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Top stories of 2020

woolly bearAs of mid-December, we’ve published 1,354 stories, commentaries, news releases and other posts. That’s pretty impressive, especially when you also consider the 425 stories that were posted to our sister site Adirondack Explorer (.org) in 2020, in addition to 40 photo galleries and 25 videos to the Explorer’s YouTube channel.

Almanack top 10

Here are the Adirondack Almanack’s 10 most-read stories from 2020 (taken from Google Analytics):

  1. WOOLLY BEARS: The humble and beloved seasonal caterpillar had it’s moment in the sun, as contributor Jackie Woodcock’s look at the folk stories around the woolly bear went viral.
  2. CANCEL YOUR HIKING TRIP: As COVID-19 started to make its presence known, Peter Bauer’s commentary about staying put struck a nerve.
  3. COVID OPENINGS AND CLOSINGS: Our ongoing list of cancelations and re-openings attracted a lot of views throughout the pandemic to date.
  4. SPLIT UP ON THE TRAIL: A reader shared his personal story of getting separated from his hiking partner.
  5. FISHERS’ BAD RAP: Wildlife expert Steve Hall gives us this up-close look at this often-maligned weasel
  6. BELOW THE SURFACE: History writer Gary Peacock dives into the making of Great Sacandaga Lake and the communities that were lost in process.
  7. POSSUM POWER: Another gem from Steve Hall of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, on the humble possum.
  8. SECRET SPOTS: Explorer multimedia reporter and outdoor rec enthusiast Mike Lynch got us thinking about our favorite “hidden gems” and what happens when the secret gets out.
  9. MOOSE SIGHTINGS: Contributor Jackie Woodcock shared her experience seeing a moose on the road and why fall is a time when they tend to be out and about.
  10. AVOIDING TICKS: Longtime Almanack reader Worth Gretter wrote this piece on using permethrin in the battle against ticks.

    Explorer top 10

    Here are the 10 most-read stories of the year on the Explorer’s website:

    1. OLD FORGE GRAPPLES WITH ABSENCE OF KEY BUSINESSES: The pandemic led to the closure of Enchanted Forest water park, a major seasonal employer. Old Forge and other Adirondack communities tried to make the most of an upside-down summer.
    2. JEEP AT MARCY DAM: The story that launched 1,000 memes.
    3. MAKING HIKING HISTORY: These two women broke the glass ceiling of Adirondack hiking challenges, completing an unsupported thru-hike of all 46 High Peaks.
    4. MIXED WELCOME: As COVID-19 unfolded in March, communities offer conflicting messages to seasonal residents.
    5. OPEN THE FLOODGATES: Summit stewards report record-breaking year of High Peaks hikers.
    6. RGB IN THE ADK: A look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s summers spent in the Adirondacks.
    7. THE $180M QUESTION: Whitney Estate owner John Hendrickson confirm he will not sell to New York State, but promises the 36,000 acre estate will also not be developed or sectioned off.
    8. DEBAR POND LODGE: The DEC and APA open up Debar proposal for public comments:
    9. BUSTED ON THE UPHILL AT WHITEFACE: Former Explorer editor Phil Brown’s attempt at one more run during Whiteface shut-down.
    10. HIGH PEAKS RESCUE: A first-person account of a hiking companion’s injury and the help she received from forest rangers.

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    1. Vanessa Banti Vanessa says:

      Delighted to see that Steve Hall has written often for the Almanack! I will check out his work. Always game to learn more re Adirondack wildlife ❤️

    2. Pat B says:

      You might want to bump readership numbers up by a percentage point or two. My older sister does not have a computer or smart phone. Since I know many of the articles would interest her, I will print off a copy for her. I wonder how many others share with non-digital friends & family. Also, does Google have any idea how many articles, etc. are shared on social media. The exponential readership numbers could be pretty impressive.

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