Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Greening the Holidays with Less Food Waste

Every year, a large amount of food goes to waste during the holiday season. According to the EPA, food waste accounts for about 24 percent of the municipal solid waste across the country. Without mindful planning, this number can only get worse.

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations, so that means we buy more, cook more and, on average, waste more during this time of year. The spoiled produce, expired products, and uneaten leftovers contribute to this waste which, most often, ends up in landfills. Food waste makes landfills the third largest human-related methane emission source in the country. The process of growing, processing and transporting food, and eventual hauling of the food waste also consumes a large amount of energy and generates emissions, polluting the air.

As consumers, we can help reduce food waste and its environmental impacts with the following tips:

Let’s do our part for the environment by reducing the amount of wasted food coming from our kitchens this holiday season.

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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

5 Responses

  1. Nora says:

    Excellent article and a problem that really needs to be addressed , but sadly that starts with every individual in the home I grew up in Ireland , a country that was very poor and food was in short supply when I left , thank God it is now doing very well . Folks here do waste so much food and sadly take so much for granted , people need to stop over buying and learn how to properly feed a family of four, five etc. or freeze for later meals , it amazes me how much gets thrown in the garbage , could it be we have been a nation that has been spoiled because we do have more availability and opportunities then other countries and we have never had to experience a shortage??

    I aways feared but hoped not that America could experience a shortage of food and essentials if we didn’t change our ways and sadly because of Covid I have seen that happen .

    I pray that this will be a learning time for folks to evaluate their needs above their wants and to be better prepared ahead for any situation or disaster that may come our way .

    • gabe susice says:

      so you hoped the u.s.a. would experance food shortages? the reason we havent
      is because we are the best country in the world. every family should have at least 2 chest freezers,enough canned goods for 3 months, and canning supplies and know
      how to can. if you can cook you should learn how much food to prepare. this is allready known by most older and rural people.

      • Dana says:

        “I aways feared but hoped NOT that America…” Caps mine.

      • Dana says:

        So the best way to avoid a food shortage is to stock up on food? I can see that that would work short-term, assuming you can afford 2 freezers and 3 months worth of canned goods, but not everyone can afford that. Some people cannot afford shelter.

        But the point Nora is making is that since the Great Depression, as a nation, we have not had to deal with an actual LACK of food for any extended period of time. Many people go hungry, but that is because of politics and socio-economics, not a lack of food.