Tuesday, January 5, 2021

OPINION: Elise Stefanik Is Lying To Us

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is lying to us. There’s no other way to say it. Her preferred candidate lost the presidential election and now she is trying a variety of maneuvers, unseen in modern American political life, to undo the November 2020 presidential election. Elise Stefanik is willing to lie and cheat to steal this election away from Joe Biden.

On Sunday January 3rd, Congresswoman Stefanik released a video than ran 1 minute and 50 seconds to explain why on January 6th she will object to the votes of the Electoral College, certified by the states, that show Joe Biden lawfully won the presidency. Her video is amazing because in it she packs in five major lies. Real whoppers. In this video Elise Stefanik looks straight into the camera and with a big smile on her face she tells lie after lie. That’s a lot of deception in just 110 seconds.

The lies that Elise Stefanik tells are astounding. First, Stefanik tells us she’s “acting to protect our democratic process” and then lies about the legal process under the U.S. Constitution for a member of Congress regarding certifying the votes of the Electoral College. She lies about Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution and the 12th Amendment, saying that she has a constitutional duty to act if she thinks there’s something wrong with the election. Click here for the text of Article 2 and click here for the 12th Amendment. There is nothing in the text of either one about challenging the results. Congress acts as a tie breaker.

Here’s Stefanik’s second lie. She says “Tens of millions of Americans are rightly concerned that the 2020 election featured unprecedented voting irregularities.” Polls since the November election have shown that almost half of all Republicans surveyed do not believe the results. The main reason that there is public concern, however, is that President Trump and Elise Stefanik have been lying to the American people about this election. Trump started lying before the election and has lied all day, every day, since the election.

Think about where we are now. Stefanik has been lying about the election and even joined in a lawsuit to take away the votes and disenfranchise 20 million fellow Americans in four states, which was tossed out by the U.S. Supreme Court. With the world’s biggest megaphone, President Trump has lied about the election non-stop for the last two months. These lies have been amplified daily on FOX News, NewsMax, and One America News Network, and social media, and many other right-wing media outlets. This historic effort to deceive and distort has been very successful.

But only in an Orwellian world could a teller of lies cite as evidence for the truth of her lies the fact that some people believe her lies. People believing lies is not evidence. A lot of people believing the same lie doesn’t make it true.

Ironically, Stefanik voted on January 3rd to uphold as legitimate the elections of members of the House of Representatives from swing states, even though at the same time she was maintaining that somehow the votes for president in those same states and congressional districts were flawed, full of “irregularities.” Her bluff was called, her position shown to be nonsense.

Here’s Stefanik’s third lie. She complains about “Unconstitutional voting overreach by unelected state officials and judges ignoring state election laws.” This statement is also nonsense. The reality, of course, is that the facts of the 2020 Presidential election have been litigated dozens of times in the 60-some lawsuits that Stefanik’s compadres brought and lost in the last two months. Many different judges, from those who were voted-in by the citizens of their county or state, to those appointed and approved by Democratic and Republican Governors and legislatures, to those federal judges appointed by Presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, all ruled against the Trump legal challenges about voter fraud or voting “irregularities.” Even the Supreme Court, with three Trump judges, and six conservative Republican judges, ruled twice against Trump.

Seriously, how is it “judicial overreach” when 60 different courts all reach the same conclusion? How does losing 60 cases and winning one minor case (and that one case disqualified a small number of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, that were mailed by Election Day, but failed to reach appropriate offices within 6 days as required by state law) somehow constitutes “judicial overreach”? It’s a pitiful excuse for Stefanik to complain about “judicial overreach” when her side lost in court 60 times. When your team has 1 win and 60 losses, blaming the refs doesn’t cut it.

Here’s Stefanik’s fourth lie. She spoke of “A fundamental lack of ballot integrity and ballot security.” Once again, she says this without presenting a shred of evidence. If Stefanik, or anybody on Trump’s legal team, had evidence about a “lack of ballot integrity and ballot security” that would withstand scrutiny in a court of law, don’t you think they would have used it? Does it make any sense whatsoever that the Trump legal team found all sorts of evidence about the “lack of ballot integrity and ballot security” but decided not to use this vital evidence in court?

In the stunning 1-hour-long phone call last weekend from President Trump and his staff to pressure the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his staff to overturn the election in Georgia, which was recently released (transcript here – read it), most of the nonsense that Stefanik and her compadres cite as evidence was shredded by Georgia officials. (And the people who did the shredding were all Republicans!) At one point Raffensperger says “Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong.” The Georgia officials talked about a hand recount “that got virtually the same result” as the machine tally, debunking stuff about Dominion voting machines. They talked about successfully defending the Georgia election results in court. The stuff about dead people voting was debunked. A Georgia investigation found two cases. The stuff about ballot stuffing was debunked. It never happened.

At another point it was explained that Trump lawyer Rudi Giuliani had doctored video footage in order to raise questions about election workers:

Raffensperger: You’re talking about the State Farm video. And I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Rudy Giuliani or his people, they sliced and diced that video and took it out of context. The next day, we brought in WSB-TV, and we let them show, see the full run of tape, and what you’ll see, the events that transpired are nowhere near what was projected…

Click here to read a point by point take down by another Georgia Republican election official about bogus allegations of voter fraud by President Trump. But even when the lies are clearly revealed to be lies, Elise Stefanik remains undeterred in repeating them.

Stefanik knows that lying to her constituents is not a crime. She knows that lying on FOX News is not a crime. She knows that lying on a video that she posts online is not a crime. She knows that lying in a speech in Congress is not a crime. Stefanik knows that lying in a publicity stunt is not a crime. But what’s amazing is that when Stefanik’s compadres, or she herself along with other Republican members of the House of Representatives, actually get to a court of law, where it is illegal to lie, they somehow never manage to present the evidence about voter fraud or voting irregularities that in their public comments they assure us exists. Why is it that Stefanik and her side has failed to produce any compelling evidence that would hold up in court?

I voted in November in-person in Blue Mountain Lake in Hamilton County. Nobody asked me for an ID. My signature in the election books from years ago looked nothing like my signature in 2020. I voted just as tens of millions of other Americans voted, in a neighborhood voting location, staffed by volunteers, and overseen by professionals appointed locally. Other members of my family voted by absentee ballot, wary of COVID19.

I started voting when I was 18 years old in 1980. In my first three presidential elections I was 0-3. By 2020, my record in backing winning candidates for President stands at 5 wins and 6 losses, hardly spotless and full of heartaches, but when my side lost I advocated and protested against the policies of the men who won, but I never urged that we should try and upend their elections and deny the results.

Unfortunately, Elise Stefanik is not alone in telling big lies about the 2020 presidential election. She has lots of company in Congress. Elise Stefanik did not start her career in Congress this way. A few years backed she preached moderation and bipartisanship. But now, Elise Stefanik has made a choice to be the kind of politician who lies to her constituents no matter the damage that her lies will cause to our democracy or to our ability to self-govern.

In 2012, Stefanik worked as a campaign aide to Paul Ryan, the former Speaker of the House and candidate for Vice-President. Ryan doesn’t think much about the lying and antics of Stefanik and other members of Congress to try and reject the votes of the Electoral College. Ryan said:

All our basic rights and freedoms flow from a fidelity to the Constitution and rule of law. This principle is not only fundamentally American but a central tenet on conservatism. Under our system, voters determine the president, and this self-governance cannot sustain itself if the whims of Congress replace the will of the people. I urge members to consider the precedent that it would set.

Efforts to reject the votes of the Electoral College and sow doubt about Joe Biden‘s victory strike at the foundation of our republic. It is difficult to conceive of a more anti-democratic and anti-conservative act than a federal intervention to overturn the results of state-certified elections and disenfranchise millions of Americans. The fact that this effort will fail does not mean it will not do significant damage to American democracy.

The Trump campaign had ample opportunity to challenge election results, and those efforts failed from lack of evidence. The legal process was exhausted, and the results were decisively confirmed. The Department of Justice, too, found no basis for overturning the result. If states wish to reform their processes for future elections, that is their prerogative. But Joe Biden’s victory is entirely legitimate.

Paul Ryan is calling out Elise Stefanik and other members of Congress for their dishonesty that he clearly sees as an effort to sabotage our democracy and our history of free and fair elections.

Stefanik’s fifth lie is about why she is doing this. She ends her video by stating that she is committed to “restoring the faith of the American people in our elections.”

Help me understand this. How does lying about the election help to restore “the faith of the American people in our elections”? Who lies to uphold the U.S. Constitution? How does lying protect the peaceful transition of power in America? No one lies to uphold the rule of law. No one lies to protect the rights of Americans to vote.

People who tell lies do it for themselves because they think that telling the lie will help them. Stefanik is not doing this out of principle, she’s doing this because she thinks there are political opportunities and rewards. Elise Stefanik is lying because she thinks it will help her climb higher in the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. Elise Stefanik is lying to all of us in the 21st Congressional District in New York because she thinks it will help her career, and she doesn’t care what her lies do to us.

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Peter Bauer is the Executive Director of Protect the Adirondacks. He has been working in various capacities on Adirondack Park environmental issues since the mid-1980s, including stints as the Executive Director of the Residents' Committee to Protect the Adirondacks and FUND for Lake George as well as on the staff of the Commission on the Adirondacks in the Twenty-First Century. He was the co-founder of the Adirondack Lake Assessment Program (ALAP) in 1998, which has collected long-term water quality data on more than 75 Adirondack lakes and ponds. He has testified before the State Legislature, successfully advocated to pass legislation and budget items, authored numerous articles, op-eds, and reports such as "20% in 2023: An Assessment of the New York State 30 by 30 Act" (2023), "The Adirondack Park and Rural America: Economic and Population Trends 1970-2010" (2019), "The Myth of Quiet, Motor-free Waters in the Adirondack Park" (2013), and "Rutted and Ruined: ATV Damage on the Adirondack Forest Preserve" (2003) and "Growth in the Adirondack Park: Analysis of Rates and Patterns of Development" (2001). He also worked at Adirondack Life Magazine. He served as Chair of the Town of Lake George Zoning Board of Appeals and has served on numerous advisory boards for management of the Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve. Peter lives in Blue Mountain Lake with his wife, has two grown children out in the world, and enjoys a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities throughout the Adirondacks, and is a member of the Blue Mountain Lake volunteer fire department.Follow Protect the Adirondacks on Facebook and Threads.

274 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Just because you dont want to see the mountain of evidence does not mean it doesnt exist.

    • Sean A. Nolan says:

      There IS NO MOUNTAIN.. If you can show some REAL proof, DO IT. Otherwise it is NOT fact or reatily, it is just innuendo and opinion. Oh and go help your clown out in a court of law if you DO HAVE real proof

    • Zephyr says:

      Right, the “evidence” that has been thrown out in 62 lost court cases. Actually, the court cases never got to see any evidence, because none was presented. Just spouting lies doesn’t make it evidence.

    • Aaron says:

      Talk about making mountains out of molehills…

      Please point us to any of the 60+ cases presented in various courts where fraud was argued.

      • ADKresident says:

        NO evidence has been presented in a court of law as of yet. Not one case!
        Every case that was thrown out was because of legal technicality, not based of merit. But of course you would not know that if you listened to the MSM. You should do your own research.

        • James Bullard says:

          The “legal technicalities” were that no evidence of the allegations were presented and at least one case when the judge asked “Are you alleging fraud?” Giuliani replied “No your honor, this is not a fraud case.” So, what the hell is it then? They went into court with on evidence asking that the state’s elector college votes be thrown out because of alleged ‘irregularities’ that they had no evidence to support and admitted under oath that their was no fraud. Mountains of evidence? Give me a break.

        • Aaron says:

          Most of the cases were thrown out based on merit, which you would know if you read the decisions and/or the sources you rely on were honest with you. “Do your own research” is a cute phrase but meaningless when coming from someone who doesn’t appear to know how research works.

      • Zephyr says:

        The cases were thrown out because there was no evidence presented–just theories and nonsense. Courts are not the place to air conspiracy theories. They rely on evidence, facts, and the law, which none of the Trumpista cases had on their side.

    • Robert Kibbey says:

      What mountain of evidence!. That’s what wrong with your opinion,
      THERE IS NO EVIDENCE, just speculation

        • CommunityGuy says:

          No evidence is presented in this letter. Only opinion. Same as all the Court cases.

          I urge our High School Civics teachers to do a short review of basic civics in Election processes and Legal Evidence. Gdyk and many others are in sore need of basic education. Help us Teachers!

          Democracy needs basic education.

          • Robert Gdyk says:

            Affidavits and declarations are not, “only opinion” as you will sadly find out later today when the Joint Session for tally of electoral college ballots is halted by VP Pence for further investigation.

            • JK says:

              Look, we have a Constitution. The VP does not have the authority to stop anything, let alone state-certified ballots.

              If your definition of “patriotism” is subverting a free and fair election and tarnishing any future elections in this country, then it seems all of these conspiracy theories are working. The outgoing president cares nothing about others or the U.S. To stay in power, he and his will burn everything down. We deserve better.

              Personally, aiming higher and figuring out how we can work to make this a better place feels more like the patriotism we learned.

