Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Siena Poll: Majority of NYers say worst of pandemic still to come

Covid awareness signBy a 55-31 percent margin, New Yorkers say the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come. Seven percent of New Yorkers say they have already been vaccinated and among those who have not, 69 percent say they plan to get vaccinated and 27 percent say they do not, according to a new Siena College Poll of New York State voters released today.

Fifty-four percent of voters say the incoming Biden Administration will have a positive impact on New York, compared to 23 percent who say it will have a negative impact and 16 percent who say it will have no real impact.

New Yorkers also say, 49-22 percent, as Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer will have a positive impact on the state, with 18 percent saying no real impact. By almost two-to-one, 62-33 percent, voters support Attorney General Letitia James continuing to investigate the financial dealings of President Donald Trump’s businesses.

“While 31 percent of New Yorker think the worst of the pandemic is over, 55 percent say the worst is yet to come. Unlike some issues that divide New Yorkers by partisanship, geography or race, this question doesn’t. A majority of between 50 and 61 percent of Democrats, Republicans, independents, upstaters, downstaters, Black, Latino and white voters all think the worst of the pandemic is still in front of us,” said Steven Greenberg, Siena College pollster.

“In fact, a majority of every demographic group says the worst is still to come, with the exception of voters under 35 – only a plurality – and conservatives, a plurality of whom think the worst is over.

“New York – like the country – has a long way to go on getting people vaccinated for COVID-19, with only seven percent saying they’ve received the vaccine. More than two-thirds of those who’ve not yet been vaccinated say they plan to but about one-quarter of New Yorkers say they don’t plan on getting the vaccine, including about one-third of Republicans, independents, voters under 35, and Black and Latino voters,” Greenberg said.

Photo: A Covid awareness sign in Hamilton County/Almanack file photo

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18 Responses

  1. Tim-Brunswick says:

    Gee whiz ..things aren’t bad enough and you folks come up with a great “Doom N Gloom” story !!

    Things really are bad, but for crying out loud how about some sunshine now and then!! ??

  2. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come.”

    I was never one for relying on polls, have always thought, ;’How can they know?’ But this bug, this pandemic…..we ‘don’t’ know! It is global, there’s not a place on this wee orb where there is a population that it has not reached. Things could very well get worse! We are overly optimistic many of us as is evidenced by all of the carefree, ‘me’ attitudes out there, ie..walking around without masks, large gatherings without masks, ugly nostrils dangled outside of masks. If this pandemic has not brought to the surface the extent of our narcissism nothing will.

    “Things really are bad, but for crying out loud how about some sunshine now and then!! ??”

    There has been some sunshine Tim…..we have a smart, new commander-in-chief which has the whole world grasping a sense of hope first time in four years! Whether this will be the case time will tell, but there has been some light since November 4. A little bit of sunshine fer shur but how long will it last? Time will tell as it always does!

  3. Zephyr says:

    The worst is still to come because so many are acting so selfishly, but we also have to ask why New York’s vaccine system is such a farce? I live in a big county with lots of people and we don’t have a single vaccine site listed, and the nearest available vaccine appointments are more than 100 miles away. Why are we asked to keep checking the website over and over again only to find no appointments? Why not just register once and then be notified when the vaccine is available at a nearby clinic? The current system is stupid and frustrating and will lead to deaths as seniors, first responders, teachers and others have to fight one another to get vaccinated.

  4. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Zephyr says: “I live in a big county with lots of people and we don’t have a single vaccine site listed, and the nearest available vaccine appointments are more than 100 miles away.”

    There was no national plan Zephyr, which was needed. Every state was left to it’s own devices which was not too bright but we know the story there as one thing is often the reflection of another. How could there be order if one state, or county, says “Wear a mask!” & the county, or state, next door says, “Don’t wear a mask!”

    We are a year behind on this pandemic in this country. Just imagine if we had to do another four years of what we just went through these past four! A dreaded thought contrary to what 70 million believe. We have some catching up to do which might just happen now that cooler heads prevail in DC! It is not New York as much as it has been the dysfunction which came out of DC. The “we’re going to go it alone” crowd is just today being erased from existence, at least physically, so that now maybe some things will get done. Again…time will tell. At the very least there is a sense of hope now which we haven’t had in a heckuva long stretch.

