Thursday, February 25, 2021

Swift Rails, Black River Valley Natural and ResET Present to Angel Investors

Point Positive Coordinator Melinda Little, with assistance from Maura Maguire of the Shipley Center at Clarkson welcomed three entrepreneurial businesses on Zoom during their February meeting.

The businesses are: Swift Rails and Black River Valley Natural, and a preview of a company founded by two faculty members of Clarkson University called ResET.

Swift Rails:

  • Swift Rails is a new type of on-demand transit that is 5x faster and 40x cheaper than conventional light-rail, and over 100 times safer than cars. They use autonomous 1-4 person vehicles traveling rapidly on a highway of ultra-light rails. Vehicles are hailed on-demand by app and deliver passengers directly to their destination with zero emissions.
  • Presented by Ken Neumaier, Tony Gale & Daryl Anderson

Black River Valley Natural:

  • Black River Valley Natural is a small-batch value-added processor crafting artisanal foods from locally sourced ingredients produced by farmers. It provides an online sales platform and cold-chain wholesale distribution to regional restaurants, grocery stores, food retailers, schools, and other institutions with a sister company. Since its founding in 2018, Black River Valley Natural has experienced 150% CAGR and is now looking for investment to expand its operations. The business is located in Lyons Falls at the old Lyons Falls Pulp & Paper Mill site.
  • Presented by James Munn


  • ResET is focused on destroying harmful algal blooms (HABs) plaguing lakes and similar bodies of water all around the world. Their solution does not treat the source of the problem – nutrient-rich waters and increasing global temperatures -, but it can effectively treat blooms through a patent-pending electrochemical process. ResET’s solution does not alter water chemistry and is more energy-efficient than competing technologies. The first application of this technology will be mounted on a pontoon boat for maximum mobility, but future applications include shore-mounted systems and systems capable of integrating with existing water treatment plants. 
  •  Presented by Stefan Grimbeg

Point Positive hears out each of these pitches, and then behind closed doors investor discussions take place. After the meeting, the member investors complete a pitch evaluation sheet for each company. Point Positive will then follow up with an in-depth review of each company’s proposal and projected funds use, and potentially structure a deal based on that review. Decisions to invest are up to the member investors

For more information about these companies, please visit: 

Image courtesy of ResET

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