Monday, September 7, 2020

Poetry: Eleventh Mountain

Eleventh Mountain

Yellow coffee can lids
nailed to trees through
gray duct tape squares
A worn path through ferns
vanishes in forest duff
Now and then a cut blaze
or rarely rock cairns
The way is not difficult
for those who have
no preferences

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Ed Zahniser retired as the senior writer and editor with the National Park Service Publications Group in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. He writes and lectures frequently about wilderness, wildlands, and conservation history topics. He is the youngest child of Alice (1918-2014) and Howard Zahniser (1906–1964). Ed’s father was the principal author and chief lobbyist for the National Wilderness Preservation System Act of 1964. Ed edited his father’s Adirondack writings in Where Wilderness Preservation Began: Adirondack Writings of Howard Zahniser, and also edited Daisy Mavis Dalaba Allen’s Ranger Bowback: An Adirondack farmer - a memoir of Hillmount Farms (Bakers Mills).


2 Responses

  1. David Paul Medici says:

    you are clearly someone who enjoys the woods,

  2. Greg Keefer says:

    Grew up in Northern NYS/Adirondacks. Traveled that path years ago a few times.
    Live in NOVA now and concentrate on the AT along South Mtn.
    Thanks for the writing – it brought back fond memories