where is it located?

  3. Phil Fitzpatrick says:

    Many thanks, Melissa.

    Your work really enriches my days.

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