  5. People who decline to get vaccinated without a sound medical reason, which would aid in herd immunity for all, should be moved to the very back of any line if they later change their mind.

  6. Charlie Stehlin says:

    I’m hesitant to get vaccinated myself Richard for my own reasons. Maybe eventually I might change my mind but as yet I have not put much brain strain into it. I will say that I know a baby that went south immediately after she had vaccination shots some years back. She was healthy at 2 years of age and just after she had shots (for what? I am not sure) she had to be spoon fed, was mentally handicapped, etc. the rest of her short life. She lived to be 16 years old when her mom Adele found her dead in her bedroom one morning after waking up. Glen and Adele went through very trying times after they lost their baby (after the vaccination) and then when she died… A horrible story. They took the US Government to court and lost the case. At the very least, contrary to what I have heard (that vaccinations are safe), some people do not fare well after vaccination shots. I cite one instance.

    • Zephyr says:

      That’s like not wearing a seatbelt because you know someone who was killed while wearing one. Vaccines are one of the most proven public health weapons that have very few downsides. My own personal anecdote is that my wife and I had ourselves and our young children vaccinated against all sorts of diseases that most people in North America don’t worry about because we were traveling to some tropical areas. When we were there we saw firsthand what lack of vaccines can do to populations, and we were very happy we were protected. In any case, at the moment the problem is not reluctance but supply and distribution. Eventually, those who don’t get vaccinated may find they will not be allowed on things like airplanes or in government buildings.

      • Paul says:

        Well said. Just trust the facts and get the jab so people who don’t have the luxury that some of us have to be working remotely or have a job that isn’t in the service industry that has been creamed can get back to work. People are suffering economically as well Not getting vaccinated for this is selfish.

    • You have the right to your own choice, of course, but as a former research biologist I tend to follow science and statistics.

      For myself, I have a number of comorbidities, age being one of them. Numerous clinical studies, in concurrence with my doctors’ and my own opinion, have indicated that contracting Covid would likely be a death sentence for me. If not death, then a high likelihood of an extended serious illness with possible disabling permanent aftereffects.

      By contrast, large clinical studies have shown that the two main vaccines available in the US are about 95% effective in preventing Covid. So far they have been given to millions of people worldwide with a tiny fraction of adverse reactions, and as far as I’ve heard, no deaths or lasting harm.

      Given the above, what would seem to be the rational course of action? Long ago, I decided to seek gainful employment rather than sit back and buy a lottery ticket every so often.

      Getting the vaccine not only protects you but likely helps protect those who cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons. The case you cite like many other similar stories is anecdotal with no direct scientific evidence that the vaccines caused the problems. It may have been coincidence with another cause.

      I’m getting the shot as soon as it’s offered

  7. Charlie Stehlin says:

    I spent a month in the hospital once zephyr due to a car crash where I was a passenger and not wearing a seat belt. I have worn a seat belt since. I’m not saying vaccines do not benefit a population and I did not say that I won’t get one….I might. For now though it is an afterthought, and also I’m social distancing, and I’ve been dosing up on oil of oregano which is supposed to be anti-viral…… Whether any one thing or another is helping me or not I do not know, but so far all is okay. There is also that nature in me that is very skeptical of getting any kind of shot which I haven’t subjected myself to just yet… not a flu shot or whatnot has been injected into me to date, and I’ve been fine. I haven’t done a pharmaceutical in at least thirty years, and while I’m not a perfect example of good health I’m holding my own and I try my best to do what’s right to keep sound the conglomeration of my parts…..which does not guarantee anything I am well aware.

    I do not fly (my arms get too tired) though I do now and again step into government buildings. We shall see how things go. I miss the way things were for sure, going to a bar to have a cold beer, etc. I hope things go well with this pandemic. We finally got some clear-headed, intelligent, science-minded people in the White House so maybe now we will start going in a good direction with this pandemic. I hope so!

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