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Locals Say No To Heartbeat International In The Adirondack Park 

adirondack pregnancy centerBy David Lynch and Carolyn Koestner

Back in March, the Saranac Lake Development Board approved a new “Hospital” to open its doors in town: the innocent-sounding Adirondack Pregnancy Center (APC). However, a closer look at the APC reveals a very nefarious motive, one that poses a great danger to Saranac Lake and the Adirondacks at large. 

The APC is affiliated with and backed by Heartbeat International, an organization that runs one of the largest networks of crisis pregnancy centers in the world. Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are evangelical anti-choice groups that run fake health centers with the goal of preventing someone from having an abortion by any means necessary, including spreading false medical information through communties. 

These clinics are opening on a massive scale, outnumbering true reproductive health facilities and the opening of the APC would make it the first CPC in the park. 

While the APC continues to try and deny it, Heartbeat International has been the driving force behind every move the Adirondack Pregnancy Center has made. 

  • They adopted Heartbeat’s Commitment of Care, which includes adhering to the Bible and promoting God’s homophobic plan for romantic relationships. 
  • In an email correspondence with Grant Program Specialist Sara Littlefield, we learned that Heartbeat International’s Life Launch Resource Package had been purchased on behalf of the Adirondack Pregnancy Center in October 2019. 
  • That package includes guides and scripts filled with easily disproved lies like
    • “35 percent of suicidal behaviors…may be attributable to abortion.” 
    • “The risk of breast cancer almost doubles after one abortion…” 
    • “Condoms are ineffective in preventing pregnancy.” 

Around the same time, Extend Web Services purchased two domain names for the Adirondack Pregnancy Center. Extend Web Services provides web design and digital marketing services for CPCs across the country. 

The Center’s 24/7 Help Line will almost certainly be outsourced to Option Line, an Ohio-based call center and chat service developed by Extend Web Services. Option Line was caught exploiting the personal information of people who use its services.

And when local residents began voicing their opposition, the Adirondack Pregnancy Center had a puff piece published in a “news” publication owned and operated by Heartbeat International. 

The public outcry that sparked the puff piece hit a fever pitch when dozens of community members attended a Saranac Lake Development Board meeting in August. 

Numerous community members, including those of us writing this article, voiced concerns about the Board’s decision to approve the Adirondack Pregnancy Center, citing its failure to disclose its affiliation to Heartbeat International among several other issues. 

Organizing this action was no small feat. Back in March when the Center was approved, there was virtually no opposition to the Center, because the APC was intentionally flying under the radar, as they do not want their true intentions known to the community. 

Two local residents wrote articles to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise stating their concerns and brought the issue to light. 

Since then, a coalition of healthcare workers, activist organizations, and concerned citizens has formed. There are several reasons we oppose the Adirondack Pregnancy Center, but our primary motivation is ensuring that pregnant people receive the best healthcare possible and that harmful false medical information is not spread throughout our communities. 

Instead of receiving quality care at the APC, people facing unplanned pregnancies will be lied to and manipulated. 

Existing academic research validates these concerns. 

In a Joint Statement from the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine and the North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, the groups unanimously declared that CPCs pose risk by failing to adhere to medical and ethical practice standards . 

A peer-reviewed article from the Journal of Contraception concluded that Crisis Pregnancy Centers “seeks to intimidate women” and are thus “unethical.” 

The Guttmacher Institute put out an article titled “The Public Health Risks of Crisis Pregnancy Centers” due to their spreading of misinformation and deceptive tactics. 

And although many true health care providers are unable to speak publicly about CPCs, many brave health care professionals have come out against CPCs

“Legitimate healthcare providers wouldn’t steer patients away from seeking healthcare,” said Jamie Beers, Administrator of the Hartford GYN Center.

“CPCs don’t understand that abortion, pregnancy, and birth are all normal parts of a woman’s reproductive life, and my patients want a doctor who trusts that they are the experts in their own lives,” said Dr. Yashica Robinson of the Alabama Women’s Center. 