    • Yankee says:

      You must be referring to the pile of crap she’s putting out as a mountain. Following these liars blindly and believing their lies without any reflection equates to people following radical religious groups and engaging in terrorism. It’s ironic that the same people who believe these liars can clearly see the latter group’s shortcomings. Why is it so hard for this group of people to accept defeat and swallow their pride? How can we hate each other over this? We should be fighting the special interests and big corporations to ensure better life and economy for us all, our children, the planet and the future. Please get over this and focus on how we can make this world a better place for all.

    • JK says:

      Can you show us ONE piece of evidence? Just one. One little piece to withstand scrutiny in a court of law, one verifiable to everyone? I’m not talking about “evidence” based on supposition, repetition or a belief of ill-doing. I’m looking for something a little harder than how a forlorn Fox News host feels. Something where an independent thinker could say, “Gee, maybe it wasn’t so secure after all.” Up to now, we’ve seen lost court cases and absurd news conferences based on conjecture and fantasy: Hugo Chavez? Unfounded algorithm switches? Air-conditioning trucks stuffed with Democratic ballots?

      Sadly, Nick, the president and his political and media buddies have created this whole controversy. In pure propaganda and untruths fed to people who want to believe, they have lathered everyone up to fight and created a no-return point. No loss to them: they’re making money and gaining support. They are not going to lose anything, they’re not going to get bloodied. They care little about our country. They want power, and send others to the fight.

      In the run-up to the election, the president called on “patriots” to find some evidence of voter fraud. Not know how many people were out looking, I’ll surmise it was a widespread effort. What did these minions turn up? Nothing that stands up to any close examination. A lot of comedy if it all weren’t so sad and unnerving.

      Even in Georgia, not known for promoting voting rights, after recounts and audits and threats, nothing changed. A lot of pro-president people looked and found nothing. Now, the president bashes those same supporters for doing what they are supposed to do.

      All of these actions are dangerous and reminiscent of how other “s—hole” countries’ elections go. The president does not care about our country and could stop all of this nonsense with a word. Well, not now, the “Big Lie” has been told often enough…tough to reel it back in. Now we have to live with the consequences of all this lying: anger, mistrust and the potential for violence.

      We used to preach democracy to other countries. Now we see how fragile it all is. Maybe the result is not what you and many people wanted. Understandable. Ultimately, though, we need to support our country and work to make all of this better for us and future generations.

      Popping off without evidence won’t cut it. Sorry.

        • JK says:

          Sorry, but none of this has held up to ANY scrutiny. Nice collection of suppositions, but none of it involves anything with this election. All of this “evidence” could have been introduced in court with the numerous Republican judges…it wasn’t. And, sadly, it’s been debunked.

          It’s like in “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. All the witch trial hysteria is just that: hysteria and deflection. This “evidence” to which you linked is not “weighted with authority.”

          On a side note, the bit about the poll watchers on page 309 brings up the number of Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia during the court case. According to the campaign lawyer, it was a “non-zero number.”

          Sadly, the evidence isn’t “non-zero.” Then we’d have a real debate instead of being subjected to distortions and debunked theories.

          • Robert Gdyk says:

            Sorry, but watch how much scrutiny is held up with this evidence in a few hours after VP Pence sends the electoral college tally back to swing state legislators.

            • JK says:

              Again, unconstitutional. He has no grounds to do so, and does not have the power to do so anyway.

            • Alan says:

              Today, Pence said, “my considered judgement that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.”

              • James Bullard says:

                What it does not constrain him from doing is instituting the removal of Trump under Article 25 because a president who attempts to remain in office after losing an election is unfit for that office.

    • Bruce Cumming says:

      The politics do affect the Adirondack Park. A reversal of environmental restrictions that has been happening under the Trump administration could undermine the years of reversing the acid rain and other pollutant problems that have caused so much damage in the Park the last century or so.
      Politically- They just stormed the Capitol.
      This coup supported by Trump and his supporters is attempting to destroy our system of government.
      This has been spurred on by those in government and the “press” continuing to repeat unsubstantiated information.
      I am very disappointed that many members of the Republican party seem more interested in party power than representing their constituents.

    • Thomas G Baker says:

      Fully agree. 75 million voters are uncertain that a three time presidential candidate ran a campaign from his basement and outpolled Barack Obama’s extremely impressive numbers by 6-8 million votes. It seems wildly imprudent for the Executive Director of an organization like Protect the Adirondacks would be so tone deaf as to alienate as many as 50% of his audience. Elise is a warrior, bot for the North Country and Republicans and should be lauded for her courage to go against the group think of the Left.

      • James Bullard says:

        What the right, at least the far right that spawned this unsupported conspiracy against Trump’s re-election fails to realize is that Biden did not win via a “campaign from his basement”. Nor was it by fraud. He won because he was a viable and stable alternative to the belligerence and chaos of the Trump administration which a majority of Americans oppose. IOW it was an impassioned rejection of Trumpism. Trump followers are so caught up in the bubble of their cult of personality that they are blinded to the fact the many more people, a majority, are repelled by it. I suppose you could say that it was a conspiracy in that those who were repelled by Trump determined en mass to get out and vote, even many who would not normally bother to vote. The result of that, unlike 2016 when Trump won by a slim majority in enough states to get the required Electoral votes, in 2020 the majority won again, not just in the popular vote but overall. Ahead of time those of us who opposed Trump were told that the only way to beat him was vote in such numbers that he couldn’t overcome us and in spite of the GOP’s efforts to keep Trump’s opponents from voting, WE DID.

      • Sean A Nolan says:

        Let’s try some facts. 1) Biden didn’t run his campaign from his vasement. 2) More people voted in 2020, then 2008, 2012 and 2016. 3) Biden and Trump BOTH got more votes than Obama in either 2008 or 2012. 4) The president was the first in modern history to never break 50% approval. Literally more people disapproved of him, then approved of him. 5) That disapproval drove 81+ million people to vote against him. BTW he lost his first election by less 3 million and 7 million this time. Not hard to happen considering turnout. 6) There were audits in every contested state and multiple ones in most. There was no neasureaboe fraud. BUT THERE WAS 4 dead people who tried to vote for the president. 6) None of the conspiracy lies could he backed up with real evidence. He and his clown car of lawyers were 1- 60+ in court. Even his own lawyers would not admit to fraud in a court of law because of perjury penalities. 7) He lost by the same electoral “landslide” margin that he won by in 2016. Biden actually won the states by a larger margin then he did his. 8) He then literally tried to tamper in all those state’s. So it is NOT the left that is being lead around by their nose, or being delusional, etc. 9) Oh and they did do it with no foreign interference, asked or given. 10) So to conclude inthe words of the Trumpfanatics 2016, YOU LOST, GET OVER IT

  2. Michael B. Coker says:

    The Republic is in dire peril, with this woman in office.

    • JohnL says:

      Lord help us Michael. With the likes of Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Ilhan Omar etc, etc, strutting around the halls of Congress, you’re concerned about Elise Stefanik??? You gotta get your head out of the NY Times and start reading some alternative news sources.

      • Sean A. Nolan says:

        Well she is spouting bullshit to support a man trying attempting a coup. So really y the democrats are the problem. Suc sweet and delusional opinions

        • JohnL says:

          Like I said to Michael, read something other than the NYT and CNN. Someday you may send a comment to AA thanking me. …….You’re welcome.

          • CommunityGuy says:

            Let’s hear your recommended sources, John. We look to be enlightened.

          • Sean A. Nolan says:

            Really???you sound one of those FAKE Entertainment, OANN, Newsmax etc al sycophants. All who barely EVER include ANYTHING resembling truth. Your girl sold her soul and her constituents for 30 pieces of silver.

    • gabe susice says:

      the republic is in peril, because of people like you and peter bauer

      • Sean A. Nolan says:

        Suuuure it is. You might want to look at the real problem of the deluded, brainwashed cult fanatics of the wannabe dictator in the WH. Who is in the process of an attempted coup because the socio-psychopath lost. Anything else is opinion and c
        onspiracy lies

        • JohnL says:

          What were the last 4 years if not an ‘attempted coup’ of a duly elected President? Did you comment on that? I must have missed it. Send me a link so I can read what you had to say about that.

          • Boreasfisher says:

            Excuse me? Impeachment is a legal process, whether or not you agree with it. A coup is an illegal process. What we are witnessing is an illegal process and it will fail for that reason. The people who are perpetrating it are lying to their constituencies to protect their own self interest. Time to vote them out of office too.

          • Sean A Nokan says:

            Just because the GOPers care more about power than honor and country makes then no less crimes. The Mueller report showed that, whether the president sycophants believe in those facts and reality or their opinions. Stefanik was one of those sycophants. Not surprising though because she was a blind one to Bush 2. If it was not for the blatantly unconstitutional OLC opinion. Plus Mueller not confronting the president to answer questions like Clinton did we might be in a different spot. But to compare the last 4 years to what is happening now, is a cognitive dissonance on a universal scale

  3. Sean A. Nolan says:

    Great piece and damn your old ?. My first election was also 1980. Yet over the last 40 years, I have watched the federal level, til the last 20, become a hypocritical “do as I say, not as I do andwin at all cost” party. Elise has always been shady since her time in Bush2’s administration. Now it’s us just blatant fame power over country and honor.

  4. Zephyr says:

    Stefanik joins the traitors trying to overthrow an election. She is betraying her oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

    • Phil Fitzpatrick says:

      Sadly, you are entirely correct.

      This President has exposed many of the traitors, the weak, cowardly, self-serving professional politicians who have supported him.

      We can and must do better.

  5. Mike Ames says:

    Elise is not lying there are thousands of people her in the north country feel that this election was so bogus that it was stolen from Us. There is mountains of evidence but the radical Democrats are choosing to sweep them under rug. Just like the corruption with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden they what to sweep that under rug.

    • Zephyr says:

      I suppose you could say Elise is a good representative of the Know-Nothing North Country. A lot of the 62 court cases lost by Trumpistas so far were thrown out by Republican judges.

      • ADKresident says:

        Do your OWN research before you speak. What you are saying is not the truth.

      • gabe susice says:

        wow a guy calling people from the north country names. would you go to a bar and call these people names?i dont think so.

    • Jrpow says:

      Mike, ahem, Barr the most crooked AG in recent memory says no fraud. Reep governors, Secretaries of State and trump appointed judges say no fraud. Where’s this rug the dems are sweeping stuff under? How are you rationalizing this?

    • Zephyr says:

      Use your noggin. If any of these supposed “sworn affidavits” were reliable evidence don’t you suppose that there would be some Republican lawyer somewhere who could file a court case that would gain some traction? Listen to the conservative Republican Secretary of State telling Trump his theories are just plain wrong. There is no “evidence,” and you are being duped to support people trying to overthrow our government.

  6. ADKresident says:

    Here we go with the one-sided political pieces. Just the fact that a link to the NY Times is being used as the ‘proof’ that there is no evidence of fraud” is all you need to know to disregard this article, when there is massive evidence of electoral fraud…IF you look beyond your biased nose.

    I prefer to go to the actual sources myself and read the sworn affidavits of 1000s (yes, 1000s) of fellow citizens that happen to be republicans, democrats & independents, as well as listen to the witnesses on the ground, hearing after hearing.. To simply brush off their voices as a ‘lie” and characterize Stefanik to be a liar, simply because you disagree with what she says reveals the closed mindedness that many on the left have chosen to embrace. I would not be surprised if the author of this article has not read 1 single affidavit or listened to one legislators’ hearing that occurred in any of the swing states. Just a hunch.

    I expect more from the ADK Almanack who claims to ’embrace’ diversity because I have yet to read one, just one, fair or balanced article from another political point of view besides that of left leaning agendas. And to post a positive article? I wouldn’t hold my breath. But I will say this: 75 million people are not going to go away and they are not going to back down. And in a few weeks, you just might be eating these words because the truth always comes out. Then the world will see who the real ‘liars’ are.

    • Raquette Lake resident says:

      If you don’t trust the NY Times report of Georgia election officials, please provide your own link(s) to those affidavits and hearings. Saying there is “proof” is not enough, please show it.

    • Joan Grabe says:

      AdkResident, Please cite your sources concerning election fraud. Your own former Attorney General, Bill Barr said the Department of Justice could find no electoral fraud. 60 + cases filed were dismissed out of hand for various reasons but mainly because there was no evidence. In many states the ballots were recounted. Elise Stefanik won fair and square as did Joe Biden. Former Defense Secretaries have banded together to say this was a legitimate election, industry leaders have banded together to say this was a legitimate election, senate Republicans have said this was a legitimate election but you are relying on sources other than these ?

      • JohnL says:

        Mail in voting was a disaster just waiting for unscrupulous people to use it to their advantage. And unscrupulous people in a dozen or so Democrat cities in 4 or 5 ‘swing’ states took advantage and illegally changed the course of history. Like ADK says above, the truth will eventually come out, so until then, I’ll do what you did continuously for the past 4 years…..RESIST.
        P.S. On a side note, recounting the same fraudulant votes produces the same fraudulant results.

        • John Jongen says:

          What are you talking about JohnL? ‘Fraudulant votes?’ must be a “Know-Nothing North Country” thing. In my book a fraudulent scheme is defined as deceitful, fallacious, dishonest, dishonorable, deceptive, and disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive…which more precisely describes the MO of the soon to be ousted Trump administration. RESIST ignorance my friend.

