Monday, September 21, 2020

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The Adirondack Explorer magazine has been in print for quite some time now. We’ve been covering the park through the terms of four presidents, or, more to the point in state land management, four New York governors.

What might be news to print readers, though, is that we now have a mobile app option that lets you take the full magazine and then some with you on your phone, tablet or computer. And it’s cheaper than our standard print subscription.

The app gives you all six regular issues of our magazine each year, along with video and other links within stories, and the Annual Outings Guide. It also enables you to download and archive issues so you can come back to them whenever you like. This annual digital subscription is currently on sale for $10.


Of course, you may still prefer to hold the magazine in your hands and enjoy our Adirondack photos on glossy paper. Or maybe you’d like to read that way but also have the option of clicking through the links and archiving the issues digitally. We offer print, digital, or both. Check out the options here, and thanks for continuing to read and support our nonprofit Adirondack journalism.

Brandon Loomis

Brandon Loomis is editor of Adirondack Explorer.

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  1. Phil Fitzpatrick says:

    I think that you would like to add a link to this post. Or maybe I missed it.

    Best wishes,


  2. RANDALL ELLIS says:

    No link in post and the banner that says “subscribe” does not let you subscribe.

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