“CPCs misrepresent themselves as places that encourage healthy pregnancies and support maternal and infant health. The truth is that CPCs are incredibly dangerous for women with wanted pregnancies,” said Kwajelyn Jackson of the Feminist Women’s Health Center. 

Despite what the APC will continue to claim, this center will manipulate, lie to, and harm pregnant people. 

The APC is rapidly ramping up its public presence. They’ve launched a website and planned their first public event on October 10. 

The time for action is now. We cannot allow a fake clinic to open its doors and harm pregnant people in our community. 

If you believe abortion is healthcare and healthcare is a human right; if you believe pregnant people deserve medical advice from medical experts; if you believe that hospitals should have medical licensure; if you support the health and well-being of your friends and neighbors — join the fight and say no to the Adirondack Pregnancy Center.

Carolyn Koestner and David Lynch are local residents advocating for reproductive rights and high-quality healthcare for all.

Photo: The building the Adirondack Pregnancy Center plans to occupy, on 20 Academy Street in Saranac Lake/provided photo.

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80 Responses

  1. Bob D. says:

    APC: busted!

  2. Chris says:

    Per Wikipedia,

    “As of 2017, there were approximately 2,300 CPCs in the United States, as compared with 808 abortion clinics.”

    And now ACB…

    • ADKresident says:

      Talk about refusing to allow women the freedom of choice. Here is a prime example! The opposition to giving women an alternative other than abortion by allowing a pregnancy center is downright disgraceful. This is a highly convenient, one-sided article which totally disregards the many women who actually want help and need encouragement to NOT terminate their pregnancy. You know how many women have felt “intimidated” to get an abortion walking into Planned Parenthood when they really didnt want one?

      So, what is the real fear here? People that have opposing or even religious views other than the authors? There’s room in the ADKs for diversity, right? Oh, yeah, thats right. Only if you toe the side of the line that is pro-choice and anti-God.

      I for one, oppose the opposition. And I hope them not only support but great success!! Because , BLM….that is , Babies Lives Matter!

      BTW…Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Where can I send them some $ to contribute to their fight and show support for their mission?

      • JohnL says:

        Well said ADKresident. All of it. I agree completely. And yes, men can have an opinion on abortion.

        • Joan Grabe says:

          And women can have an opinion on vasectomy – like who cares ?
          This is a well financed organization that operates in the open offering pregnancy advice not including abortion so avail yourself of it‘s services If you wish, donate to it if you choose, show up in support. But it is not a hospital – a clinic perhaps, counseling center ? Whatever ! Because Planned Parenthood supports abortion as an option it doe not intimidate women into having one. I feel really sorry that women can have guilt feelings severe enough to require counseling after having one but it points to inadequate counseling pre abortion, not intimidation. And it is always a legal personal choice.

      • ADKresident2 says:

        Based on the article the objection is not so much religion-based but rather based on the group providing false and misleading information, including that which is not medically sound. No one needs dishonest “health care” workers who are pushing some agenda other than medically sound treatment. I applaud the opposition and I’ll be sending my donation to them.

      • Greg Keefer says:

        Agree. A very slanted, one-sided presentation/article. Much more credible if some light was shed on the opposing opinion and view. IMO, articles like this do very little to advance the theme presented by the author. Surprised to read this caliber of article in Adirondack Almanac.

      • NancyB says:

        Thank you! I plan on making a donation as well! For LIFE!

  3. Joan Grabe says:

    The alternative to an abortion is having a baby ! What will they be offering at this clinic ? Pre natal care ? Obstetrical Care ? Post partum care ? Support services for newborns and mothers ? All excellent and needed services but if they are just counseling women not to have abortions I don’t think we really need them. I would like to actually meet any woman who felt intimidated to have an abortion at any Planned Parenthood clinic anywhere. These lies have got to cease. Planned Parenthood offers gynecological services to all including contraception to rich and poor women. The abortion services they offer have been curtailed in most states. But that’s another fight for another day. There is no need for this particular clinic in Saranac Lake.