          • Wes says:


          • JohnL says:

            All those words you used JJ, deceitful, fallacious, etc, pertain to the voting practices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta and other D cities for DECADES. With the advent of mail in ballots, it allowed them to fine tune that practice to something that changed the Presidential election. It’s so ingrained in those cities that they even have stock photos of thugs blocking Republican overseers from polling places every election cycle. Saves having reporters from actually going to the polling places and risk getting mugged.
            BTW, you do know that with this wonderful electronic world we live in, I don’t have to actually LIVE in the ‘North Country’ to read this website. That is to say, I’m not a ‘Know-Nothing North Country’, as you called me. If I did live in the North Country, however, I’d be offended by that comment.

          • John Jongen says:

            JohnL in ‘this wonderful world of electronics that we live in’ there is an app called ‘spellcheck’; if you knew how to use it you would have discovered that there is no word ‘fraudulant’ in the English language. Education, my friend, is meant to teach and learn. Again, RESIST ignorance. I love the North Country, my apologies if anyone was legitimately offended.

      • ADKresident says:

        Cite my sources?
        I watched every hearing from start to finish from every swing state at real time. That’s hours and hours of doing my own due diligence and listening for myself to each witnesses and their testimony in order to come up with my own conclusion..
        I am not here to convince a single soul whose mind is already made up and regurgitates media talking points almost forbatum. You want to hear the evidence? Then do it – Go to YouTube and listen to each state’s hearing for yourself, then make up your own mind. Because I can tell that not one person here citing no evidence actually took the time needed to listen for themselves because I only hear what is parroted across the media. ( If YouTube hasn’t taken them all down yet, that is. ) Otherwise, just continue being an echoing board for each other.

    • James Bullard says:

      A sworn affidavit is a statement by an individual of what they believe they saw, heard and the way they interpreted it. I could make a sworn affidavit that there are space aliens among us and that a bunch of them voted** but that doesn’t make it a fact. I can’t prove it but neither can you disprove it. That is the problem with affidavits, sworn or not,. They are just statements of opinion unless you have *proof* and they have none, zip zero, nada. Unless you have proof, you have no case.
      ** I don’t believe that BTW. I am open the existence of space aliens but I am a skeptic and require proof just like our courts do.

    • Aaron says:

      You mean the legislator’s hearings that held without putting any witnesses under oath? Seems legit…

    • LeRoy Hogan says:

      Feels like I’m in the Washington Post.

  7. Jrpow says:

    You’ve seen no sworn affidavits. You’ve heard Fox refer to them. Where are they. I mean the actual pieces of paper? You made that up. The ironic thing is that at any given time a third of her district is on some form of public assistance. But that’s ok. South Jersey doesn’t begrudge neighbors a square meal.

  8. Wes says:

    Nice opinion piece. Elise has issues. Trump is a terrible personality for being the President. Good riddance. Thank goodness for the democrats sweeping the mountains of evidence under the rug. Biden wins! Thanks for making Trump a loser!!!

  9. Zephyr says:

    The Times Union tells it like it is: “There is no fuzzy moral ground here. Either you stand for the rule of law and accept the results of an election that Mr. Trump has not a shred of credible evidence to challenge, or you follow a deluded or corrupt president — take your pick — and the mob he and his surrogates and radical right-wing propagandists have whipped into a frenzy.” https://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Editorial-Defend-democracy-Now-15846089.php

  10. Dana says:

    Definition of sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

    Sedition needs to be prosecuted.

  11. adkDreamer says:

    Barring the under baked 60+ district court cases that never saw the light of day, there is one undisputed fact that remains: Pennsylvania, allegedlly via the Secretary of State, did alter election law illegally as only the State Legislature has the power to change election law. This is not in dispute, however to my knowledge no one is pursuing any legal action in this matter.

    Either by omission or hyperbole or both anyone is capable of being accused a liar. Yelling and screaming about it changes nothing in particular and is of little use. Remember what is happening here. Candidates get elected, somehow, and each and every one of them possess the same two goals: Rule over the people and make every effort to get re-elected. Make no mistake, they intend to rule over the people and they will.

    Also, there will be the ‘next’ crisis event (either man made or otherwise or both) and politicians will not waste a crisis event, ever.

  12. JR says:

    Let’s just skip Socialism and dive head first into Communism. USSA. But don’t worry this version will be a kinder, gentler Communism.

    • Sean A Nolan says:

      How about we just skip to authoritarianism/fascism. Which WhinyDementiaPsychoThugDonnie and his sycophantic GOPers are in the midst of attempting. Oh btw get a dictionary and learn what those words mean you love throwing around

  13. Paul says:

    Peter is a professional environmentalist as described in his bio. Why is he writing this? With that said I really like Paul Ryan, and I agree. Is this an Almanack Almanack kind of story? I guess the new folks are going political on us. Weird.

  14. Peter Bauer says:

    Breaking: In another instance of what Elise Stefanik will falsely call “judicial overreach” President Trump loses yet another lawsuit tonight to try and change election results. See: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/05/us/politics/a-federal-judge-in-atlanta-denied-a-last-minute-effort-by-trump-to-decertify-bidens-victory-in-georgia.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimes

    • Michael says:

      Mr. Bauer,

      I assume you’ve heard the adage everything has its time and place. Your grasp of place for this debate seems tenuous at best. Unless you can connect the topic specifically to issues in the Adirondacks, this debate belongs in another venue.

  15. tom Prevost says:

    The most dangerous philosophy she is promoting is eliminating the most fundamental part of our constitution- the right of the citizens to freely elect our governing representatives. She supports a government similar to Russia, Korea, Iran, etc. In other words a government run by a chosen dictator and ruling party. The end of democracy as we know it.
    She is also very offensive to to me and my neighbors who were poll staff. Her undocumented comment claiming large fraud in her district challenges the integrity of these hard working people.

  16. John McCormick says:

    For 2 years Dems looked for evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. Will they Dems look for two years for evidence of a fraudulent election. Two weeks would be a lot of looking by the people that did the looking who where the people being looked at. Similar to the police investigating themselves which isn’t allowed to happen anymore BLM peaceful protests. I love my country I don’t love the path it’s going down

    • Sean A Nolan says:

      100+ contacts with russians by family and campaign members, multiple investigation proving interference for WhinyDementuaPsychoThugDonnie by russia, him ask for them to hack and within hours they started to,campaign manager with ties to Ukrainian oligarch with ties to FSB, ll his people tied to russian contacts wouldn’t testify or pleaded the 5th. I can go on destroying your assumptions of no collusion/conspiracy. Oh let’s not forget WhinyDementiaPsychoThugDonnie’s slavish kowtowing and saying nothing to Putin on multiple issues

  17. Donald Corp says:

    Mr. Bauer,
    Clearly you are using this platform to express your opinion (not facts), regarding your political views. Fact, during the 2016 presidential election there was outright distortion of the truth regarding President Trump’s supposed ties to the Russians. Too date,no one has been held accountable for this. Fact, it is clearly apparent that those who should have been held to account have not been. Throughout President Trump’s term of office the primary objective of the the extreme left of the democratic party have tried everything that they could to remove and slander the President. It went so far as to try and impeach him (which their evidence did not support), removing a president from office. These actions have severely divided this nation and have led to instability within the country. Fact, socialism and communism have never worked.
    in this world and as I served for ten years in the U.S. Army, I never thought that the
    United States would embrace this political method of government. Remember all of
    the men and women who have gave their lives to ensure that the U.S. would remain
    a free and fair way of government. I served in the military (I enlisted and was not
    drafted), and served in combat during “Vietnam”. Presently, with us facing 4 years
    of President-Elect Biden, things will continue to move in the direction of socialism.
    I have observed how socialism has fared in other countries around the world and it
    took less freedom from people who desired it. We do have our problems, but still we have more freedom than other countries throughout the world.
    I ask you to seriously consider this. This recent election clearly had irregularities and we must take actions to see that improved methods within our election process are instituted to endeavor to ensure free and unbiased voting rights. Additionally,
    our media must remain fair and balanced when reporting.
    Reference: The Constitution of the United States. Read it and take it to heart.
    It is a “living” document.
    I most never comment on political matters, but I have read your comments and
    strongly disagree with your opinions. The Adirondack Almanack is a fine website
    and political commentary is out of place within it (my opinion).

  18. Michael says:

    Melissa Hart,

    As editor of the Adirondack Almanack, could you please explain why this political opinion piece, having nothing to do with the Adirondacks other than the 21st US Congressional District lies therein, is appearing on the Almanack website. This post seems to be inconsistent with what has been traditionally been posted on the site. It seems there are more appropriate venues for those wishing to debate such issues to do so. Many Almanack readers do not wish to read about political debates that do not pertain to the Adirondacks. Is the Almanack and its content moving in a new direction? The courtesy of your reply is appreciated.

    • Zephyr says:

      Read the notice at the bottom of the page. “Current events” and “other topics of interest” include the fact that the representative for a lot of the Adirondacks is trying to subvert the Constitution of the United States.

      The Adirondack Almanack is a public forum dedicated to promoting and discussing current events, history, arts, nature and outdoor recreation and other topics of interest to the Adirondacks and its communities

      We publish commentary and opinion pieces from voluntary contributors, as well as news updates and event notices from area organizations. Contributors include veteran local writers, historians, naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts from around the Adirondack region. The information, views and opinions expressed by these various authors are not necessarily those of the Adirondack Almanack or its publisher, the Adirondack Explorer.

    • Joan Grabe says:

      The Almanack publishes news about the Adirondacks. Elise Stefanik is a duly elected US Representative from the Congressional district in the Adirondacks. If she is not news, who or what is ? And for those who feel that politics have no place in the Almanack I cannot imagine what could be more important at this time. This is your country and your willful ignorance will never be the solution to our political problems.

  19. Rick says:

    As Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska said about this effort by Stefanik and her ilk:

    “Let’s be clear what is happening here: We have a bunch of ambitious politicians who think there’s a quick way to tap into the president’s populist base without doing any real, long-term damage. But they’re wrong – and this issue is bigger than anyone’s personal ambitions. Adults don’t point a loaded gun at the heart of legitimate self-government.”

    • a. j. DeCarlo says:

      Rick, Senator Sasse is a very poor reference to use as proof for your premise. He is a very biased “anti-Trumper.” I am a resident of Nebraska, a state of a little more than a million people so we get to know those who represent us; I have carefully reviewed Sasse”s statements, he has not discussed the problems associated with the 2020 national elections which includes state officials, not state legislators changing election laws, which is required by the U S Constitution, to support changes to laws to increase mail in balloting in some states. Pennsylvania for example where judges and elected officials changed the laws. Stefanik is challenging these actions, nothing more.

      • Sean A Nolan says:

        Hmmm funny how all of those state’s supreme courts thought otherwise. As did the federal courts and SCOTUS. Guess what your argument,along with Stefanik’s and the rest are mote, opinion and merely loser’s crying.

  20. Todd Eastman says:

    Stefanick gloms to political power like…

    … Gollum to his precious…

    … corrosion of the soul is an ugly thing! ?

  21. Jaime says:

    Yes Stefanik is a liar and a disgrace to the people of NYS. She violates her oath of office regularly by lying in the House of Congress. Obstructionism is not governing. Her opportunism knows no bounds. She fails 100% to represent the people of the State of New York and is disrespectful of the basic tenets of a republic and the concept of democracy which is a government FOR AND BY the PEOPLE. She is driven by greed and corruption. She needs to resign. She fails in every way and has shown herself to lack credibility as a legislator.

    • JohnL says:

      She won this time by 59-41 and in 2018 by 56-44. It appears that many people in NY21 disagree with you.

      • Dana says:


        Trump is a bald-faced liar as well, not to mention being totally corrupt. He was impeached in the House just a year or so ago. Yet plenty of North Country voters voted for him as well. Are we to assume people who vote for liars and ignore corruption as well as the rule of law have the best interest of their country or district in mind? It is nothing but tribalism. Disgraceful.

        • Peter says:

          JohnL are you saying the residents of the Adirondacks are stupid, uneducated and low information voters? Please stay away from your Adirondack playground you are not welcome.

          • JohnL says:

            Sarcasm aside, I’m not sure how you got to me saying Adirondack voters are stupid, etc. On the contrary, I think they’re very smart and the proof is that they got it right both times (2018 and 2020). Plus, I’m pretty sure I don’t need your stamp of approval to enjoy OUR Adirondacks. Get over yourself Peter, and be assured, I won’t be asking your (or anyone’s) permission when I come visit the next time.

  22. Nicholas Rose says:

    Thank you for this summary Peter. EVERY reader of the Almanack should send a message to Rep. Stefanik’s office condeming this attack on our constitutional principles

  23. Richard R says:

    Note: This is only an OPINION from Peter Bauer using public media to express his personal thoughts. He’d be better keeping his opinion off the public view and to himself, otherwise allow every other opposing opinion to use the same pathway to the public. Respect those with opposing opinion who know better to use this platform for their thoughts or opinion

    • Rich R says:

      correction: Respect those with opposing opinion who know better NOT to use this platform for their thoughts or opinion

  24. Richard DeFichy says:

    Thankyou for your comprehensive and honest assessment of the misguided self interests of our Covid Mary of the North Country. May she continue to be exposed for the fraud she is.

