Thursday, January 14, 2021

Schroon Lake gets Adirondacks’ first non-Tesla Fast Charger

The first non-Tesla fast charger for electric vehicles (EV) in the Adirondack Park was unveiled recently in Schroon Lake, encouraging more usage of EV’s by making fast charging more accessible and convenient for everyone.

There are four, 175-kilowatt Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) located in Schroon Lake meant to service drivers around the Adirondack Region. The chargers are the fifth installment of EVolve NY, a statewide effort established in 2018 to create a charging network along key travel corridors and urban areas. The New York Power Authority NYPA initiative seeks to accelerate Governor Cuomo’s statewide ambitions of clean energy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“A fast charging station is a perfect fit for the Adirondack Park with its extensive protected wilderness and reputation for healthy, clean, low-impact activities that preserve the environment, this location will make it easier and more convenient for residents and visitors to own EVs and be a welcome stop for people visiting the area and traveling to and from Montreal. NYPA’s EVolve NY network is taking shape as it helps reduce gas emissions and supports Governor Cuomo’s climate leadership goals.” Said NYPA President and CEO Gil C. Quiniones about the project.

The four chargers are installed in the parking lot of a Sunoco station on U.S. 9 in Essex County. They are the first fast chargers which offer non-proprietary charging within the Blue Line, meaning they can power any fully electric vehicle that allows for fast charging, regardless of make or model. The only other fast charger in the region is a Lake Placid Supercharger which can only be used by Tesla. The fast chargers can charge an EV in around 20 minutes, making them a better choice then regular “Level 2” public chargers, which can take up to six hours for a full charge. The fast chargers at Schroon Lake are on the EV Connect network and you can use the EV Connect phone app, or a credit card to pay.

“The EVolve NY program has positioned itself at the forefront of next-generation EV infrastructure by commissioning ultra-high-power dynamic chargers, the network software provider. “EVolve NY has taken a strategic approach to energy optimization at the charger level, and the design and installation insights gained from this site establish the foundation for future-proofing and scaling ultra-high-power charging sites.” Said Blair Sun Chee Fore, director of PMO, EV Connect.

To find more information about EVolve NY fast chargers, check out PlugShare or by downloading the Chargeway app.


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3 Responses

  1. Bill Ott says:

    The lowest priced Tesla I could find, the 2021 Model 3, starts at $39,190 with a full charge. Tesla stock increased by 740% in 2020. If I would have bought Tesla stock instead of a Tesla car (I did neither), I would now have $290,006, and been able to buy a real car and bought the AdAk editorial staff a new snowblower.

  2. CJ says:

    How much does a Full, 20 Minute, Fast Charge cost?

  3. Bill Ott says:

    Great question. Go here:

    Some fill-ups are by time and others are by Kwh.

    Here are numbers from the above site for the most economical model, the 3-SR-Plus.
    Ohio: $ 7.02 electric vs $41.33 gas @$2.85 per gallon.
    New York: $10.26 electric vs $41.33 gas @$2.85 per gallon.

    Another good comparison would be service costs.