    • Colleen says:

      Have you ever been to planned parenthood to have an abortion? When I was 19 I went there seeking “help” and instead I left with a brochure and an appointment for the following week. There was no help there-they “counseled” me or should I say convinced me that the best thing to do was to have an abortion. They are evil!! I’ve regretted that day all my life! Please understand one thing-abortion is not reproductive care it’s murder-period. Woman and men that choose this option live with it forever! Please stop supporting this genocide and get behind and support LIFE!!!!

    • Edward J Knauf says:

      What a ridiculous, ine-sided article. You make it sound like such centers kidnap and force ably detain women! Truth be told – these centers give women in crisis a REAL choice – they allow women to safely give birth rather than destroy their unborn children. The problem with that is that puts a big crimp in the revenue of the abortion facilities, whose goal is to make money and NEVER afford a woman the support she needs if it is her choice to complete her pregnancy. So the “pro-choice” authors wish to prevent or eliminate any support for the ljfe-affirming choice, and that is diabolical. The authors hiss at “the Bible of the homophobic God” which kind of gives away the source of their thinking, don’t you think?

  4. N. Nichols says:

    I am sorry, you consider this hate filled anti Christian rant “news”? I consider it an absolute horror.

    Your “topics of interest” include anti Christian hate speech? Shame on you. What a hatchet job. I am utterly disgusted.

  5. Lisa says:

    The truth about abortion, the risks, the proceedures and the baby’s development is not disclosed at planned parenthood nor any abortion clinic. CPCs provide facts that are not known otherwise so that girls and women can make an informed decision abortion and other options. APC is not hiding anything about who they are nor what they intend in providing information to women in crisis. And they will support a woman no matter what her choice, although will not refer for abortion.

    • Trish Owens says:

      That was not my experience. Planned Parenthood counseled me on my options when I had an unplanned pregnancy. I felt no influence to take the abortion route.

      We need honest information and no pressure to make one choice or another unless the woman’s life is at risk. Diversity is one thing, dishonest information to fit a “corporate” agenda is quite another.

      • Lisa says:

        I appreciate that information that you were counseled on your options. Im curious, did they talk about the baby and what stage of development the child was in? My experience was that nothing was discussed especially that.

  6. TomLoughlin jr. says:

    Wow..Margaret Sanger lives! Sounds like a hit piece press release from murder incorporated.Planned Parenthood.

  7. Steven Northwest says:

    Leave your politics at the door. This is why people are getting tired of your liberal lies! I won’t be visiting this site again.

  8. Mike Charter says:

    A business not approved because of opposing views? Sounds like the beginning of the Russian revolution. If you don’t like the business … Don’t go there.

    • ADKresident2 says:

      Apparently you’re unfamiliar with the long-standing regulation of tattoo parlors, shopping malls, outdoor concert venues, brothels, pornographic bookstores, etc.? Don’t have to go to Russia to see that.

  9. Phil Fitzpatrick says:

    David and Carolyn,

    Your piece makes it sound as if APC is being hypocritical in registering as a “hospital “. I don’t know what the regulations are about that. Their website is clear that they offer pregnancy tests and “limited ultrasounds “. It is also clear that they do not offer abortions, but do offer post abortion counseling.

    Do you know if they had to register as a hospital to offer those services ?

    We are a nation divided about abortion. It seems to me that each side should be free to offer their services to the public.

    • Lisa Tubridy says:

      Phil…It was not the APC who defined the function of the center as a hospital in our application, it was the Saranac Lake development board in carrying out their understanding and interpretation of the village code. During the hearing, and Carolyn Koestner was there, the Chairman of the planning board noted it did not sound intuitive, but the definition fit the code definition when considering the limited ultrasound service we will provide under the supervision of a doctor. The APC does not claim to be a hospital or a full-service medical clinic for women. We are a pregnancy center.