  25. Ed says:

    Show me a politician who doesn’t lie , who’s 100 percent honest .
    I’ll make it easier , show me one who’s 70 percent honest.

  26. LeRoy Hogan says:

    I could not find anything in this article relating to the Adirondack Mountains.

  27. Peter says:

    Peter your hate and bias for a white female republican is obvious. I am glad I did not renew my subscription to the Adirondack Explorer.

  28. Tim says:

    Would any of this be happening if Biden had lost?

    • Tim-Brunswick says:


    • JohnL says:

      You actually ask this question after Antifa and BLM thugs beat up innocent people and burned down a half dozen cities this summer/fall?

      • Sean A. Nolan says:

        Really how baby dead because if the right. Their violence started the day WhinyDementiaPsychoThugDonnie announced his candidacy. Oh and looks like your side gets to add another dead person and storming and vandalizing the US capital. Now PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US ALL ONE MORE TIME, HOW VIOLENT, UNHINGED, RADICAL AND DANGEROUS BLM ANTIFA AND THE LEFT ARE. The blatant hypocrisy of the right is astoundingly pungent

  29. Lori Brand says:

    I have yet to see any empirical evidence suggesting voter fraud and “election stealing.
    ” Sadly, Ms. Stefaniks “questions and concerns”, are not enough to undermine our democracy. Her “obligations” to pursue her truths are merely a thinly veiled attempt to overturn an election that did not support her desired result. Please, Ms. Stefanik, back up your claims with facts and figures and something a bit more substantive. Give me something to chew on here, then I will listen.

  30. Dave says:

    Let us not forget that the origins of her path to becoming a US Rep for the 21st began with a lie. She originally ran as a “resident” of Willsboro to allow her to pick where she ran. In fact, her family owned a summer residence in Willsboro, not their home. She grew up and went to a private school in the Capital District – not the North Country.

    It does not surprise me that she continues to bend the truth to serve her needs. She has not been a failure s a Congresswoman, but this latest flight from fact tarnishes her reputation going forward. She and the many other Representatives forget that they represent us, and our votes. I note not one official from a disputed state has suggested their election was tainted….


    I just renewed my subscription!

  31. Todd says:

    The disappointing thing during the last 4 years was seeing how an egotistic and pathologic liar without any sense of decency and civility has been attempting to shred our precious democracy and then also see those followers such as Stefanik who are willing to bottom out their self-esteem and gullible enough to accept and propagate the lies of the far-right propaganda. The test of our American democracy will be whether truth will be the wall that stops stop these lies that are attempting to destroy America. Shame on Stefanik!

  32. Lyn says:

    Just renewed my subscription. Thanks Adirondack Explorer, stay positive, test negative.

  33. Terry DeArmas says:

    Well said, Peter. I wish those that need to be educated on this will read your opinion but I fear it is “preaching to the choir.” However, the results of the Georgia run off give me some hope for the future of the country I love and adopted many years ago.

  34. Ken Gluck says:

    i look forward to the Adirondack Almanac every morning as a way to leave politics behind and turn to the sanctuary of the outdoors and peace that the Adirondack’s natural surroundings bring to an otherwise tumultuous world. I’m disappointed to see a political piece featured.

  35. William says:

    Trump put up with 3+ years of accusations of colluding with Russia to win the election despite a special counsel investigation that turned up zero evidence all while being labeled an illegitimate President. The current chorus of, “move on, no fraud nothing to see here” is far from over. Deal with it and quit whining, we all know turn about is fair play. Sad part, most of us do not come to the Almanack to read this drivel or puff pieces on Tedra Cobb. Fortunately that era is over and NY 21 is still a conservative district.

  36. Adirongran says:

    I can’t believe the almanac once again politicizes our beloved Adirondacks…Editorial letter or whatever, this political commentary violates a sacrosanct safe space. The Almanac and all related publications and initiatives will not receive one more penny from me for subscriptions, donations, support, etc.

    • Al says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. Not the place for this conversation. There are many other opportunities available to post your political opinions.

  37. Vanessa says:

    Omg i saw this headline and thought to myself, I wonder what this comments section is gonna be like…

    Disappointed, I am not… But anyway, a few thoughts.

    Bravo to Mr. Bauer for his writing. This is a very thorough takedown, which needs to be done. However! Let us realize that Ms. Stefanik isn’t an idiot and 100% knows that her lying pays – as in literally pays huge bucks among the right wing donor base. She raised millions by careening rightward from her initial political outlook, and is miles and miles away from any stated principles that she had when she 1st took office. Most of the cash she used in N21’s latest race was from outside of the district.

    She went from a principled centrist with integrity but not a lot of power, to an absolutely door-busting powerhouse fundraiser who all of the sudden sees paths to lots of power, as long as she parrots her Great Leader faithfully. All values statements aside, it’s a good career move and I’d say “good on you” if it wasn’t literally American democracy at stake.

    There is little evidence that her willingness to literally throw away 250ish years of struggling for democracy is a willingness shared by the majority of the North Country. Did anyone really vote for the cynical pursuit of her career prospects? I really do believe NY21 is pretty “purple,” and that the majority of people there vote based on real faith in the “American experiment.”

    Just this morning, we’re finding out in Georgia that attempts to shred democracy may not pay off so well for Republicans after all. The party needs some *serious* soul searching if it wants to retain any semblance of a group of people who is actually interested in the democratic process. The democratic process ousted Trumps petty, cynical attempt at a dictatorship. Unfortunately right now, Republicans are still in love with his brand, even at the expense of literally the principle of democracy itself. Time to get off the Titanic, folks.

    One thought in closing: of course Stefanik’s views are fair game for the Almanack! She represents you, and unfortunately her policies also greatly impact far beyond her reach due to the importance of the ADK due to climate change. Mr. Bauer is her constituent, and as has been said many times, other constituents are also free to air their views.

  38. Richard Moseson says:

    I appreciate and concur with Peter Bauer’s opinion piece about Ms. Stefanik. She is doing our country and region a great disservice.

  39. Randy says:

    Good piece, Peter. I for one, think politics and politicians are all part of “theater”. Elise and her compadres like Cruz, are part of a privileged class of people who graduated from Harvard and you would think know a great deal about constitutional law. You’d think she would use that knowledge and privilege to work for all of her constituents in the 21st district, but it seems acting in the “theater” is more important to her.

    Apparently the age of “alternative facts” is fully upon us. We’ve become a nation of “opinions” driven by our own echo chambers of media that support our views and those we chose as our leaders. The fact (yes, that ugly word again) that our current president did not win a second term is substantiated by bonafide evidence gathered in multiple recounts of ballots cast in this election, and certified by officials from either political party. The FACT that 60 lawsuits claiming fraud were thrown out of courts because of the lack of EVIDENCE provided by President Trump’s team of lawyers speaks volumes of how this “theater” continues to exist.

    Oh, and for those of you who fear a socialist future under a Democratic administration…..please show what you mean by endorsing your Social Security check over to me. Many thanks!

    PS Socialism is an economic condition, just like Capitalism. Communism is a political system, just like Democracy. How many of you slept through that part of Economics and Political Science classes?

  40. Todd Eastman says:

    Good piece Peter!

    The discussion regarding Stefanick is completely appropriate in this forum. She represents the district, and her action in Congress have massive impacts within the Adirondack Park.

    The Park itself is a political creation, and politics drives nearly every substantive discussion on the Almanack site.

    Wanting to escape the politics of your time should not dictate the content of a site like this. Deal with the issues…

    Stefanick has less spine than an amoeba writhing in the saline waters of Mirror Lake. Let’s hope she is laughed off the floor today…

  41. jerry james meehan says:

    Well said

  42. Jay says:

    Why is this political opinion in this website?
    What does this have to do with ADK. ?
    Save it for CNN.

    • Boreas says:

      This isn’t an article about Ted Cruz or President Trump. Stefanik is our representative. She needs to be held accountable for her actions and inactions.

  43. Mara Jayne Miller says:

    a really thoughtful and meticulously documented piece–not always the case in ‘opinion’ pieces and definitely not now the case in the verbal pieces that emanate from Representative Stefanik. Her tenure has become a real reversal of what had been the North Country’s electoral responsiveness to honest, hardworking, and centrist politicians and officeholders, both federal and state, of both political parties, over the past 40 years — from State Senators Ron Stafford and Betty Little to Congressman Bill Owens, Governor George Pataki , and Senator Kristin Gillibrand.

    Yes,they were mostly Republicans, but Republicans who were intelligent and moderate (not extremist) in their views and policies. Some were economic “conservatives” but “progressive” when it came to educational, health, and social services, and that was true of both parties and true of most North Country voters.

    How sad that the North Country’s Republican Party has turned back the clock to backing, supporting, and not curbing the behavior of a demagogue in its clubhouse.

  44. Richard Biermann says:

    Not the kind if article that I am interested in seeing in the Almanack.
    I almost always like Mr Bauer’s informative writings about the Adirondacks but this article is a major turnoff.
    Local Politics I am very interested in. One sided National Politics I can get anywhere.
    More if this and I am out.

    • James Bullard says:

      The action of the representative of our Congressional district is “local politics”.

    • Boreas says:

      I don’t see how it could be more “local”. She is an embarrassment and a prime example of someone more interested in her career than her constituents. Drinking the Trump Cool Aid will ultimately be her downfall.

  45. Zephyr says:

    The Daily Gazette weighs in: “Rep. Stefanik should honor and respect the electoral process set forth by our founding fathers by voting to validate the Electoral College results today. Like it or not, the election is over.” https://dailygazette.com/2021/01/05/editorial-election-is-over-stefanik-should-vote-to-accept-results/

  46. David Bower says:

    Sadly, in Texas we have to live with lying Ted Cruz and a large group of other Publicans who will object today, also. They are violating their oaths of office, undermining the rule of law, and fracturing the confidence of the people in their election process, and nothing will be accomplished from their grandstanding and pontifications. May their names be remembered with shame and may each be forced from office at the earliest opportunity!


    Well stated Peter. In the next election, or sooner if possible, North Country voters should stand up to this liar and remove her from the honor of holding a congressional seat.

  48. Robert Gdyk says:

    188,649 (legal) North Country voters would disagree.

  49. Mike says:

    Excellent article Peter, you are spot on. Stefanik is embarrassing herself, the district and the Republican party.

  50. JK says:

    The name-calling must mean we’ve run out of conversation. Best wishes…

  51. Ben says:

    Elise Stefanik got a ride on Air Force 1, drank the Kool-Aid offered by Donald Trump, and here we are with a seditious congresswoman. She should be recalled by the voters in NYS’s 21st Congressional District and pursue employment on Fox News or Newsmax where she can spout all the lies she desires.

  52. Walter Wouk says:

    The Quisling, Elise Stefanik, has sworn allegiance to a man who strived to be the dictator of this country and, unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who have np problem with that.

  53. Deb says:

    If you repeat a lie often enough, you and other weak minded people believe it is true. The person in the White House masquerading as a president has lied so much and so often, he has no credibility. When this dangerous time is written about in our history books, Stefanik and the other republicans that supported this dangerous man will be remembered as the group that tried to bring down our democracy.

  54. Cristine Meixner says:

    Please unsubscribe me. I am not interested in reading national political views on a site supposedly devoted to the Adirondack Park.

  55. Walter Wouk says:

    The Adirondacks are part of Elise Stefanik’s congressional district, hence her support for Donald Trump’s attempted coup affects the Adirondack Park.

  56. Vanessa says:

    And lest we get too comfortable thinking that Stefanik’s words are just words, regardless of her falsehoods: at the moment, literally right now, 1000s of Trump extremists are beating and pepper spraying capitol police and the national guard to storm the capitol building. Offices with Stefanik’s colleagues are being evacuated. Her own staff is maybe sitting underground as armed extremists literally attempt a sloppy, pathetic coup. She owns this. She enables this with all her words and actions.

    Lies matter and have severely damaging consequences for all of our nation. I am really happy to see so many North Country residents checking in on this forum to express opposition to Stefanik’s words and actions. You can even disagree with just one action, and I cannot think of anything more important to disagree with than this.

    • Wes says:

      Too bad Trump can’t shut his pie hole, or convey that he’s doing the next right thing by acknowledging he lost the election and will graciously pass the torch. Too much pride and ego to admit he’s the losing candidate and then his assertions spread like wildfire among his delusional supporters. I’m so grateful the Democrats stole this election and are getting away with the millions of fraudulent votes. Lol.

    • CommunityGuy says:

      Completely correct! Stefanik has encouraged these Fascist traitors!

  57. Chris Crane says:

    Very good article and spot on. We all know Elise Stefanik is nothing but a lying stooge for Donald Trump. And I’ve been a registered Republican since my college days over 35 years ago. The clowns in D.C. and Albany need to go. We as citizens need to stay informed and hold our elected officials accountable.

  58. Scott says:

    Never thought I’d see the day when we have a right wing terrorist coup going on right now in the capital. Shame on Stefanik and all of you who support this nonsense. Forever a stain on the United States

  59. Tom Philo says:

    Spot On Peter! Excellent ~ About time she was called out by someone other than The Glens Falls Post Star. Thank you for your thorough and excellent commentary. What are the people of the 21st District thinking of continually reelecting her ~ apparently they don’t think!

