Saturday, February 20, 2021

Free Film Series begins Feb. 24 online

The Lake Placid Film Festival will be hosting its free featured filmmaker series this winter.

Each Wednesday at 7 p.m. starting Feb. 24, an award-winning short film will be streamed online. After the film, there will be a moderated live discussion with the director and someone from LPFF.

Each program is free of charge, but they do require you pre-register. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Film details and tickets are available for purchase here.


Feburary 24th: Age of Bryce (Comedy)

March 3rd: Rehak (Animation)

March 10th: Fig (Horror)

March 17th: The King and the Pawn (Animation)

March 24th: Comedy Videos (Comedy)

March 31st: Come Find Me (Drama)

Tickets for the series are free, however donations are greatly appreciated and will benefit the new Filmmaker Development Seminars hosted at the 2021 Lake Placid Festival, scheduled for October 20-24.


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