  10. Laura Fenton says:

    What is happening in the Adirondacks!? I moved here 2 years ago believing it was a safe environment to raise my children, to get away from all the evil, in this world. But in this past week, I have read 2 articles, I find disturbing. This one is so biased, opinionated and devoid of facts! The CPC, does much more than save a life of a child. They counsel women after abortions and help them to forgive themselves. They offer sonograms, so you can see your baby’s heartbeat and make an informed choice. If you are a mother who chooses life for your baby. They HELP by providing items for free that a new mom would need. Cribs, diapers, clothes, basically like a mini baby shower. If you are really pro choice and not pro abortion, then you should welcome a facility that allows a woman to choose life instead of death for her child.

  11. Bob Hogan says:

    Must be I’m “anti-choice” as I strongly believe (as any reasonable human being should) that abortion is the killing of an unborn human being.
    This highly opinionated article should have not been published in the Adirondack Almanac. The headline and contents of the article are extremely inflammatory and do not accurately represent the opinion of “locals”… Shame on the almanac!!

  12. Tom Vawter says:

    Thanks for the warning. How can someone who lives in the Park but not in Saranac Lake help with protesting the APA’s approval of the APC?

  13. Article appears to have stirred up lots of strong feelings and opinions which serve to support the traditional and patriarchal view of women and challenge their right to choose their own health care.
    That’s always the key issue here and one that more tradition-minded persons appear to ignore or place little importance.
    I personally object to the subterfuge employed by APC and similar anti-choice organizations, that slip into a town under an innocuous-sounding title and proselytize a perspective or set of values whose sole purpose is to dissuade women from exercising their right to choose. I’m also concerned about the APC’s politicalization of this right and the noxious impact it will have on the North Country’s well-earned reputation for fairness and moderation.
    To paraphrase Martin Luther King, where there is injustice for some there is no justice for all. Obstructing or denigrating a woman’s right to choose is an injustice.

    • JohnL says:

      I don’t get it. How can offering a woman MORE choices be called anti-choice? In any event, if you’re going to call them anti-choice, I guess they can call you pro-abortion. Right?

      • Brent says:

        I share the sentiment, JohnL. It is a disengenuous and utterly disturbing brand of reductionism (or perhaps something far worse) that seeks to defend “choice” by fiercely eliminating and any choice in conflict with abortion. I sincerely hope and pray the residents of Saranac Lake see through this display of inflammation and see the value of providing alternatives and caring support for mothers and the unborn.

      • Jack Carney, DSW says:

        Again, it’s PRO-CHOICE. When you ignore or deny this, you only succeed in denigrating women in need and admitting to your very parochial agenda.

        • JohnL says:

          It’s an opinion, not an agenda, and there’s nothing parochial about it. Too, I’m not denigrating anyone. Just sayin’. When one talks about ‘pro choice’, the 1st thing EVERYONE thinks about is abortion. Not cause I say it. It’s just the way it is.
          JohnL, BSE

  14. Vanessa says:

    This is a good article – thanks for posting. An unplanned pregnancy can be one of the toughest events to happen to a woman, and religious centers posing as healthcare centers are dangerous to everyone.

    The whole point of having autonomy over your own body is the ability to make decisions without being manipulated, shamed or lied to, especially if you’re in a vulnerable position. Unbiased healthcare is essential for women in a patriarchal world – this evangelical approach won’t provide that.

    Ladies, no one can tell you what is moral and right for you. That’s what choice is all about – you get to decide for yourself.

    • Patricia says:

      Thank you Vanessa for clarifying the dangers of evangelical centers acting as healthcare centers. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.

      • ADKresident says:

        Oh the absolute horror! “Evangelical centers” wanting to provide free services, support and encourage women to not terminate their own offspring.
        Newsflash: Women are free to not go there if they don’t want to. Cut me a break with the fear mongling. Far from true.
        What’s horrific is the attitude towards people of faith that have every right and are open up an alternative to an abortion clinic. We are America, not Communist China. That’s called freedom!

        • Jack Carney, DSW says:

          APC is not a clinic and will offer little in the way of healthcare. Prime purpose is political, ie, to advance an ideological point of view at the expense of women seeking help. Enough, please, of the misleading and hypocritcal sanctimony.

          • JohnL says:

            ‘Will offer little in the way of healthcare’ and ‘prime purpose is political’ both sound a lot like very parochial opinions Jack. Also, quite sanctimonious on your part.