  60. Peter Bauer says:

    I think it’s safe to say that the people who attended President Trump’s rally today and then stormed and vandalized the Capitol believed the lies about the 2020 election that Trump and Elise Stefanik have been spewing.

  61. Mike says:

    This is not a joke anymore. These swamp things can longer just pander for your votes. Save our democracy. Give up your Trump allegiance, he is just trying to take your money. Be a true American and respect the rule of law and the Democratic process.

  62. Leonard Schantz says:

    A predictable effect of the lies fermented by Elise Stefanik, and all the other pro-Trump republicans, played out in Washington on January 6. Our democracy is fragile, and all of us need to put country, not party first. Ms. Stefanik’s name will always be associated with this disgraceful period in our history. I thank the Almanac for printing Peter Bauer’s opinion. It’s important to document the truth for our community.

  63. Erik says:

    Anyone who truly believes that this administration did not have access to all the supposedly compelling evidence of voting irregularities circulating, or the endless resources and ample opportunities to prosecute it’s case, should probably say those thoughts out loud to hear how ridiculous it sounds. Today’s events show the chaos wrought by those who knowingly trafficked in that nonsense for their own selfish ends. “…but when my side lost I advocated and protested against the policies of the men who won, but I never urged that we should try and upend their elections and deny the results.” Enough said.

  64. Kay says:

    The Adirondack Almanack should not be used as a platform for a political rant. It is unprofessional and only promotes more division.

    • Zephyr says:

      “Political rant” is what the pro-Trump comments are. Bauer’s piece is spot-on, and in light of events yesterday let’s all hope that Stefanik now makes it very clear that she does not stand with thugs who storm the capital carrying racist confederate flags.

      • Kay says:

        You precisely reinforced my point. There is disrespectful diatribe happening on all sides. Our country desperately needs adults willing to behave with emotional maturity. Take a step back, leave the polemical attacks behind and heal our nation. We can all be part of the solution.

        • Vanessa says:

          If someone has a gun to my head and you tell me that I have speak nicely to them to “heal our nation,” then unfortunately I cannot agree with your assessment of reality at all, much less with the idea you’re proposing here.

          I don’t know how many more people will need to die by white supremacist violence before we drop the “both sides” charade. The fascists have no intent on “healing” anyone. What happened yesterday is the culmination of 4 long years of attempting to appease and reason with people who are very clearly telling us they’re not interested in talking. Whatever happened to “not negotiating with terrorists?” The rhetoric changes so fast a reasonable person can’t keep up…

          • Zephyr says:

            Yes, I am disrespectful of people and ideas that deserve nothing but disgust. Vanessa tells it like it is–sometimes one side is right and the other side is wrong, and we need to recognize that. Emotional immaturity is not being outraged at people who want to disenfranchise millions of Americans because they don’t like the way they vote or the color of their skin.

  65. Tara Penesso says:

    She is a shameless traitor of a politician and this is not what Upstate New Yorkers voted for. She will find soon enough that this Trumpian road she is on will prove to be her downfall. She and the clown Devin Nunes can spend her post government years hanging with the cows.

  66. BREAKING: Looks like she she voted against contesting Arizona results: https://clerk.house.gov/Votes/202110
    But she voted in favor of contesting Pennsylvania’s results: https://clerk.house.gov/Votes/202111

  67. Alan says:

    As we saw during her reelection campaign, like President Trump, Representative Stefanik has a penchant for tagging her opponents with offensive nicknames. Stormy would seem an appropriate nickname for Stefanik given who Stormy Daniels is and given what Daniels is to President Trump. Yes, Stormy Stefanik seems most appropriate.

    Any way you spell it, the question is: Will the good, decent, patriotic Republicans root out the self-serving, unpatriotic Trump HORRORS like Stormy Stefanik.

  68. Zephyr says:

    The Post Star: “Some of the mob may believe Trump’s lies, but people like Stefanik don’t. She knows he lost, but she and others have engaged in a cynical game of pretending otherwise for their own gain.” https://poststar.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-trumps-enablers-like-stefanik-are-also-to-blame-for-wednesdays-violence/article_f5dc9b17-252b-5ad8-a98f-aac9f5210fbd.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1

  69. Peter Bauer says:


    Yesterday, Elise Stefanik aided and abetted the takeover and vandalism of our Capitol building – the People’s House – by for spreading President Trump’s lies about the election for the past month, by taking part in a bogus lawsuit to nullify the votes of other states, and by publicly and proudly supporting efforts to challenge and block certification of the electoral college by Congress. In the mayhem that ensued at the Capitol yesterday, Elise Stefanik reaped what she sowed.

    On the House floor yesterday, after Congress reconvened, Stefanik gave a speech where she attacked the elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, relying on discredited tropes. Compare Elise Stefanik’s decision to continue to tell lies with Senator Mitt Romney’s statement on the Senate Floor late last night, after the Senate reconvened. Here are excerpts from Romney:

    “Now we gather due to selfish man’s injured pride and the outrage of his supporters who he has deliberately misinformed for the last two months and stirred to action this very morning. What happened here today was an insurrection incited by the President of the United States. Those who continue to support his dangerous gambit by objecting to the results of a legitimate democratic election will forever be seen as complicit in an unprecedented attack on our democracy. Fairly or not, they’ll be remembered for their role in this shameful episode in American history.”

    “No Congressional audit is ever going to convince these voters, particularly when the President will continue to say that the election was stolen. THE BEST WAY THAT WE CAN SHOW RESPECT TO THE VOTERS WHO ARE UPSET IS BY TELLING THEM THE TRUTH. That’s the burden, that’s the duty of leadership. The truth is that Vice President Biden won the election and President Trump lost.”

    “And in light of today’s sad circumstances I ask my colleague — do we weigh our own political fortunes more heavily than we weigh the strength of our republic, the strength of our democracy, and the cause of freedom?”

  70. Vanessa says:

    Just dropping in on this one in light of Stefanik’s continued insistence on lying about the results in Pennsylvania. I hope it is abundantly clear that she is far, far more interested in her own future and political career than serving NY21 or protecting democracy. She can see a horizon where she has a failed run for governor but becomes a millionaire with a cushy think-tank job. Who knows if this country will be a democracy by the time she gets that gig? That’s her cynicism – she really doesn’t give a crud how much the country burns as long as she comes out ok.

    Realize that all of their Orwellian double-speak where they’re “condemning” violence but speaking directly to the “grievances” of the same violent people has this explicit goal. They want extremist cash for whenever “this all blows over.” NY21, you do NOT have to accept a cynical, Faustian bargain like this – there are many other people, including other Republicans, who will help your district honorably. Even if your top issue is protection of law enforcement – remember that this Rep has the cajones to thank the same capitol police officers she has spent months recklessly endangering via her continued support of Trumps lies. This insurrection was planned and DIRECTLY spoken to (as in, he literally told them to go to the capitol minutes before they did) by the same president that Stefanik absolved from blame this morning. It’s the dictionary definition of hypocrisy.

    The North Country deserves so much better. You all have the power to do better. Hopefully someday I can help folks of many different political outlooks do that. Ok, have said my peace. (My piece? Not sure on this phrase.)

  71. Ric Lewit says:

    Thank you for publishing this. Her lies inspired the peoples who looted our capitol yesterday.

  72. CommunityGuy says:

    Excellent analysis, Vanessa! Stefanik is guilty of “Orwellian double-speak!”

  73. Dana says:

    NY 21 helped put Trump in office and directly put Stefanik in office. Now we own it. These people didn’t change their stripes after going to Washington. NY21 knew exactly who they voting to install in office. Is NY21 better for either of these hypocrites being elected? Why blame Stefanik? Look in the mirror!

    Time to take down the Trump flags. He lost. At this point, they are just rebel flags.

  74. Randy says:

    The more I look at scenes of the traitors and domestic terrorists breaking into the Capital building the more I can’t believe that these scum are affiliated with ANY political party other than anarchy and chaos. People who continue to believe the unfounded, unsubstantiated claims of voting fraud coming out of the mouths of Stefanik, Cruz, Hawley, Goemehrt and Trump are not idiots or morons, just folks who have found a way to ease their feelings of hurt and disrespect from a country that has seemed to pass them by. A combination of pandemic, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity and lack of respect for the lives lived in the North Country can lead to the outrage and frustration voiced by some in this forum. My hope is that a Biden administration will recognize this and do something about it to provide jobs and economic stability to the North Country and to so many other rural areas of the US. I am a privileged, old white guy with no financial worries, living off one of the few pensions still around, and Social Security, but I have ancestors who lived and worked and died in Santa Clara and Potsdam, who came off the family farms in Vermont and New Hampshire seeking a better way of life and found it there. The people who live in the North Country are good, hard working people who love their families and their country. They deserve to be represented by someone other than a Congresswoman who is probably just passing through on her way to another way to make more money or gain more power.

    • Zephyr says:

      Sorry Randy, but I have no sympathy for treasonous people who latch onto insane conspiracy theories to justify their racial hatred and grievances against the world. Yes, there are good people in the North Country, but they have a lot of work to do letting the bad people know their vile ideas and actions will not be tolerated. A start would be to elect a representative who represents the good people, and that is not Stefanik.

  75. Bob Morgia says:

    This woman is a DISGRACE to the position. For the past 4 years she has sided 100 per cent with Trump because she is looking to move up on politics. SHE HAS TO BE MADE TO RESIGN

  76. Tom Edmunds says:

    Thanks for your editorial Peter. I entirely agree with you about Elise. She is immature, power hungry and ignorant. A few years back when I lived in the district she represents, she struck me as someone unable to come to grips with problems or their solutions. Rather, she would wave the flag as much as possible and pretend that doing so would be a solution. Perhaps people from her district will get wise to this wanna be.

  77. Jane says:

    Elise, a Trump minion! For four years stood and spoke lies with Trump. Now I hope each time you see yourself in the mirror, you’l remember all your lies just…to get a better position in politics! You are a disgrace ! No one will ever forget what you did to destroy our Democracy! We in the North Country will never forget !

  78. Balian the Cat says:

    So, regardless of whether or not this article/opinion belongs here, the speech Elise gave late Wednesday night – regarding the Secretary of State on Georgia – was untrue. Her claim that he unilaterally altered the method of verifying signatures has been debunked by the secretary’s superiors, a review of the practices, and a federal court which rendered a comprehensive opinion on the matter. It is possible that Elise was misinformed by staff or that she is woefully ignorant – neither of these things good, but potentially forgivable – OR that she simply decided to knowingly misrepresent the facts to bolster the false claims of the President. If the later is the case, she lied.

  79. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Mike Ames says: “Elise is not lying there are thousands of people here in the north country feel that this election was so bogus that it was stolen from Us. There is mountains of evidence but the radical Democrats are choosing to sweep them under rug….”

    > I am not of the mind to read all of the above, but I’ve read enough to know it is all so very predictable what Stefanik supporter’s have to say, just as much as it was very predictable of how bad things would have got with another four years of the idiot-in-chief Donald Trump….and O’ what a relief it was to many of us, who evidently have an upper edge when it comes to smarts, when the news came that Biden won. And after what happened two days ago!

    > Regards the violence committed the other day, a Washington Post reporter said this:
    “The violence happened because of reckless irresponsible, elected officials, including the president who decided to spread baseless lies about an election, an attempt to subvert the will of the electorate in order to retain power for a man who lost an election, like an authoritarian despot. We can’t mince words about this! The adjudication of the election happened in the courts, dozens and dozens of times, and every single time the courts found that there was no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities, and yet over a hundred republicans in the house of representatives backed an effort to install trump in power despite that loss. That is authoritarian behavior, and the fact that people on the outside who are extremists, who are violent, decided to respond to their call, which Trump said by the way himself, “I want wild, quote, wild protests on January sixth in Washington DC.“ His lawyer Rudolph Guliani said he wanted trial by combat. It’s what we got! I think at some point we have to acknowledge that this was predictable; it was the logical endpoint of a series of encouragements coming from people in positions in power who knew better but decided to play with fire and America got burned yesterday.”

    > Those people in positions of power have been the republican base in this country, including Stefanik who has been a major player in going along with Trump’s lies and is very complicit in what happened in DC the other day. Nothing less! The truth is coming out and all of these republicans suddenly backing away from the idiot-in-chief…too little too late. I can go on and on but what’s the sense. People are delusional at best, including you Michael Ames, and all of you others who stand by all of this ugly that one man has created these past four years. There are many of us, 80 million evidently, who just have not been able to figure out how so many people can be that gullible, to support a man who has been an outright nasty person, a liar, selling off our national parks, this and that….. It is beyond comprehensible the support he has had. And look at what we got the other day! Trump’s legacy will be what happened two days ago. Now what do you all have to say? Who has it wrong now?

