Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Rangers ticket hunters for illegal camp

forest ranger reportsRecent NY DEC Forest Ranger actions:

Town of Ohio
Herkimer County
Wilderness Enforcement:
 On Nov. 13, Forest Rangers Hanno and McCartney discovered an illegal camp near a remote pond in the West Canada Lake Wilderness Area. Upon further investigation, the Forest Rangers observed multiple state land violations. On the evening of Nov. 19, the Rangers apprehended two hunters from Forestport occupying the camp. An interview with the two hunters revealed the pair was responsible for cutting out a trail, cutting 14 trees to build their camp, using a chainsaw in a wilderness area, storing personal property on state land, camping violations, and landing a plane on a prohibited body of water in a wilderness area. Forest Rangers issued multiple appearance tickets for the various offenses.

Tent in the woods made of various trees and tarps
Illegal camp in town of Ohio

Town of Keene
Essex County
Wilderness Rescue:
 On Nov. 21 at 2:16 p.m., Essex County 911 transferred a call to DEC’s Ray Brook Dispatch reporting a 34-year-old male hiker from Niskayuna with a non-weight bearing lower right leg injury. Per Acting Forest Ranger Lt. Burns, New York State Police (NYSP) Aviation was on standby with Forest Ranger Evans while Forest Ranger Mecus hiked in to evaluate the hiker’s injury. A ground team comprised of Forest Rangers Lewis, Sabo, and Russell followed in behind Ranger Mecus. At 4:15 p.m., Ranger Mecus located the injured hiker and placed him in a harness. He was then hoisted by NYSP Aviation into the helicopter and flown to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Town of Horicon
Warren County
Wilderness Rescue:
 On Nov. 21 at 9:44 p.m., Washington County 911 transferred a call to DEC’s Ray Brook Dispatch reporting a possible overdue hiker. After interviewing the reporting party, Forest Rangers decided that her destination was most likely Pharaoh Lake. Forest Ranger Kabrehl responded to check the trailhead and located the woman’s car. Ranger Kabrehl went into the woods, along with a Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy, and located the 44-year-old hiker from Glens Falls. The responders escorted the missing hiker safely back to the trailhead.

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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

47 Responses

  1. Boreas says:

    Fly-in squatters? This looks like an illicit guiding service. I can’t imagine this much effort being put into a couple guys looking for deer. I currently have 4, 6, and 10 point bucks showing up in my back yard game cam!

    I hope they confiscated the plane!

  2. gabe susice says:

    boreas in the old days what we would of done to you is ah your not worth my time

    • Boreas says:

      “We”? How many trolls are out there anyway?? If you and GCO don’t have the time or the intelligence to make a reasonable remark, then why take up OUR time?? Give us all a break and go hide under your bridge.

      • Good Camp Owner says:

        Boreas your arrogance is only exceeded by your tone deafness. Remember this is all NYS land and we are coming.

        • Ed says:

          GCO , if you want to see arrogance the best place is usually in the mirror .

          • gabe susice says:

            boy thats the pot calling the kettle black

          • Ed says:

            What Boreas and I do down at the hotel is nobody’s business . What you do on public land is .

            • Ed says:

              GCO , that makes a lot of sense . I think you’ve exhausted whatever intelligent conversation you’re capable of (years ago) , you can go crawl back into the sleeping bag with your cousin Gabe now.

  3. Justin Farrell says:

    I’m curious which “remote pond” it was. I saw lots of cut trees, trash, & stashed camping gear at a remote pond in that corner of the West Canadas the past couple years I’ve been through there. ?

    • Eric says:

      Seems like an important detail in a “report”.

    • Bill Ingersoll says:

      The key clues are “town of Ohio” and “float plane.” This narrows the possible locations significantly.

      As incredible as what these squatters were doing, I’m equally impressed that DEC was aware of this activity in such a remote area and was able to enforce the regs.

      • Ed says:

        Why does the report have to be written with such vagueness ?
        Seems like the public has a right to know where exactly it happened on public lands without turning it into the mystery of the week .

      • Justin Farrell says:

        So Horn Lake perhaps?

      • gabe susice says:

        what they did was wrong. they were written tickets, will be fined.
        do not make it sound as if they were going to be living there.
        there is no “remote” area in ny.state. there were doing there job
        no more no less. they were turned in is my guess.

        • Ryan Finnigan says:

          More than fines, bud. Try class A misdemeanor with a penalty of up to one year jail and up to a $1,000 fine, plus up to triple damages for the value of the trees. That is not to mention the numerous other violations they were charged with.

    • gabe susice says:

      why didnt you report it to dec? why not pick up some of the trash and bring it out?

      • Justin Farrell says:

        “why didnt you report it to dec? why not pick up some of the trash and bring it out?”

        If you are asking me this question I wonder what makes you think that I didn’t. I’m always cleaning up whatever trash I’m able to carry out whenever I can, and I have friends that work for the DEC so it’s pretty easy for me to send them a message whenever I feel the need.

  4. Steve B. says:

    Begs all kinds of questions, like: Did they own the floatplane ?, or was it a friend. How often do DEC rangers patrol any of the interior wilderness area’s for activity like this, or were they tipped off ?. Maybe a commercial floatplane operator did the flying and tipped off the DEC ?, though that would leave them open to a fine for operating on a wilderness lake.

    • Bill Ott says:

      A pilot could have called in an anonymous tip. A scorned wife could have gotten even with her husband. Or perhaps the state has “real-time” or “near-real-time” satellite surveillance capabilities. That stinks of big brother, but I guess that is the way it is now.

    • gabe susice says:

      why dont you call dec. and ask them? if i have a question i ask the person who
      might have the answers.

      • Steve B. says:

        Its always much more fun to speculate on an Internet forum, is why.

        Plus I’m the type that would feel I was asking really annoying questions of the DEC folks, so avoided that. It’s not like I’m a reporter or anything,

  5. Steve Grace says:

    After hearing who it was, the pilot indeed was the violator. He has always acted and still thinks he is above any law. Well done DEC.

  6. Paul says:

    An illegal camp on state land just like where our beloved Clarence Petty grew up.

    • Balian the Cat says:

      Our heroes hunted with punt guns, rode their horses to death, and shot each other over card games in the past also. too. Not sure what that has to do with “now.”

      • Paul says:

        I just think it is odd, even “now”, why do they bust some “camps” and look the other way on others? Most of us that grew up in the woods up there know about lots of illegal camps. I am sure these rangers know about them as much as the rest of us do?

        For one like this, just get a TRP and do it on Wild Forest land. Can you land a plane on a lake or pond on WF?

        • Balian the Cat says:

          Yes, I hear your point. The nephew of a LEO walks when he/she has too many fish while others get tickets. I don’t doubt that’s true.

      • Phillip says:

        Your heros sound like a pretty crude bunch. Our heros hunted mostly with bow and arrow and spears. Traveled by foot or by canoes and played lacrosse. Never claimed ownership to the land that now people hire people to restrict access to under penalty of jail. “All the kings deer”

  7. Eric says:

    When’s the hanging , I’ll have the wife pack a picnic lunch .

  8. Ryan Finnigan says:

    It appears that one of the men busted for the illegal camp owns the plane that landed on Balsam Lake. I personally am proud of the Rangers who found this camp while on foot patrol and stayed on the case until apprehending the two men 6 days after discovering it. Well done Rangers!!!

  9. JohnL says:

    Gabe wants to fight everyone on this, and previous threads, and I’m the one who gets all my posts deleted? Sup with that?