  15. Tim-brunswick says:

    Glad some folks see that the real problem here is that the Almanac even published this one-sided story…so much for unbiased journalism…

  16. Michael R Kennedy says:

    This “hospital” is dangerous. Keeping their affiliation hidden shows deceit. Medical care is for the public so keep religious views out of it.

  17. Debra Eisemann says:

    All these psycho religious groups should be shut down and kept from spreading. Women and girls of all ages need healthcare not indoctrination and coercion.

  18. Greg Keefer says:

    Agree. A very slanted, one-sided presentation/article. Much more credible if some light was shed on the opposing opinion and view. IMO, articles like this do very little to advance the theme presented by the author. Surprised to read this caliber of article in Adirondack Almanac.

    • Brent says:

      Same here, Greg. I am quite grateful for the Almanac. It has been a great source of information about the park, it’s history and happenings. This is far below the caliber of content of the Almanac I’ve known and enjoyed for many years.

  19. Keith Gorgas says:

    This article seems to have been written by some pretty hateful and intolerant, ignorant writers. I think Saranac Lake is a big enough village to allow diversity of thought.

  20. Melissa Hart says:

    Just wanted to make clear that this is a commentary/opinion piece and not intended to be journalism. If someone wishes to write the other side’s perspective or express a different viewpoint, they are welcome to contribute. Please send an email to

  21. Dana says:

    “Despite what the APC will continue to claim, this center will manipulate, lie to, and harm pregnant people.”

    The take home message here. None of the statements above actually dispute the unethical methods used by APC – just political and pseudo-religious rants.

    AA didn’t endorse this essay. Instead of condemning AA for publishing this article by the Guest Contributors, at least give them credit for allowing us all to comment on it.

    • ADKresident says:

      Actually, there is much to be disputed. First off, APCs never claim to be anything but a free service that provides counsel , facts about pregnancy & adoption, while giving emotional and physical support, as well as practical provision after a baby is born (mostly donations from people who genuinely care). Providing women in a crisis pregnancy the proper information in regards to the development, stage of their unborn child and the truth about when a baby feels pain at the hands of a “reproductive rights ” doctor may seem intimidating because truth is hard to swallow, but it is the most caring thing you can do by giving her all the facts, not cherry picked ones marketed for convenience and profit. Honesty is not manipilation.

      On the other hand, disregarding biologocal and scientific facts is never revealed in a Planned Parenthood. Adoption and/or motherhood Is never even discussed therefore an alternative must be given outside an abortion clinic in order for women to know all her options. The truth is: Most women deep in their heart do not want to terminate their own baby! What is manipulation is telling a woman it will all be over quickly with zero emotional or mental consequences and unborn babies feel zero pain. Both scientifically and physcholigcally proven lies. Abortion is not healthcare; abortion is a choice. And yet so is adoption and keeping the baby. ALL options need to be presented to a woman and depriving women of facts IS not caring for the whole being of the woman.. It’s unfortunate that people would actually oppose alternative services that do not suit their political ideology. (As if the birth canal was the magical passageway to Constitutional rights). But that is jist too bad. Pro Life advocates will never go away and those who care about the life of BOTH the woman AND the baby will always be a thorn in the side to those who want to silence contrary voices and oppose life for the unborn.

      I have already donated to APC and am very honored to support their mission. I hope others will go to their website and also donate.
      After all, you never know. The one little life APC helps to spare could one day grow up to be the creator of a new energy source or be the first woman to explore the atmosphere of Mars or, or, or….

  22. Barbara Delaney says:

    Good work in making this hospital application more transparent.

