Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Biden won the election, say 2/3rds of NYers

Recent Siena College Research Institute findings:

  • Biden Won the Election, Says 2/3 of NYers; 9%, Including 1/4 of Republicans, Say Trump Won; Nearly 2/3 Say Trump Should Cooperate Immediately for Peaceful Transition
  • Voters’ Top 2021 Priority for Albany By Far: Addressing the Pandemic; By 20-Point Margin, Majority of Voters Want Legislature to Let Cuomo Continue Using Executive Powers It Gave Him to Manage the State
  • 2/3 of NYers Say they will Definitely/Probably Get an FDA-Approved COVID-19 Vaccine, 1/4 Say they Will Definitely/Probably Not
  • Voters Strongly Approve of the Way Biden is Acting as President-Elect; Cuomo Ratings Slip, Still Positive; Trump Ratings Rise, Still Strongly Negative

When asked how they would describe the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, 69 percent of New Yorkers say that President-elect Joe Biden won, nine percent say that President Donald Trump won, and 20 percent say we do not yet know who won. By 65-31 percent, they say that Trump should immediately cooperate to ensure a smooth, peaceful transition, rather than he’s right to wait for a final, official outcome to begin the transition, according to a new Siena College Poll of New York State voters released today.

Nearly half of New Yorkers say the Governor’s and Legislature’s top priority in 2021 should be addressing the coronavirus pandemic; no other issue topped 12 percent. By 57-35 percent, voters say the Legislature should continue to allow the Governor to manage the state using the extraordinary executive powers it gave him in the spring. If the FDA approves a COVID-19 vaccine, 35 percent of New Yorkers say they will definitely get it, 34 percent will probably get it and 24 percent will definitely or probably not get it.

“While more than two-thirds of New Yorkers agree Joe Biden won the election and is President-elect, one in eleven believes that Trump was re-elected and one in five believes that the outcome is still in doubt,” said Steven Greenberg, Siena College pollster. “Not surprisingly, 97 percent of those who voted for Biden think he won. Among Trump voters, 27 percent say Trump won, 21 percent say Biden won and 49 percent say we don’t know.

“Two-thirds of independents, 90 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of Republicans believe that Biden won the election. However, 26 percent of Republicans, along with a scattering of Democrats and independents, think Trump won. And a plurality of Republicans, 42 percent, as well as 22 percent of independents and seven percent of Democrats say that we still do not yet know who won,” Greenberg said.

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39 Responses

  1. Jack Carney says:

    Appears that lots of New Yorkers regularly float down the country’s longest river, Denial. Time for all of us to get back to terra firma and some clear thinking, regardless of whom we voted for.

  2. ADKresident says:

    Hold on!!!. I’m still trying to keep my breakfast down after reading Cuomo is getting a freaking “Emmy Award” (no really, an EMMY?) and that he published a book, patting himself on the back, capitalizing IN THE MIDST of a pandemic while barking orders to small business owners who are struggling to stay alive.

  3. Jack Carney says:

    Andy does have a large ego. Perhaps new Dem supermajority in Legislature will help curb that.

  4. Robert Gdyk says:

    I just don’t see 73,815,399 Americans rolling over for this election fraud. (2,976,923 NYers) Do you?

  5. AdkAck81 says:

    I take pleasure in coming to this site multiple times a week to “NOT” read about presidential politics.

    • Bill Ott says:

      Exactly. Unless Biden or Trump have to rescued from the woods, I’d rather not read about them here.

    • Matthew says:

      Agreed. Respectfully, I come here to read about local issues concerning the Adirondacks. Anything else is a violation of the spirit of this site.

      • Boreas says:

        Yes, we are all weary of the politics. But it is eye-opening to know that one of every 3 people I rub elbows with every day can actually believe this stuff. Talk about pandemics…

        • JohnL says:

          Do you really believe this election was ‘clean’ Boreas? It was probably clean in New York because there’s enough D’s in the cities, they don’t need to cheat. The 4 or 5 ‘battlegrounds’ are another story. Among other things, mail in ballots are an abomination. Most everybody believes you need to identify yourself to cash a check, rent a room, etc. Why wouldn’t that also be true for exercising the most important institution in a free society.
          P.S. I was gonna be a ‘good boy’ and not get involved with this post, but can’t help myself when outrageous things are said.

          • Boreas says:

            It was as clean as any previous election. A 6 million popular vote margin should account for something. If you are going to whine and cry about voter fraud, you also need to whine about endemic voter suppression, and the Electoral College. The real winners here are our national enemies.

            • Jim S. says:

              The trumpeter sure got America to vote. Over 80 million against.

              • JohnL says:

                Trump also got more votes than Obama ever did. And, his votes were all legitimate. Unlike those gotten by Sleepy Joe in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. I’m assuming you watched these campaigns. Do you honestly believe that Biden’s campaign was the kind of thing that would ‘inspire’ people? He never left his basement. When he did he had 10’s of people listening to himwhile Trump had 10’s of thousans. His VP candidate was the 1st Dem to be dropped in the Primariies. I could go on, but like I said, I actually assume you were paying attention.

                • Steve B. says:

                  I’ll tell you what. We can compromise. You get to believe in your facts that the votes of the city of Philadelphia are invalid. I’ll trade you Philly for North and South Dakota, about the same populations and a nearly complete reversal of the ethnicity. I think the votes of those 2 states are invalid and should be thrown out. Like you, I have no actual facts to base this belief on, but why let facts get in our way, lets compromise, Philly for the Dakotas. Fair is fair.

