Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Poetry: Rainbows

Each morning when I wake,

Errant sunrays pierce crystal orbs

Dripping from east-facing window frames,

And explode into rainbows of light,

On floor and walls.

Cool white tiles come to life,

In prismatic hues,

And help me face the day.

Light is hope.

Light is life.

It bends and fractures to bejewel parched fronds,

Its promise is wombed in precious water droplets,

To quench a world yet in darkness.

It comes and comes again,

To chase away night terrors,

And gently kiss sweet foreheads of waking children,

Glowing their fragrant skin.

In this gift of light, I believe,

Even when shadows stretch too far.

It is in the beholding,

And the rainbows are for the touching,

For the banishing of fear,

Inside and out,



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Annette Pisano-Higley is a Registered Nurse living in both Albany and Florida. She is a published song-lyricist and published a book of her original Adirondack poetry, with photography by her husband Walter Higley, Adirondack Echoes, available on Amazon.com. Annette’s book was inspired by their idyllic summers at the beloved family Camp on Limekiln Lake, Inlet, in the beautiful New York State Adirondack Park.


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  1. Jim Fox says:

    I’m not a poetry person, yet the thoughts, memories, images and indescribables that this poem evokes are countless. Thanks.

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