  23. Lisa Tubridy says:

    The Adirondack Pregnancy Center is committed to walking beside women facing tough decisions regarding their unexpected pregnancy. In addition to our in-house support services, we will provide referrals for housing, prenatal care and other community resources a woman needs to face her decision empowered with confidence and hope.
    We want to reiterate, again, that it was not the APC who defined the function of the center as a hospital in our application, it was the Saranac Lake development board in carrying out their understanding and interpretation of the village code. During the hearing, and Carolyn Koestner was there, the Chairman of the planning board noted it did not sound intuitive, but the definition fit the code definition when considering the limited ultrasound service we will provide under the supervision of a doctor. The APC does not claim to be a hospital or a full-service medical clinic for women. We are a pregnancy center.
    We are not competing with any other facility that provides support to women, to include Planned Parenthood. A registered nurse, trained in ultrasounds and under the supervision of a board-certified doctor, will conduct limited obstetric ultrasounds and all clients will be referred to an OBGYN for complete prenatal care. Regardless of a women’s eventual choice, our role is not to replace her prenatal care but rather refer women to a medical provider for ongoing care throughout her pregnancy.
    Finally, we reiterate again, the APC is an independent entity that will choose its own resource materials for client care. Heartbeat International is just one affiliated partner. We are not “their” center. The APC’s embrace of their Commitment of Care and Competency and not offering, recommending, or referring for abortions, abortifacients, or contraceptives is a deliberate decision and is not a secret. Those services are ready available at other healthcare facilities.
    We continue to answer David and Carolyn’s objections and misinformation used in multiple forums with truth. If a woman chooses life, we will offer ongoing support throughout the pregnancy, birth and the first years of parenting. If she does not, we will be there for her also. Our belief is women are most empowered to make the best decision for themselves and the life inside them when given all available information, services, resources and support. We would welcome you to come for a tour as soon as our doors open so you can see the center and ask questions.

    • Jack Carney, DSW says:

      Frankly, I find your lengthy response to the authors of this artiocle not credible and full of assertions about your independence and the care you will provide that are contradicted by the performance of other APCs.
      The women who might come to your organization will most likely be highly anxious and in need of warm acceptance and counseling free of ideology and coercion. The issue at hand is allowing women in distress to access help that will enable them to make an informed decision, whether that involves sustaining or terminating a pregnancy, and to receive the health care that their decisions will entail. With no interference: just as the 1st Amendment protects our freedom to practice our religions and beliefs, so too does it protect us from religion, i.e., unwanted proselytizing. Can you assure North Country residents, particularly the women who will be seeking healthcare, that you will abide by that stricture?

      • Adirongran says:

        Your responses concerning abortion parallel those to the Holocaust: distracting disinformation, propaganda, intellectual-sounding justifications and tacit complicity that devalue life, influencing “good”, “well-intentioned“ people to turn their backs on a heinous reality.

        • JohnL says:

          But wait Adirongran. He’s got a DSW after his name. Doesn’t that make him above reproach?

          • Jack Carney, DSW says:

            I think you’re referring to the APC. Sounds like an apt description.

          • Jack Carney, DSW says:

            it means I have 50 years experience combatting the exploitation of vulnerable individuals, in this instance women who are struggling to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. The APC won’t help them, rather use fear to influence them.

        • Jack Carney, DSW says:

          I think you’re referring to the APC. Sounds like an apt description.

    • Rhapsody G Jordan-Parisi says:

      Well said, Lisa. I really hope and pray that this pregnancy center not only opens, but flourishes, and saves many lives in the north country!

  24. Phil Fitzpatrick says:

    Melissa does a great job of keeping us informed on a wide variety of interesting topics. She and the Almanack are treasures. This forum is wonderfully open.

    Please don’t change a thing,Melissa.

  25. Mike in Binghamton says:

    As an avid outdoorsman who travels to the Adirondacks a few times a month to hike, bike, fish, dine and stay: I have adopted Saranac Lake as hometown in the park. I subscribe to your newsletter and have been singing your praises to any and all friends who will listen. I am actively looking for a small place in your wonderful town to call my home away from home.
    I don’t know why, but I always thought of the park as a hate-free zone until I read this article. It reads like a scorned teenage girl who just got dumped before the big prom date. It disgusts me.
    I was unaware of the APC prior to this article but now I feel compelled to donate to this group looking to help a pregnant woman manage a pregnancy not just profit off her perceived misfortune with an abortion.

