Sunday, February 7, 2021

Virtual lecture on Anne LaBastille

Anne LaBastille photo by Kelly Adirondack CenterThe Kelly Adirondack Center and UCALL present a virtual Zoom webinar:

“Anne LaBastille: Trailblazer and Hell Raiser,” with Leslie Surprenant

7 p.m., Feb. 18, free and open to the public.

Explore the life and legacy of Adirondack “Woodswoman,” author, and internationally recognized conservationist, Anne LaBastille, PhD.  This biographical slideshow tribute by Anne’s longtime friend and estate executor, Leslie Surprenant, weaves together the story of the exceptional life of this trailblazer. It features many unpublished photos from throughout Anne’s life.

LaBastille was among the first to sound the alarm about the devastating impacts of acid rain in the Adirondacks, first to research the flightless Lake Atitlan Grebe of Guatemala and document ecological conditions for new parks in Latin America and the Amazon Basin. She authored 15 books, over 150 popular articles and 25 scientific articles. Her pioneering work in wildlife ecology in the U.S. and Latin America earned international recognition including the World Wildlife Fund Gold Medal for Conservation, the Explorers Club Citation of Merit, and Society of Women Geographers Gold Medal. Her life and legacy continue to inspire and support new generations of conservationists and authors.

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5 Responses

  1. louis curth says:

    Sorry to report that Anne’s longtime friend, Dennis Conroy, passed away just recently out in California. Dennis followed me as chairman of the Upper Hudson Environmental Action Committee in the North Creek area during the 1980s. Among their favorite environmental causes, Dennis and Anne gifted the UHEAC with funding over a number of years earmarked to pay for local young people to attend DEC Camp Colby.

  2. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Anne LaBastille! I enjoyed reading ‘Woodswoman’ and it was nice to see her photo here and to be reminded of her again, her singularity. I believe it was in this book that Anne wrote a sketch of someone she knew who passed away, a memoriam I suppose. It was a very nice piece of writing, and this particular bit stood out quite much after reading it. She was a gifted woman for sure.

  3. Norbert St pierre says:

    She officiated at a trial where I was accused of starting a junkyard without a permit. A fourth ftvtree was growing through the engine compartment of a car abandoned on the property decades before I bought the property. It was a ploy for her friends to take my land by eminent domain because it linked two parcels owned by the state.

  4. Liz H says:

    Was this recorded by any chance? I would love to watch it.