    > Jim Himes,a democratic congressman said this regards Trump fomenting the violence the other day:

    “Well, simply take a look at his twitter feeds which Twitter has done us the service of disabling for twelve hours, I think realizing that he might do more, the President through his twitter feed and through his speech, you only have to hear his speech today, and listen to his lawyer Rudolph Guliani who encouraged settling this by combat, his words…listen to his son who told the crowd that they should go to the Capital and make sure that republicans acted like heroes, not like zeroes. The President and his people, nearly to a person, encouraged this in very explicit terms, and so again, this President is not going to be tried for this particular crime but a prosecutor would have a very easy time with this particular case. The country has a lot of soul searching to do. We elected with a minority of voters in 2016 what most people knew, and what most people in their voting behavior knew, was that a terribly, terribly ill-equipped, damaged man to be our President. We still have some fourteen or fifteen days of this man who has lost the ability to tweet because of twitter, and lost his ability to post on Facebook, but has not lost his ability for example to launch a nuclear attack or start a war. It’s a very bizarre moment. So yes, the country has a great deal of reflection to do about this extremism that was stoked, about the misinformation that poisoned the minds of tens of millions of Americans. Yes, this is a moment…and look, when I was being taken out of the chamber by a guard with his weapon drawn, it occurred to me that we may have come close today to losing our democracy. One can never know if that’s true, but we do have a great deal of self reflection to do.”

    > Himes went on:
    “The hundreds of people who broke into the Capital today did not do that to find compromise to have a civil debate, to engage in dialogue with their fellow Americans, they did that to hurt people, to express rage and hatred and anger, so if you sit on my side of the aisle, and you’re asked to think about re-stitching our civic fabric, that’s a massive leap of faith. It’s one we will undertake, I will undertake…as we contemplate the destruction that Donald Trump has wrought on our body politic, it will take an almost saintly patience and endeavor to work and knit this country back together again.”

    > All of the above under republican leadership. Republicans who have been lying and saying that if Biden wins this country is going to go downhill real fast. I have been like, ‘What exactly do they mean by this?’ They never say, they just spew out the same lines over and over! And what the truck have they meant ‘Make America Great Again.’ All a bunch of bull! And how many Americans fell for it as they always do! Geez! I can go on and on and on but there’s no need. All you smart ones already know!

    > It will be kind of interesting to see how the liar Stefanik will carry herself now after how Trump, her, and her base, has shamed this country two days ago. How proud are we now?

    > Peter Bauer is very right when he says Elise Stefanik is a liar! Many of us have known that all along. It’s what they do because they know their constituency always falls for it (which doesn’t say much about their constituency) and it’s about their power not about our country! ABC! They all have been liars, they as in the Trump base, his puppet underlings, professional liars all of them, and to think of all the support they got…73 million! It boggles the mind!. We’re in trouble and one can only hope that after what happened the other day at least some of those 73 million will take a hard look at themselves and come to face reality. Thank you Peter for speaking out!

  80. Charlie S says:

    Jane says: “Elise, a Trump minion! For four years stood and spoke lies with Trump. Now I hope each time you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll remember all your lies just…to get a better position in politics! You are a disgrace ! No one will ever forget what you did to destroy our Democracy! We in the North Country will never forget!”

    O’ and let the truth so freely flow! We in other parts also Jane!

  81. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Vanessa says: “she really doesn’t give a crud how much the country burns as long as she comes out ok.”

    Yes maam! You speakum truth thank you!

  82. Zephyr says:

    “Ms. Stefanik and all her colleagues who tried to do an end run around the American electorate are no longer fighting a vigorous political campaign; they are subverting our democracy by clinging to this insidious fiction of a stolen election.” Times Union. https://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Editorial-Stop-this-Ms-Stefanik-15854430.php

  83. Scott Willis says:


    I don’t always agree with your views, but thank you for writing this piece.

    You nailed this one.

    Kingdon, Saranac Lake

  84. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Tom Edmunds says: “She is immature, power hungry and ignorant.”

    Ignorant! Did you see the faces on those Proud Boys and others in that mob? Even before you are aware of what they look like you know damn well they are not the brightest eggs. And then when you see them…their shameful real selves come to light. You can see it in their eyes…the empty look, in what they say, how they carry themselves, who or what they support! It only makes sense! We are attracted to like minds. This is science by now!

  85. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Peter Bauer says: Postscript…….. Yesterday, Elise Stefanik aided and abetted the takeover and vandalism of our Capitol building – the People’s House – by for spreading President Trump’s lies about the election for the past month, by taking part in a bogus lawsuit to nullify the votes of other states….

    Thank you Peter! Some of are very much aware of this. It’s those others that will never get it…is why the shameful act which took place two days ago in DC even took place!

  86. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Vanessa says: “What happened yesterday is the culmination of 4 long years of attempting to appease and reason with people who are very clearly telling us they’re not interested in talking. Whatever happened to “not negotiating with terrorists?” The rhetoric changes so fast a reasonable person can’t keep up…”

    Thank you again so clear-headed that you are Vanessa. Hypocrisy has been so prevalent these past four years from people who many others will swear by as supreme beings! We’re in trouble and our only hope is that after these past four years of Trump and his goon squad thugs some sort of awakening will come, especially after what took place the other day….which many people who call themselves true republicans, who supposedly stand by law & order, are complicit in.

  87. Anthony Menkel says:

    Thankyou. Well said

  88. James Bullard says:

    At the bottom of this is a simple fact. This was about freedom and democracy, the right to vote, the right of individuals to have a voice in our government. A right that the Republican Party, as evidenced by many of their actions, is opposed to. I could go through the list of technicalities they allege to deprive millions of the vote but those have already been listed and ruled to be bogus by recounts and over 60 courts.
    The simple fact is that a sitting president who lost, I repeat, *lost* re-election wanted the ballots of millions thrown out so that he could remain in office for (at least) four more years. Had he succeeded who knows what attack he would have made on the 2024 election. ELISE STEFANIK SUPPORTED THAT. The rest is just diversionary details.

  89. Boreas says:

    After 24 hours of acting shocked by what happened at the Capitol, the GOP is already back in line in support of the president. How many congressional GOP calls for resignation? Invoking the 25th amendment? Support for impeachment? The GOP in congress, including Stefanik, have just as much blood on their hands as Trump. If you do not remove a REAL threat to the US, you are complicit with the insurrection. NY21 needs to condemn this insurrection with all the power at our disposal.

  90. Boreasfisher says:

    Well said…

  91. Peggy Verdow says:

    I swore I would not get sucked into any more conversations about politics on Adirondack Almanack. I do know this. As long as everyone calls everyone else liars, stupid, dolts, etc. etc. (you supply the nouns and adjectives), there will never be sensible conversation again. There is blame to go around on both sides of the coin. One person was not responsible for any of the acts of rioting that have gone on in this country since last Spring. Everyone is upset , tired, and anxious. If you truly believe anyone who does not agree with you needs to be cancelled, run out of town, and humiliated; then, you are also part of the problem. Dictators and authoritarianism and one way thinking, never accomplish anything. I fear there are many people on this thread who cannot and never will recognize that there are two sides to a coin. And such events as happened on Jan. 6, 2021 will not be the exception. Once people started taking to the streets to protest, take over etc. parts of cities etc. , it was doomed to escalate. If we truly want this country to survive, the name calling and condemnation of any elected official needs to stop. I guess we are not that strong as a country, after all. We are being undone by fear, disease, race baiting on both sides and dissension. It does not help when people proclaim that they have all the answers and everyone better shape up and agree. That is not what a Democracy is all about. It is not about a population marching to one drum, one idea, one tune. It is not about punishing those who don’t agree with you. It is people with many ideas joining together to try to make a better world and country. Don’t demean those who do not totally agree with everything you say, think or feel. We will all be better off in the end result.

    In all my years of living (80 by the way), and all the places I lived, from Western New York, to D.C., to Virginia, to California, to Oklahoma and Ohio, and now back to New York, I have never felt so troubled by the incivility that reigns supreme. I weep for what was once the only place I wanted to live. Dreams die when people turn away and against each other.

    • Zephyr says:

      This isn’t an argument with shades of gray, like many are. Biden won the election legitimately and Stefanik keeps lying that there was significant voter fraud. She is incorrect. She continues to spread lies about the election that directly lead to a mob attacking our capital. That is a fact. Five people died. That is a fact. Sometimes people are just wrong, and Stefanik is wrong. She refuses to admit that or do anything to defuse the violence spawned by these lies. Someone who wants to be treated civilly needs to act with civility.

      • Peggy VerDow says:

        There are many shades of gray these days. Unless you were directly involved , on the inside of every election, in every state, can you stake your life on the fact that nothing could occur with the millions of ballots mailed without request ? I can’t. I wasn’t there. All I know is what I’m being told by politicians, media and people like you. Do I disagree? Not really. I’m ready to move on. Why is it wrong for people to object to outcomes? The Democrats did in the 2000 election. There were objections in the Kennedy/Nixon election, as well. In the long run, Joe Biden will be president and will be inaugurated in two weeks. But you believe that anyone who is Republican or ever supported President Trump is bad, was wrong and needs to apologize. Isn’t that what happens in places like Russia, China or wherever? Do you believe that anyone, anywhere who voted for Donald Trump or Elise Stefanic needs to apologize? Or if someone is a Republican , Mea Culpa is required to continue living ? Just keep up the mantra. PUNISH ! PUNISH! PUNISH! This is why many people are afraid to speak up. This is just the attitude that keeps it all going! The reality is you are part of a cancel culture that wants everyone else to go away. YOU are right . Everyone else who disagrees is wrong. That’s censorship ! Does it feel good?
        This in no way indicates that I have approved of any violent riots etc. and I would be willing to bet that Elise Stefanik doesn’t either. To blame her for the riots is unreasonable, simply because she had questions about some of the state’s election results. I don’t like anyone who takes the law into their own hands. We happen to have a member of the family in federal law enforcement, so I know of what I speak. You don’t like Elise? You know what you can do, vote in two years. But don’t denigrate those who support her. You have a right to your opinion but so does everyone else.

        • CommunityGuy says:

          This comment truly deserves the “Grand Total Straw-Man Achievement Award.” This is a seriously impressive total that will undoubtedly stand for a significant time!

          If anyone can come up with a greater number of “Straw-Men” in a single comment, please post and the award will be updated. We feel secure that you can’t!

          Congratulations to our current Champion!

        • adkDreamer says:

          Excellent. I would enjoy an article written by you far more than all the ‘hit pieces’ that appear here and everywhere else for that matter.

          I am fairly certain that I or anyone else could easily write a hit piece about Peter Bauer & Green Groups describing all the money wasted on frivolous lawsuits brought against the DEC/APA/Developers on the premise of conservation that all failed in court, yet NY State had to defend – at the tax payers expense. How would that square? Would an article describing the costs to New Yorkers bring solace to anyone?

          This article, as many hit pieces are, have only two purposes: Fan the flames of hate (or other emotions) and leverage media to garner as many eyeballs as possible to ensure that the content (web content here) creates an impression so the hosting media site can justify it’s usefulness to advertisers.

          Thank you Peggy VerDow for the most thoughtful and useful comment I have seen in many years.

          • Boreas says:

            I am sure the editors would publish ANY well written article. Feel free to submit anything you want. But they won’t do it anonymously.

        • Zephyr says:

          I know many Republicans who are totally embarrassed by Trump and Stefanik. I don’t know but I suspect they probably voted against them, rejecting this strange personality cult. Stefanik is a smart woman. She is lying to you. She knew that her attempt to overthrow the election wasn’t going anywhere, so she grabbed the chance to further ingratiate herself with the rabid Trump base. For those, like yourself, who have doubts about election integrity, the honorable thing to do would have been to calmly explain the facts (that she knows) to her constituents that the election was lost, it is over, time to move on to other political fights. Instead she continued and continues to fan the flames that will continue to burn for a long time. We are not getting back to civility anywhere until this scourge on our country is defeated.

    • LeRoy Hogan says:

      Thank you Peggy

    • Lillian says:

      Thank you Peggy, for stating so eloquently what I was unable to, but is in my heart…

    • Kay says:

      Thank you Peggy Verdow. Thank you for your wisdom and the words to help us through these troubling times. It is sad we cannot see the scars forming in our own hearts. I weep along with you. Hope for our nation has to come from within.

  92. Walter Wouk says:

    She is a seditious collaborator — a traitor to this country and everything it stands for.

  93. Patrick Munn says:

    Thank you Peggy for clarity…

  94. Peggy VerDow says:

    Thank you Patrick.
    I challenge you all to Alex Trebek’s final thoughts to his TV audience. A transplanted Canadian, by the way.
    “We’re trying to build a gentler, kinder society-and if we all pitch in – just a little bit-we’re gonna get there”.

    That from a man who was dying and knew it.

    We can do no less. Thank you.

  95. geogymn says:

    Peggy, Your wisdom is profound. I hope you stick around for awhile, society needs people like you.

  96. Boreas says:


    When a political PARTY pushes down the guardrails by ignoring the rule of law, repeatedly spreading dis-information, ignoring external cyber-threats, ignoring internal threats, ignoring a pandemic, and ignoring the main culprit behind it all, it no longer can take itself seriously or expect civility. Civility works TWO ways. How much of this could have been avoided by the Senate removing the president a year ago when impeachment proceedings were in their lap? But instead, they chose not to even listen to the case. I believe their solution was “Let the voters decide in November.” How did that work out?? Add to this the ignoring of the blatant politicization and hijacking of the Justice department, and the stream of disinformation about voting that started well BEFORE the election, and the absurdity and lies AFTER the election. Why should the opposing party sit by calmly and be civil? Civility is long gone.