    Join me in opening your hearts and wallets for the women of the Adirondacks.


  26. Martha Paye says:

    First of all I have to say that this article leaves me feeling as the opposition to such a center has an ulterior motive. I would ask why are they so vehemently opposed to a center that offers health information. The article does not suggest that the Center proposed to perform any surgical procedures. Nor does the article claim that they will be supported by taxpayer dollars. I notice that one of the opponents represents a feminist group, a radical organization from my experience. The biggest complaint that I take away from this article is that they are a Bible believing group. Is that what scares this group? God forbid that we would drive Bible believing groups from this Nation!!

  27. Stephen Lomax says:

    The truth is that Heartbeat does have qualified medical staff and offers information for pregnant women to make an informed decision, including viewing the fetus via ultrasound, for free. They also counsel post abortive mothers who are experiencing extreme remorse. And, finally, they help mother’s who have taken the first of two “morning after” pills and are regretting that decision. It is care and emotional support for mothers and unborn children, which the mothers choose and nobody forces them to do anything.

  28. Edward Hahn says:

    I cannot conceive that abortion (ie killing an unborn child) equates to health care. Certainly not for the child. In the 1970’s, Life magazine published a lengthy article showing in-vitro photographs of fetal development, clearly and scientifically showing children in the womb. You can choose to believe your eyes, or not. While abortion is legal, not everyone believes that ending this life is just. Please Respect CPC’s right to choose life at least as much as you do the opposite view, to end life. And, please be fair enough to allow CPC to publish an equally lengthy opposing view with their lengthy fact list. This would be the fair and honest thing to do. Thank you.

  29. Rhapsody Jordan-Parisi says:

    Your attack on this pregnancy center is disgusting. The facts presented about breast cancer and suicide rates after abortion are NOT fake. You say you are “pro-choice”, but actually you only want others to make YOUR choice. The quote you have cited above, that “abortion…is a normal part of a woman’s reproductive life” is horrific. I sincerely hope your endeavor to promote infanticide under the guise of “healthcare” fails spectacularly.

  30. Russell says:

    Reading all of these comments regarding a pro-life stance, I simply cannot understand why the same people are not so passionate about eliminating the death penalty? Not to mention I can’t fathom why they are not supporting Medicare for all, which would save the lives of thousands of Americans every year. It seems pro-life ends with birth for so many American conservatives. What a difference it would make to have such a passionate social drive to promote effective sex ed and birth control so that there is not unwanted pregnancy to begin with, plus have universal health insurance so that all people in America can lead a healthy life, and potentially an entrepreneurial life, without needing to worry about losing health care for themselves and their families…

    • Dennis Chapman says:

      Death penalty is a consequence for ones actions.
      Im surprised how many pro abortion people are anti Death penalty.

    • ADKresident says:

      Nice diversion from the topic at hand. One can have differing opinions and healthy debate regarding healthcare and how it is provided. However, to be passionate about fighting for the life of the most innocent victims in society that have no voice, our unborn babies vs healthcare policy, there just isn’t even a comparison. Let’s get real and put things in their proper order prioritywise. You can’t logically argue you are for healthcare for all when human lives are being disposed at will on taxpayers’ dime.

  31. Dennis Chapman says:

    You shouldn’t have a clinic that gives false and possibly harmful advice. Regardless of ones opinion on pro life issues.

  32. Adirongran says:

    Whether one is politically “pro life” or “pro choice” in the challenging reality of unintended pregnancies, this sentence stops me cold: “CPCs (crisis pregnancy centers) don’t understand that ABORTION (emphasis added), pregnancy and birth are all a normal part of a woman’s reproductive life”…. How can there be anything “normal” about abortion—aborting babies??? The day that abortion is deemed “normal” marks our society’s decline into utter depravity…. This letter is replete with untruths and attempts at destructive indoctrination with fake concepts. The term “pregnant people” obscures the reality that babies are ALWAYS carried in the wombs of WOMEN! I am grateful that CPCs offer a safe and compassionate haven of support to all women who courageously carry precious babies amid crisis in their lives. I pray for those of us who have experienced the sad reality of abortion. I pray for all of us, including those who do not yet know God’s unfathomable love for every human life. Each of us is a created miracle!