                  • JohnL says:

                    Since neither of us is liable to convince the other of anything, your idea of a compromise (North and South Dakota for Philadelphia) is awesome. I’ll take it. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Steve. And yes, even with the turmoil of the day, we have a lot to be thankful for.

                • Balian the Cat says:

                  JohnL – You’re a reasonable guy. Lets assume for a moment that you are right and this was somehow a “rigged” election. Why then are the critical states all certifying and supporting their results after audits and recounts? The boards that do these things are made up of democrats and republicans. Seems to me if there was real evidence of “fraud” some one of them would be able to demonstrate that. Second, why isn’t anyone questioning the legitimacy of the republican senators and representatives who kept or acquired seats via the same “rigged” ballots? Wouldn’t a proper conspiracy to “rig” the election have aided the democrats down ballot too? Also, the presidents legal team is 1-38 in court cases involving the alleged misconduct, often in courts run by judges appointed by the current administration. How can this be if there is evidence of wrong doing? Lastly, your assertion that the results smell fishy because Biden & Harris weren’t all that inspiring. To that I would remind you of the old adage regarding the enemy of my enemy being my friend – please consider that a great many people were voting against something rather than for another.

                  • JohnL says:

                    Since every district has completely different ballots except for the President and possibly a Senate seat, it’s too difficult to rig them all, so they just rig the top ticket. That’s the point. If people were so pissed at the President, don’t you think that would translate to the R party as a whole and the whole bunch of us reprobates would be swept out the door. But it didn’t happen that way. The ‘blue wave’ actually became a mini ‘red wave’ except for the President. Actually, Balian, like I said with Steve, you and I are never going to convince the other, so let’s just agree to disagree. OK? Hopefully, one way or the other, the truth will come out.

            • JohnL says:

              If you are going to say that voter ID is voter suppression, there’s nothing more I can say to you. But, I think you know better than that.
              And the Electoral College is the PERFECT system to assure us that Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, and a few other large cities don’t determine the course of our country.

    • Paul says:

      So why did you read this story?

  6. Michael says:

    The earth is round, say 2/3rds of NYers

  7. Vanessa says:

    Yeah those stats on the election aren’t anything to be proud of, folks. A whole 2/3rds of New Yorkers think the sky is blue. The other third can still do lots of damage…

    It’s good that Cuomo will have Biden as a partner to help curb the pandemic. Lives will definitely be saved.

    • ADKresident says:

      Yeah, “Shew, that’s a relief, Cuomo at Biden’s side!” , says every family member who lost a loved one by the executive action he signed sending Covid-positive patients back to nursing homes, infecting 1000s to their death when there was an unused hospital at the Javitz Center and Navy hospital ship available. Wonder what chapter in his book that is? Who cares, right? We can just write that little mistake off as no big deal- a pandemic learning curb for Cuomo.

      • Aaron says:

        Your selective outrage is touching, truly.

      • Wayno says:

        The Covid death rate in NY Nursing homes was less than 20 other states


        • JohnL says:

          This doesn’t have anything to do with unnecessary lives that were lost due to really stupid decisions, such as the one made to send sick people into places where the most susceptible people were living. They could have been sent to the additional hospital beds that were supplied by our very proactive President, but our esteemed Governator didn’t want to be beholden to a Republican President. Like I said, ….indisputable.

          • Wayno says:

            The argument is that some alleged decisions caused a terrible increase in death rates in hospitals. The available evidence sheds some severe shade on that allegation. It seems to me that the republican anger towards Gov Cuomo is political and that there is an attempt to take one of many government decisions made during a crises and exaggerate it into something almost sinister.
            The governor of New York has been far more engaged and informed that the President. The fate of the US economy is in the hands of the Federal Government, only they have the clout to reverse the personal losses of the small business man and keep the lives of the unemployed intact. Yet the President continues to fail to lead so the result is gridlock and therefore no choice between the economy or greatly increased exposure to Covid.
            At least we can be Thankful change is coming.

  8. Jack Carney says:

    As per usual, many respondents are diverting the issue at hand to one involvibg Cuomo’s handling of Covid.
    What prompted my initial comment was the the high percentage of NYers — nearly 1/3 of those surveyed — who believed that Biden had won the presidential election via fraud. I was incredulous and disappointed that so many of my fellow residents were in denial — on the longest river, as I termed it — of clear facts. On the moon, as it were.
    Very few comments on that sorry fact. Any comments now?

    • ADKresident says:

      Because you, Jack have the authority to declare all that is fact, as if you even know what they all are? It is apparent from your comment that if anyone has a differing view or presents facts that are contrary to your opinions, then you will only label them as, “on the moon”, or “on the longest river”. Am I right? Because it certainly doesn’t appear you are open to anything but what you have already determined in your own mind, even though each day more facts are emerging.

      The truth is, all the facts have not been disclosed as there are multiple litigations in multiple states with many 100’s of sworn affidavits from our fellow citizens from BOTH parties still in what we call a “democratic process”, while the Constitution is being played out in real time. Every citizen has the right to be heard and their testimony reviewed.

      So, really, who cares about your or even my “opinion” at the moment. The facts are not “clear” as you proclaim. There are still more coming to light each day and no one has privy to them all yet.

      Meanwhile, everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for!

  9. Jack Carney says:

    Keep dreamin’.

  10. Similarly, 1/3 of New Yorkers insist that the sun rises in the north (“Just do your own research”)

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