    If we are to heal, it isn’t going to be by the opposing party simply smiling and letting bygones be bygones. WE need a gesture by the OFFENDING party showing its responsibility to the Constitution, power of law, and civility. If they take a step back from the brink, perhaps discourse will become more civil. If they don’t, well, things will likely become less civil.

    • JohnL says:

      You have GOT to be kidding me Boreas!! Ignoring the rule of law. Repeatedly spreading dis-information, ignoring the culprit behind the pandemic. Etc Etc. These are ALL things the D’s did to this President because A. They didn’t like his personality, or 2. He wasn’t part of the DC establishment. This President drasticallly improved the economy, simplified regulations, reduced unemployment to record levels, protected our borders, made us energy independent, instituted prison reform, got us a vaccine in record time, and yes, laid the blame for the pandemic squarely on the Chinese, etc etc. Peggy, and Alex Trebek are right. We should have a kinder, gentler society.However, in light of 4 years of watching the insufferable Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuckie Schumer spewing their hate filled diatribes at everything this President did, I will NEVER be kinder and gentler toward establishment politicians such as them. Sorry Peggy. I know I should be a better person, but the other side has taken this far beyond my, and a lot of peoples, breaking points. The game is on!!

      • Balian the Cat says:

        JohnL – Allow me to ask this: All of your anger aside, how can we go forward if we can’t even speak civilly to one another? I have seen your comments on these pages. I certainly can’t claim to know you but I don’t dislike you. You have brought things to my attention before that we’re helpful, etc – but I don’t agree with and can, in my mind, justifiably argue with everything you state as fact above. I don’t need you to agree with me, I can respect POV’s and philosophies that run counter to mine…so how do you and I get out in front of this?

        I don’t expect you to know the answer to this and I apologize for using you to make my point – but I do believe this to be the crux of the biscuit.

        • JohnL says:

          Allow me to ask you right back. Have you not seen, heard, and felt all the anger and hatred that has been directed at this President by political opponents, the main stream media, and others since before he was even inaugurated? He’s been gang attacked from day 1. And you ask me to put MY anger aside? No need to apologize Ballian, as you’ve been reasonable in most of your posts, but the answer about moving forward is, sadly, no, and not just because my side says so. I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but before you count me out as a kook and an outlier, remember that 75 million people voted for the President. Happy New Year Ballian. Stay safe.

          • Balian the Cat says:

            You’re not a kook, JohnL. Fare thee well.

          • Zephyr says:

            Justified anger when a man running for president jokes about groping women, was infamous for stiffing contractors who worked for him, lost a Civil Rights lawsuit that proved discrimination against minorities, and spread birther lies about Obama. And those things, among many others, were before he was even elected. Since then the outrages are too numerous to list, but topped by failing to direct the country in a battle against a pandemic that has cost more than 350,000 lives. If Trump had done one single thing he would have saved thousands of lives–told everyone to wear masks. He could have done a lot more. He is derelict in his duty and a criminal. Yes, a lot of us hate him.

            • Zephyr says:

              By the way, get your numbers straight. Trump got about 74.2 million votes, while Biden got about 81.3 million. More than 7 million more votes than Trump. Trump lost.

            • JohnL says:

              As opposed to Bill Clinton, who actually DID grope women. And hang around with Epstein, etc, etc. Happy New Year to you too Zephyr.

              • Sean A Nolan says:

                ???Bil Clinton looks like a school boy compare to WhinyDementiaPsychoThugDonnie in the groping women, pedophile partying with Epstein and Maxwell. The man has said multiple times he wanted to do his daughter. Every see some of those really strange pics of him with Ivanka was a child. How about how he loved walking through the dressing rooms of underage girls when he ran the Jr. Miss Universe or the two dozen sexual harassment and assault claims. This apple is an orange game your playing, smells like the delusional fantasies of a fanatic trying to make excuses for his cult masters

          • Sean A Nolan says:

            What is amazing is the right, supporters and the cult fanatics of Trump that are screaming , “I AM THE ONLY VICTIM HERE. That side has been calling the left names since Reagan and screaming it since Obama. When Trump started his run he literally did it with name calling as did his supporters. It has ONLY gotten worse and more cultish since. Oh, the legal going after, is because the clown and his cult was a direct result of 100 + contacts with Russians, asking for help from Russia and siding with russia over our interests, violating the norms the right and his sycophants want the left to follow. You know, “do as I say, not as I do.” He has stoked hatred his whole life and even more so the last five years. Yet when the left or people that dislike him, go after him or his sycophants they wail. Oh you cannot do that, with the very tactics that we have used so intensely with so much hatred against you. You know just like, that abject hared WE SAW ON WEDNESDAY, but they cry foul. Your picking on me, being unfair, mean, blah blah, blah.

      • James Bullard says:

        JohnL, You can’t be serious. Yes Trump reduced (trashed) regulations including clean air and water standards, threw out measures to reduce automobile pollution, opened up public lands to exploitation, etc. Those are not good things in my estimation. He also reduced funding for sustainable energy in order to maintain the oil companies’ market. The Unemployment in case you haven’t been looking is not down and he has the worst jobs record in decades. Blaming China did nothing to control the pandemic when he did almost nothing to control it in spite of knowing about it in January. I could go on but you really need a different and more objective source of information and the bottom line is that this is about an attempt to overthrow our democracy, not his personality or that he wasn’t part of the establishment. He could have the sweetest personality in the world and I would still object to his effort to thwart the will of the majority.

        • JohnL says:

          Yup, I’m serious. Happy New Year James.

          • ADKresident says:

            JohnL- have you ever heard someone yelling, “Stop yelling?”. Well, that’s what it’s like reading alot of these comments. Except instead of “Stop yelling”, it’s “Stop the hatred”, with hearts filled with hatred. The irony of the hypocrisy is both comical and sad.
            I’m so done with the name-calling, lies and intimidation in order to silence. I’m with you~ Game on.

      • Boreas says:

        I will be glad to attempt the “kinder, gentler nation” (that you apparently have no concept of) IF and WHEN I start seeing simple acts of contrition. It’s gonna have to start with you guys. We haven’t stormed the capitol, spread lies about an election (staring months before the election), the Senate not having an impeachment trial, ignoring an ongoing cyber-attack, ignoring a president trying to pressure state legislators into “finding” votes, etc., etc.. Oh yeah, and a botched, embarrassing pandemic control effort – still being botched 10 months out. How many dead now???

        If a president is going to base his administration on literally thousands of lies creating an alternate reality, and his party falls in step cowering behind your Pied Piper, don’t come asking for kindness from your opposition. As Mitch said when deciding not to try this criminal a year ago, ‘Let the voters decide in November’. We did, but did that come close to solving the problem?? It blew up instead. The GOP has kicked this can down the road for 4 years knowing the consequences. You have made your own bed. Get used to it. Show a little contrition if you want to smooth ruffled feathers.

  97. Walter Wouk says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reckon that people who do hateful things are hated.

  98. Zephyr says:

    “With her mendacious malarkey, Stefanik effectively endorsed Trump’s attempt to upend democracy by disenfranchising millions of voters. As he tried to steal an election, she was an accomplice.” https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Churchill-Elise-Stefanik-fails-a-crucial-test-15857969.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight

    • Balian the Cat says:

      I am guessing she wasn’t handing out her “Back the Blue” t-shirts to the folks with pipe bombs and fire extinguishers last Wednesday, either.

      • Zephyr says:

        Stefanik and others who are trying to walk a tightrope between the anarchists and loyalty to our country have to be very careful what they say and do. Look at what happened to Trump’s right hand man, Mike Pence. One pronouncement that doesn’t fit with the mob’s desires and they were chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” It’s a lot easier for people who know what the right thing to do is and are trying to do it. The majority will support people like that.

        • Balian the Cat says:

          Perhaps I am naive, but I would like to think the “right thing” for public servants to do is serve the public.

  99. Tom says:

    Stefanick is and has always been nothing more than a self serving, lying piece of garbage. Even after an attack and attempted overthrow of the US government she continues to incite violence by misleading her gullible constituents. People like her must go before there are more riots and death. This must stop now!

  100. Boreasfisher says:

    Thank you Boreas for your continued, patient, well reasoned, and constructive responses. As a compatriot flyfisher along the banks of the sunny Boreas, may the trout rise, the people see reason, and the country rediscover its peaceful and harmonious home, open to all peoples of good will.

    • Boreas says:


      Thanks for the support. I went as long as I could without responding, but with recent events and the ongoing distortion of the truth and attempts at diverting the conversation away from what is happening in the comments, I am not feeling particularly conciliatory. Trumpsters aren’t the only people who can get riled up. The not-so-subtle call to violence over the last few months to defy the vote if the president lost has to be called out for what it is. Now isn’t the time for conciliation. Before conciliation is possible, there must be contrition. Unfortunately, I am afraid civil unrest is going to become worse, not better. Too many megaphones supporting it.

  101. John S says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this article, or be more disappointed in the path that Elise Stafonik has chosen since aligning with Trump. This is particularly true since acting as Trump’s female attack dog during his first impeachment. Looks like she will get a second opportunity for a repeat role.
    Will she be as enthusistic this time?
    I hope that everyone participating in “the big lie” ( re election theft –
    there are many! ) and subsequent seditious acts & murder are held accountable to an appropriate degree. I think a good starting place would be significant jail time for inciters and the the guy who killed the police officer, medium time jail terms for rioters, expulsion from congress for enablers.

  102. Steve B. says:

    Arnold’s comments are spot on:


  103. Charlie S says:

    JohnL says: “Allow me to ask you right back. Have you not seen, heard, and felt all the anger and hatred that has been directed at this President by political opponents, the main stream media, and others since before he was even inaugurated?”

    > Surely you’re a good man JohnL, but the things you say! Your values differ from mine evidently, and many others. Trump is, and has been, a first class idiot, and a threat to all what is left of morality, decency, good…. in this society. Your words are full of hypocrisy! Just look at Obama’s eight years in office….the republican party never let up on him for his whole two terms. Never! I didn’t vote for the Obama, I didn’t trust him, but by far he was less of a threat to our democracy than this despicable excuse for a human Donald Trump. It is beyond me how much support he has had and still has. The truth is coming out JohnL & his legacy is unfolding rather rapidly which is no surprise to this here cowboy as I believe in karma! What goes around comes around and Donald Trump deserves all that is coming to him. He has been such a horrible person nevertheless President. I don’t even feel sorry for him! I’m surprised it took so long for some of those evidently smarter republicans to back away from him.

    • Boreas says:

      Well said Charlie!

      Long-standing friendships are even being torn apart by the decisiveness in the country. Half of my few close friends are Trump supporters, Rush listeners, and FOX watchers. I do not believe their views are coming only from Trump, but rather the radio/TV “personalities” posing as news anchors hiding behind their megaphones. These people have enriched themselves by the daily distortion of reality and passing on lies, fabrications, and conspiracy theories. No culpability there??

      • Boreas says:

        “divisiveness” in first sentence. But I suppose decisiveness works as well.

      • JohnL says:

        Just to clarify your statement Boreas. You mean conspiracy theories, lies, and distortions like the ‘Russian Collusion’ conspiracy, or the ‘Ukrainian phone call’ conspiracy that led to a failed impeachment. Those lies??
        You think I only have my views, which YOU say are distortions of daily happenings, because President Trump and radio and tv personalities are ‘leading me astray’. Get over your sanctimonious self Boreas. I have my views because I take the time to see all sides of an issue and make my decisions based on that. I take full responsibility for them.
        Always good to hear from you CharlieS. Happy New Year! Stay safe pal.

        • Zephyr says:

          Focus JohnL! We’re talking about Stefanik’s support of Trump’s lies asserting there was massive election fraud and Joe Biden didn’t win legitimately. Do you believe those lies, or do you believe the 63 court cases that were lost by Trump supporters trying to prove the lies? Court cases before Republican judges in many cases. Do you believe the fraud was so perfect that there is no evidence of it? Do you believe the fraud was so perfect that it only impacted Biden’s vote count and not Republicans who won on the same ballots? Do you believe the fraud was so perfect that even Republican secretaries of state and governors certified the election results? Do you really believe that Trump was cheated out of more than 7 million votes?

          • JohnL says:

            My focus is laser like. I was commenting on Boreas’ statement, I never even gave you a thought.
            Since you asked, however, it would be rude for me not to answer your questions. My answers are yes to all EXCEPT the part where you say it was so perfect that there is no evidence. As in all crimes, there IS evidence somewhere, and eventually the truth will come out.
            Last comment……REALLY! Happy New Year Zephyr. Stay safe.

            • James Bullard says:

              So, are you saying there is evidence, it’s just that no one has been able to find it yet to present it in court? If no one has been able find it, how do you know it exists? Exactly what do yo base your certainty on? In your version of reality have you entertained the possibility that no one has found proof because there wasn’t a significant level of fraud?

        • Sean A Nolan says:

          The woman’s action today ( 1/20) just proves what she ALWAYS has been a partisan two faced hack. Biden is sworn in, suddenly she hypocritically goes all, ” I’m all about bipartisanship. ” Yeah right.