  33. CommunityGuy says:

    The North Country doesn’t need an agency that hides and lies pretending it’s a “Health Care” organization.

    No liars need apply!

  34. D Burk says:

    Terrible thing isn’t it? A group attempting to save a baby’s life by offering viable alternatives.
    PPH however is welcome and applauded.

    • CommunityGuy says:

      Wonder why they feel they have to lie about their intent and corporate structure? The obvious answer is that that is how they intend to operate their business.

      • JohnL says:

        Did you read Lisa Tubridy’s post above about how the term hospital was brought into the fray. Doesn’t look like you did.

  35. Martha says:

    I feel proud of my fellow Adirondackers who stand for what is right! Thank you all! The Sanctity of Life and the Sanctity of marriage are two of the most important features of the Christian life. Sadly these values have been eroded so that no one seems to hear the screams of the unborn as they are brutally removed from the womb. No one seems to care that the woman’s body has been mutilated and the normal functions of her body as God designed it so perfectly have been maligned.
    I rejoice with those who have seen fit to recognize that this is murder. The baby in the womb needs our protection as does the mother who has been chosen to bear this child.
    May God Bless the beautiful Adirondacks for standing for what is right!!

  36. Larry Fine says:

    The APC via Heartbeat has a cruel message delivered with fake facts to a very vulnerable population. Their purpose, it appears, is to not to help this needy group, but to attain power and control over these pregnant and related people, to then persuade through fearand then guide them down a path of misery and guilt. It is a horrible goal of power and control to the pregnant’s demise. I’m glad they’re out.

    • ADKresident says:

      Actually, the only demise is towards the one in the womb who has no voice and is destined for the dumpster or their carefully counted torn body parts sold for profit once the mother passes through the front door of Planned Parenthood. True facts.

      And APC is not outt! On the contrary- this article has brought about the opposite intent of the authors by raising more support for their outreach ! I’m very pleased to be amongst a community that cares for and acknowledges the life of the most vulnerable! God bless the Adirondacks!

  37. Charlie S says:

    Abortion sure is a touchy subject. Nobody likes the idea of abortion. Nobody! But who are we to tell what a woman should or should not do with her body?

    • JohnL says:

      The issue, Charlie, has NEVER been about what a woman can do with HER body. It’s always been about what she can do with the BABYS body. It all boils down to when you believe life begins.

  38. Charlie S says:

    Dennis Chapman says: “Im surprised how many pro abortion people are anti Death penalty.”

    It is kinda strange how the mind works. One things for sure….all of the religious fanaticism that takes shape nowadays, especially it’s usefulness with politicians to gain power, is the reason why our forefathers were very much for the separation of church & state.

    Religion is regarded by common people as true; by wise men as false; by the rulers as useful. Seneca

    • ADKresident says:

      Whether you are common, wise or religious, all have a conscious. And the most manipulative thing you can do is to encourage a woman to violate her own conscious. Love, on the other hand has no class, education or religious affiliation- and truth told in love liberates and all who desire truth, hear it, no matter how difficult it is, freeing the conscious. Advocating for abortion may be considered a ‘right over one’s body’ but means nothing if a conscious has been violated and when that happens more than one life has died.

  39. Edward Hahn says:

    Go ahead and Google the April 1965 issue of Life magazine Foetus 18 Weeks, the fastest selling issue in its history.

    The issue is the Baby.

    • ADKresident says:

      And now, 55 years later we have beautiful full color, 3d/4d ultrasounds with beating hearts.

      This is what Truth looks like, amazing footage:

      Science proves each day that abortion is murder and a 3rd trimester abortion is one of the most horrendous acts a human being can perform on another human being.

  40. Ellen L. says:

    Interesting article.

    I had no idea how wickedly hate-filled humankind was until I read this article.

    100% of all successfully aborted children are dead.

    Does this statistic help you to fall asleep at night?

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