  104. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Not to continue pursuing this undead horse any further JohnL, but I must speak out, and hopefully not be deterred from speaking out, as the truth must be told in these uncertain times. The impeachment is on Trump’s record which isn’t going away. A second impeachment is in the works…a first! I saw some of the hearings where they had diplomats and former top military brass testifying under oath, highly honored and decorated military and government officials that served under both republican and democratic Presidents. Respected officials…until Trump got to them! Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was one of those. I saw how they treated her, they as in Trump loyalists… they were brutal towards her, downright nasty, and she was telling the truth!

    I’ve been tuned-in, just a little, to Glenn Beck and some of the other far-right monopolists’ on the radio of late, just to hear what they are saying. They are downplaying what took shape in Washington DC last week, and expectedly edging-in blame on the far left, or liberals, or democrats, or whatever their flavor is terminology-wise in the moments. They’re telling their audience, the millions of them falsehoods, or half-truths, and especially I noticed they were bringing up issues other than what took shape in DC last week (diversion tactics!), most all of it anti liberal, or far left….. like how things are going to be so horrible in this country when the new president and the democrats get in, etc. Let us pray that they won’t be as horrible as these past four years!

    In short JohnL. this country is not looking too well so far as a secure future is concerned. What took shape last week was the lowest we have ever sunk as a nation and a democracy, and under republican leadership I might add, not to go partisan or political but it is what it is if you know what I mean, and I do not get satisfaction in saying that. Let me ask you! And this goes out to all who attend the same school:

    Let us turn this around. Let us say that our President who just recently, and LEGALLY, lost this last election, was a democrat, a liberal, a far leftist as the sayings go. What if it was a leftist mob that stormed our nation’s Capital and created the carnage we saw just last week…they had guns, bombs were found, a noose was displayed. What if? I know what if? The other side would be all over this, they’d be raising hell, but we’re not seeing any of that. There is actually a low murmur, if that, coming from most of the right and there’s even blame being put on the party that had nothing to do with it. It’s disgraceful! I can go on and on but my drift has been conveyed

    I heard on the radio earlier today that another police officer died relative to the carnage last week in DC JohnL. There’s a lot of blame to go around on this….Trump of course owning the bulk of the blame, our President! And all of those loyalists who egged him on knowing it was all lies he was spewing, including Elise Stefanik….they should all be ashamed of themselves but I suppose they’d have to have even an inkling of a conscience to come to that!

  105. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Zephyr says: “Do you believe the fraud was so perfect that there is no evidence of it? Do you believe the fraud was so perfect that it only impacted Biden’s vote count and not Republicans who won on the same ballots? Do you believe the fraud was so perfect that even Republican secretaries of state and governors certified the election results? Do you really believe that Trump was cheated out of more than 7 million votes?”

    As an addendum….I’ve been thinking if the democrats were so good at rigging the election why in the world did they not give themselves more senate seats which the republicans strongly held on to? If you ask me that wasn’t so smart of them…if it were the case of rigging that is so claimed by “the mob.”

  106. Charlie Stehlin says:

    JohnL says: “Always good to hear from you CharlieS. Happy New Year! Stay safe pal.”

    I know how much you must’ve missed me JohnL…. you the same, have a happy New Year! May truth and cooler heads prevail this new year! May the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be taken off the chopping block. May those little Mexican boys and girls who were displaced from their mommies at the Mexican border, and never re-united with them, be re-united. May those over one-hundred environmental laws, which were chopped into pieces, be put back together again. May the real ‘fake news’ finally be erased from the public domain once our next President steps up to the podium. May …………………………

  107. Tom says:

    Learn to pronounce
    adjective: fraudulent
    obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.
    “the fraudulent copying of American software”
    unjustifiably claiming or being credited with particular accomplishments or qualities.
    “he unmasked fraudulent psychics”

  108. MIke says:

    Apparently Harvard thinks she is(and has) been lying about the election etc. See the latest, Stefanik was asked to resign from her position on the Harvard Institute of Politics Senior Advisory Committee. She declined and was then removed by Harvard. She then tweeted out the same old right wing cry of being denied her first amendment rights or something to that effect.


    Great analysis Peter.

  110. Linda Martin says:

    I am reading this for the first time on 1/14/21. This well written article disproves ALL of stephanik’s lies Even after the insurrection on the Capital by domestic terrorists who were incited by the lies of trump and other repubicans, including stephanik, putting our Congress men/women in a situation that could have led to their death, in fact it did lead to 5 people losing their lives, she still spewed these lies by voting against the election results.There can be no other answer than what Peter said at the end of his article, stephanik is ONLY out for herself and does not care if she undermines our democracy! Seems like she likes the POWER just as much as trump does and will use it in a way that will support her own future. It is obvious that stephanik does not believe that the United States of America under the constitution, is a government of the people, by the people, for the people, that shall not perish from the earth. She must believe that this applies to only some people and not All people.

  111. glenn flynn says:

    elise does not represent truth or the people she needs to go with the trump cult and let the people elect a true representative

    • Boreas says:


      I believe Stefanik is a good example of what is currently WRONG in Congress. Congress SHOULD be a body where each member represents all of their constituents. It should NOT be opposing parties/tribes/teams battling it out for raw power and ideological agendas. When you are a representative, you take an oath to observe and protect the Constitution by SERVING your constituents, not climbing the power ladder by engaging in overt partisanship.

      Stefanik and MANY other representatives feel they owe their allegiance ONLY to the powers that put them in office. They routinely turn their back on people who did not support them. But these officials, once elected, need to represent ALL of their constituents – both supporters and detractors – and put that in front of party/team/tribe politics. Unfortunately, this is a rare quality in politics today. Before politicians are even elected, they are cultivating the power to get re-elected. Nothing new, but obviously, this is strains the intent of the Constitution.

      • Zephyr says:

        Seems to me that a basic job requirement for being a Congressperson should be to not tell lies while on the job. Do that at almost any other job and you will be shown the door. Do it in Congress and nothing happens. Which seems particularly incredible when the lies helped encourage an armed attack on our government that resulted in multiple deaths.

  112. Edward Welch says:

    This is right on. It is sickening to even feel a need to respond to this kind of Trumpish BS, that is so blatantly full of lies and so inconsistent with actual facts. One of the strongest arguments for debate is the FACT that several of the Republicans have opted for the truth. This is backed up by the FACT that Republicans as well as Democrats were involved as overseers in the actual counting of the votes.

  113. David Sawyer says:

    We are forgetting that Stefanik supports a molesting, adulterous, incestuous pathological liar who committed fraud against university students and charitable organizations. Her character is judged by those she adores.

  114. Joan Logan says:

    Stefanik is a worse choice than Chaney, who is bad enough. Why would Trump back her? Surely there is someone better to represent those of us on the right.

  115. Walter Wouk says:

    Stefanik is supporting a sociopathic, insurrectionist, and by doing sosShe has abandoned her oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;…”

  116. Nickihoyboy says:

    Peter Bauer,
    I am sick and disgusted that the Adirondack Almanack would allow itself to become a political forum. You obviously have a very strong political opinion concerning Elise Stefanik and Donald Trump, but I don’t feel this is the means and method you should be using to express your beliefs. Your opinions are sure to elicit strong responses from people who strongly disagree with your opinions, and I, for one, do not want to see the Almanack cluttered with a lot of political bulls**t from either side. I had hoped to escape from the constant barrage on this site, so please, keep your political opinions to yourself, or express them elsewhere.

  117. paul lajeunesse says:

    stop the bold face lying Stefanik. the proof is in the courts and constitution. we don’t need dictators like trump here, we ejected them in 1776. the Jan.6 storming of the
    capital was not peaceful Stefanik, open your eyes and stop LYING.

  118. Lee Alekel says:

    Fantastic opinion piece on Stefanik’s hypocrisy & lies. Who will run against Stefanik in 2022? We need a resolute, strong candidate with integrity.
    We moved to Saratoga County in January 2021 and would like further information on local politics, especially issues that have far-reaching impact beyond our own county.

  119. Mayra says:

    Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good effort.

  120. Scott K. Willis says:


    I have occasionally disagreed with your, and PTA, positions in the past, but this opinion piece is well written and spot on. Keep up the good work Peter.

    Scott K. Willis
    Saranac Lake

  121. Mick Finn says:

    Socialists supporting socialism and they don’t know it or understand it.

  122. Mick Finn says:

    Socialists supporting socialism and they don’t know it or understand it.

  123. Cf says:

    She should be prosecuted for these lies.

  124. Walter says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that if an individual supports a traitor to this country, they are also engaging in treasonous behavior,

    • Chuck M. says:

      Where are our Trumpers now? Still onboard with him?

      Robert Gdyk
      And others, so confident that they’re right. And so definitively wrong.

      Any regrets trumpers? Or are you still onboard the MAGAtrain?
      Looks like Elise still is. Can’t imagine why here high school alma mater shuns her though.

      • ADKresident says:

        Sorry, Chuck- – Still here.
        Many of us are very busy celebrating the overturning of Roe vs Wade ! 🎉

        Regrets? Are you kidding? Unashamedly NO!!. And right now it’s just too much fun watching the left destroy their own party as their failing agenda gets crushed piece by piece by the hands of their own leader who should be in an assisted living facility with a room in the dementia wing.

        • Chuck M. says:

          Welp, sounds simply orgasmic for you folks. Live it up while you can because the tea leaves don’t look good for the Trumptrain and the MAGA, what with the steady stream of Republicans ready to turn him in to the Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection.
          I’m sure you’re scoffing and insulting them because that’s what you do when you disagree, but facts are facts and even the Trump kids aren’t buying it.

          • ADKresident says:

            What a class act you are, Chuck. You must’ve written this comment from sitting in a mirrored room.

      • JohnL says:

        Oh my gosh ChuckM. You’re the 1st fan of mine that’s ever reached out to me. From the bottom of my heart……Thank You!
        P.S. You bet I’m still on onboard with the Greatest President of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Things are really starting to fall into line now, what with the reversing of Roe and allowing personal firearm carry in NY. And, I can’t wait to see what happens in November. Bet you’re looking forward to that too. Maybe we can party together after the election.
        P.P.S. Elise is an incredible asset to this country. I only wish I lived in her district so I could vote for her.

        • ADKresident says:

          As the tide turns red, (and it is) let us hope those pointing the fingers in scorn do not burn down businesses, loot, riot, and show up at public servants’ homes simply because those with opposing views are winning, by means of representation of the peoples as a Constitutional Republic. Watch, with predictabie behavior, how they cry “Fowl”, ” Rigged”, “Pack the Courts”, ” PickYourPhobic name of the day” , and of course, ” Racists” etc….and become the actual embodiment of everything they have accused Trump supporters of being. Just another summer of love until mudterms.
          Such good times, JohnL! 🙂

          • JohnL says:

            Sadly, everything you mention (riot, loot, etc) will probably take place. We just have to follow thru with these next 2 elections and try to get a Justice Department back that will do something about it.

  125. David B Sawyer says:

    So sad that so many folks support the molesting of women and the incest the orange clown enjoys. I guess subverting the law and pathological lying is the defense mechanism of the ignorant.

  126. Walter says:

    Time for a reality check. Donald Trump lost the election. It was his followers who took part in the January 6th insurrection. It was his followers that attempted to stop the certification of Biden’s victory. It was his followers that amplified Trump’s claim that the election was rigged, despite the fact that there isn’t a shred of objective evidence to support his claim. The people pointing their fingers in scorn are Trump supporters.
    So keep on trolling folks.

    • ADKresident says:

      Thanks, Walter! I’m totally convinced now that my vote should’ve gone to the one “leading” this nation from so far behind, he thinks he’s first. Everything is going so well now, from leaving 1000s of Americans & billion$ in military equipment /vehicles in Afghanistan for the Talibans, to the failing economy, to record high gas pricing , to criminals running rampant, to men stealing women’s trophies, to open borders., etc, etc… Gee, I wonder how I could’ve missed voting for this genius now at the helm?

      But, hey, Tesla cars are selling like crazy and we have added a few more gender pronouns to our vocabulary.. Shew…So thankful you and Chuck have set me straight. I will be sure to remember all this come Nov…Thank again for enlightening me!

      • Bill Keller says:

        Wake up America, neither party gives a dam of the plight of the average American. SCOTUS sold us down the river with the Citizen United ruling, corporations and the wealthy elite can donate as much money as they want to political campaigns. So who “owns” the politician and who do they work for in reality, certainly not the average citizen. Today our country is divided across many fronts, just what the elites want.

  127. Walter says:

    Way to ignore the fact that Donald Trump is a traitor, but it appears that Trump supporters don’t have a problem with that. Opposing Trump doesn’t equate with supporting Biden

  128. Merry says:

    I still do not see how she was elected. We could smell her all the way from south of the Park. Folks finally getting a reality check?

  129. Ben says:

    Both sides are lying here. Republicans to cover Trumps ass & Democraps with any facts. It’s politics. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you must live under a rock!

    • Chuck M. says:

      Only one side doesn’t accept our US courts’ decisions the elections were fair and that they lost. And only one side is willing to use their delusions to justify violence against our government.

      I’d say (as I believe most in this country would say) that if you can’t accept our courts’ judgement, you might be living under a rock.

  130. David Sawyer says:

    Wonderful precise analysis. Not to mention the endless lies of delivering funds she either opposed or had absolutely nothing to with. As despicable are the local leaders who are complicit, spineless sycophants.

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